Need Cash? – Mortgage A Copyright To A Troll – TCYK, LLC

I decided to take a look at another group of non-pornography copyright troll case and see what I could find.  The Plaintiff for a recent spat of cases is TCYK, LLC.  “TCYK” is the acronym for the movie, “The Company You Keep,” – IMDB link, a larger mainstream movie that looks to have grossed over Five Million dollars since its December 2012 release in Italy (USA release 5 Apr 13).  Here is a couple of sites that have discussed the TCYK LLC cases filed in IL and WI, as well as a few complaint.

Antonelli Law    IL Litigation    Erin Russell    Complaint_03823(IL)     Complaint_00298(WI)    Complaint_03125_(IL)

In my opinion, the Plaintiff is a front for the copyright troll operation of generating settlements from alleged copyright infringement via BitTorrent.  Now I don’t doubt that copyright infringement of the movie in question is occurring.  What I do take exception with is the business model of extracting settlements for copyright infringement and claiming to be fighting piracy.  That argument is BS in my opinion and this is nothing more than greed raising its ugly head.  I assume that the Plaintiff/Troll will make a settlement demand of at least $2K for the infringement.  I also believe the settlement amount demanded by the trolls to be excessive.  The Trolls will claim they are operating within the law as written, but they know the law was written to combat commercial copyright infringement and NOT individual infringement.  They are gaming the system for profit and are not fighting piracy in the slightest.

Mortgage A Copyright

Loan1If you take a look at the US Copyright Office database, you will find many interesting things concerning this plaintiff and the copyright in question for the DVD (PAU003660935, 17 Oct 12).  The initial interesting bit is that TCYK LLC owns the copyright rights because of a transfer or rights.  Sounds very Prenda-ish doesn’t it???  If you continue to look at all the documents associated with TCYK LLC, you will notice a group of document showing the copyright was apparently mortgaged.  Many interesting names and companies are associated with this activity of apparently mortgaging the copyright for cash and then filing these suits to repay the mortgage.  So now it looks like Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company and International Guarantors, LLC (International Film Guarantors LLC operates as a subsidiary of Fireman’s Fund Insurance), are taking part in Copyright Trolling for profit.   I don’t think Fireman’s Fund would be too happy to see their name associated with the trolls.


The cases are nothing special in terms of copyright trolling – just the standard boilerplate complaint.  Based on this and the fact that there appears to be a mortgage on the copyright, I really doubt the Plaintiff really wants to take this to trial.  Even having one trial is going to cost the Plaintiff more money than they want to spend.  Unless they can get a default judgment against someone with significant assets, quick settlement collections is the best way to repay the debt.  I don’t know the terms of the mortgage, but I’m sure the backing companies want their share up front.  Saying that, I would not simply ignore any settlement demands you might receive.


If you have any contact from the Trolls in these cases, please tell us what has been your experience.  I also know we have some people here who are very good at digging up interesting information.  Please share with us what you find.

DieTrollDie :)

About DieTrollDie

I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link -
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130 Responses to Need Cash? – Mortgage A Copyright To A Troll – TCYK, LLC

  1. Doe112 says:

    Got my extortion letter in the mail from from Hughes Socol Piers Resnick Dym in Chicago. They want $3,500 to settle by Nov. 1 or the amount goes up to $4,500.

  2. Doe112 says:

    DTD – I’ll scan and send this weekend.

    I talked to 2 attorneys in Chicago around August and they both suggested waiting as long as I felt I could handle the risk. Have not contacted an attorney since receiving this new letter.

    • Ban ban says:

      I also received an envelope package with the letter and the lawsuit Northern IL 1-112. They demand payment in full by Nov 1 of $3,500. I talked to a lawyer when i first received the letter from Comcast. I asked him if I should file a motion of quash, he said it was better to wait and see because TCYK was taking those Doe out of the general lawsuit and going after them in a single lawsuit. I am not trying to settle for $3,500 for something that they don’t know if i did not, just because the bill is under my name doesn’t mean i am guilty of downloading their movie. I’m broke, I got nothing for them to come after (house,car college degree, cetifications,whatever), even if they found me guilty and were asking me thousands of dollars I would just file for bankruptcy. These people just want to scare people and want that settlement money, that’s why people call them “TROLL COMPANIES”. Fuck these mother fuckers and their grandmas and grandpas and their fucking dogs and cats.. VIva La Revolucion!

  3. doe163 says:

    I got my letter in an email today. asking for $7500 to settle. I am surprised, I wasn’t in the country when this dowloading happened & Even if it happened don’t you get a warning (I read 6 times) that you’re downloading & after that you go thru the process of slowing your connection, then you get sued. I think they’re barking up the wrong tree.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      If possible, send me a copy of the letter – Which Plaintiff and movie(s) is this for?

      As far as the notices you are thinking of, most Trolls do not send DMCA take-down notices to ISP subscribers. The trolls usually only (if they do at all) send those notices to the ISPs to remove the search results showing their movies are available on the torrent sites.

      There is NO requirement that they send warning notices to the ISP subscribers. If they record the infringing activity, they are allowed to file a case. The 6-strike program you are thinking of is a voluntary program only.

      Even if you were out of the country, the Troll will point out that BitTorrent does not require a human presence for the program to continue running and to share out files. Many people who use BT keep it running all the time.

      DTD :)

    • Former doe says:

      I haven’t heard of receiving a demand letter via email(except ceg). What troll company was it?

  4. doe163 says:

    it’s for “the company you keep” I didn’t even hear about that movie, it wasn’t even in the theaters.
    I’ll forward the letter shortly.

  5. OJ says:

    I was just served the newest TCYC judgment. I have 60 days to return the Waiver of Service of Summons. I am not at all versed in the lawyer terms and lingo, if there is anyone out there that could help I would be forever greatful.

  6. Scott says:

    My 120 days is coming up soon…. Do you think it is best to wait till the court pushes to dismiss or should I file pro se?

  7. Snooper says:

    Just so you know, Fee Jefferies is really active with TCYK in Florida. I know of 15 people that they forced into settling for $750 to $5000. Catherine Yant from Fee is the main person that sends out the letters and emails.

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