Notifications (Malibu Media LLC)

This page is for various notification concerning copyright troll law suits and anything else I think is of interest.

For the first one, I found this page on the Morgan Pietz Web site.  I thought it was fitting as on 6 Mar 14, Malibu Media opened 19 new cases in MD.   Malibu Media LLC in Maryland

Have you recently received a letter from your ISP (Verizon, Comcast, etc.) regarding being targeted by a Malibu Media, LLC for a copyright infringement lawsuit in Maryalnd?  If so, The Pietz Law Firm would like to speak with you.  The Pietz Law Firm has extensive experience with Malibu Media cases and has recently gotten very involved in the District of Maryland, and would like to speak with people about their experiences.

Please call for a free discussion.  In the meantime, you should read this article Morgan Pietz wrote about your options in cases like these.

One Response to Notifications (Malibu Media LLC)

  1. number 8 says:

    thanks for the link and shout out. This is my fundraiser and with permission from both DTD and FCT, I added their websites. (both site owners are aware of which case mine is). My idea was to both fundraise for my own defense and to bring awareness to the scheme (via wearing a logo that hopefully will cause people to ask “what is the scam?”). My own case was dismissed recently (after we started this project) so we decided to use our original tee shirt design to fundraise for DTD and FCT.
    You can donate anonymously but if you want a shirt then I do need an address. Some solutions if you are concerned about giving me your address, are as DTD said (use a friend’s name/address), a PO Box, or perhaps via your attorney (?). (addresses do not get listed on the public page).
    I do have a few other ideas for shirt designs but thought I would see how this went before I order more shirts in various designs.

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