Notifications (Malibu Media LLC)

This page is for various notification concerning copyright troll law suits and anything else I think is of interest.

For the first one, I found this page on the Morgan Pietz Web site.  I thought it was fitting as on 6 Mar 14, Malibu Media opened 19 new cases in MD.   Malibu Media LLC in Maryland

Have you recently received a letter from your ISP (Verizon, Comcast, etc.) regarding being targeted by a Malibu Media, LLC for a copyright infringement lawsuit in Maryalnd?  If so, The Pietz Law Firm would like to speak with you.  The Pietz Law Firm has extensive experience with Malibu Media cases and has recently gotten very involved in the District of Maryland, and would like to speak with people about their experiences.

Please call for a free discussion.  In the meantime, you should read this article Morgan Pietz wrote about your options in cases like these.

5 Responses to Notifications (Malibu Media LLC)

  1. number 8 says:

    thanks for the link and shout out. This is my fundraiser and with permission from both DTD and FCT, I added their websites. (both site owners are aware of which case mine is). My idea was to both fundraise for my own defense and to bring awareness to the scheme (via wearing a logo that hopefully will cause people to ask “what is the scam?”). My own case was dismissed recently (after we started this project) so we decided to use our original tee shirt design to fundraise for DTD and FCT.
    You can donate anonymously but if you want a shirt then I do need an address. Some solutions if you are concerned about giving me your address, are as DTD said (use a friend’s name/address), a PO Box, or perhaps via your attorney (?). (addresses do not get listed on the public page).
    I do have a few other ideas for shirt designs but thought I would see how this went before I order more shirts in various designs.

    • ThisIsWackMalibu says:

      If I can ask Number 8. How did you go about Dismissing your case?

      • Number 8 says:

        My whole story is on here somewhere but I’m happy to rewrite it for you – it has been over a year now so this is as best as memory serves.
        Right after Thanksgiving of 2012, I received the notice from my ISP.

        I didn’t know what it was – never heard of “torrenting”, never used bit torrent, etc. Did some research to find out if the letter was “real” or a scam and found the DTD and FCT websites. Got a little nauseous, hired a shield lawyer to field the inevitable phone calls (I have young children and didn’t want to risk one of them answering the phones). I also hired a local computer guy to come check my computer for the offending files, etc. and he found nothing. During the times when I supposedly downloaded these files, my wifi was open (but had since been set up with a password).

        Early in December, the first call to my shield lawyer took place and I declined to settle. At that point in this copyright troll scam, they were not naming people but harassing until a settlement could be made or moving on. As far as I recall, only one offer of settlement was extended.
        Early January 2013, they told my shield that they were going to go forward with the lawsuit if I didn’t settle. I declined and held firm. A summons was issued. I was served the summons at the end of January 2013. It was humiliating and awful. My normally very good blood pressure was high, my doctor was concerned about my well being, my kids were affected, it sucked.
        I contacted a lawyer very versed in this subject. I figured at the point when I was actually served a summons (to be clear, this was an official summons for FEDERAL court) – I was going to be spending some cash – I determined I would rather give a lawyer money to defend me than give the scum trolls money to perpetuate the scam on other people.

        As soon as my lawyer made his appearance, the trolls pretty much backed off and dismissed the case by the end of February 2013. So literally one month in. I believe they actually for the first time LOOKED at who they were suing and realized it was completely ridiculous. I am a middle aged female with two young kids, middle class, no computer experience (i don’t even play video games). Add to that, I had proof that I had hired a computer expert immediately upon getting the letter from my ISP and made efforts to secure my wifi. It was the biggest relief when they dismissed. I never got any recourse or chance to counter sue for legal fees though because they dismissed before any actions were filed.

        good luck with your own case. i still can’t believe this hasn’t been stopped by the courts. it’s crazy.

  2. thisweekmalibu says:

    Thanks for the reply. But can I ask what state are you in? And also how much did all of this cost you financially wise? You can email me at

  3. doe says:

    I just recently received an ISP subpoena from Malibu. I’m in XX and currently renting an apartment. Can I just move out of my apartment to avoid getting the summons later? What is the probability that they will devote resources to track me?

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