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This page is for all the questions and/or comments that don’t easily fit in any other category or post on the site.  If you don’t know where to start – here you go.

DTD :)

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  1. innocent doe says:

    Hi, I’ve been receiving calls weekly from RightsCorp. About how long until they give up?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Not sure. Depends on how desperate they are. ;)

      DTD :)

      • innocent doe says:

        Thx for this website DTD, very helpful.

        Can anyone else comment on this? They started calling mid January.

    • LK says:

      I’ve been wondering when they’ll give up for almost a year now… I think at least 12 of my blocked numbers are theirs, and I just added a new one last week. Expect some texts eventually and emails if they haven’t started already. Good luck! ;)

  2. dOE says:

    Ok so I just got one of these and I while I think I did download it, I never intended to upload and share it which they said I did. And I deleted it after I found it on my computer I swear. It was one of those site rips though and it had a bunch of files. Please tell me they will be reasonable and not give a crazy settlement of $20K+. I can’t afford that and I’m about to have a breakdown here.

  3. Doc Jones says:

    I have been named as a defendant in a Malibu Media case (even though I’m not even the subscriber of the IP address) and I sent my letter denying everything (pro-se). The plaintiff issued a motion to strike all of my affirmative defenses. I am looking for examples of a follow-up to send in response to the plaintiff’s motion to strike. Thanks in advance. After I get through this I’ll be happy to share all of the documents.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      That is a very specific request and it will be hard to find one that addresses. I suggest you try to refute the reasons why the Troll is claiming it should be stricken.

      DTD :)

      • Doc Jones says:

        Thanks for getting back to me. I don’t believe this is going to be a specific request for very long. The basic denial and affirmative defenses that you so graciously and thankfully provide on your website are like a boiler-plate answers to the trolls initial, alleged accusations. Their motion to strike 10 out of the 11 of them in my case I’m willing to bet is their boiler-plate response as well. Someone out there (a defense attorney) I’m sure has already written out a series of objections to these. I have scoured your website and several others and haven’t found anything good enough and I believe that’s mainly because Malibu Media and other trolls have changed their strategy more recently to go after specific individuals per case instead of suing large groups of John Does per case.

        I’m glad that you post the current cases per year which also can be organized per troll as well as per state as well as per representing troll attorney, so my next strategy is to go through each case in my state and see if I can find a Malibu Media case where a defendant has been named and in which the defendant retained counsel. Then- I’ll just piggy-back my answers accordingly. I know I should be able to find one because after doing a quick look I see that Malibu Media in 2014 and my state alone has opened roughly 100 cases. Please keep me in mind if you do see objections to a motion to strike and let me know and I’ll do the same for you. As soon as I find one I’ll post it on your website. I have a feeling it’s going to be helpful for a lot of people. Peace.

  4. MeCalledDoe says:

    Here is the 2nd item sent to us from our troll Carl D. Crowell (Dallas Buyers Club /OR)
    Not sure if any different from the first but figured id share it.
    *we also have a different IP as well since we have a new modem.

    Should we answer his questions? Or is just more bait and switch

    • MeCalledDoe says:

      You still there? Also wanna re-affirm what I’ve been told as to whether or not this is an actually legit court doc that i should “abide” by (too late anyhow)

      • DieTrollDie says:

        This is a real court document telling the ISP to release,the ISP subscriber information to the Troll pending any motions to quash.

        DTD :)

      • MeCalledDoe says:

        Well got another package from Carl today, this doesn’t look so good. And i think we are past the time to “squash” anything no?
        Please advise. Whoever did this easily could have been our neighbors not just the hotel (that was just an assumption) which many of our apt neighbors are in the area of our wifi (as well as the hotel)

      • MeCalledDoe says:

        sorry those pics wont do.

  5. DieTrollDie says:

    It is hard to say, but I’m of the opinion Troll Crowell and the Anti-Piracy Management Company (APMC) probably doubt your story. The questions they will be asking you (on his home turf) will be trying to see if you (or family member) are the infringer. They already have a list of all the “other” files that were being shared on BitTorrent via your IP address. They will be looking at those files and then comparing it to your social media persona, as well as what they could determine by conducting a Lexus/Nexus database search. Example: They find out you are a photographer who is a fan of motorsports (racing cars, various types) – this from your Facebook profile and public Internet searches. They then find out the BT client on your IP address was sharing copies of Adobe Photoshop, other photo/video editing software, and some PC games for racing cars. They will also look for (and ask about) what children/young adults are in the house. If they find childrens movies being shared, they are likely to assume you downloaded them for the kids. My point is it is going to be hard (IMO) to get them to drop the case based on your answers. Even if you can give them all the right answers, they might ask to do a forensic exam of the computers in the household. Then EVEN if your systems are 100% clean, they will simply say you hide the offending computer and THAT is why they found nothing. NOTE: This is their greatest fear – offending system is missing and other systems are clean – no evidence of BT or copyright protected files. You can see the pattern here. Also, most attorneys are skilled at asking questions and know how to get people to talk. Plus, once most people start to answer these types of questions, they are TOO AFRAID to get up and walk away when the questions get harder or offensive. Most people think that if they get up and walk away, the Troll will think they are guilty. CLUE!!!! The Troll already thinks you are guilty. I would consult with an attorney who knows these Bozos and get their advice. If you (and/or family didn;t do it, the atorney will likely be able to help you convince the Troll that it isn’t worth the effort to push the matter.

    DTD :)

  6. Chris says:

    I have been doing some research on Rightscope and found out they stock price is $0.08 and lost 3.4 million dollars last year. They only have 2 major contracts (Warner Brothers and a music label I cant remember the name of). In my mind, they do not have the time or money to take anyone to court. A quick email of saying we can settle this for $20 is there best move the have. They are also been hit with three law suites this year and its only April. I don’t see this company growing anytime soon.

    As a business major, investing in this company is a huge mistake, I should just set my money on fire. Sending the emails via your ISP is cheaper and sending them by the millions is way better than filing and suing. Don’t get me wrong, they might you never know but its unlikely. Just in the last few months, Rightscope is increased emails to ISP. Sounds like a last ditch effort, but one that wont last.

    With Rightscope track record, I am doubtful any company will contract with them or want to be known with them.

    Best thing to do is to stop Illegal BT, change passwords on home networks, and let this be a learning experience.

  7. doe says:

    Can someone help me understand the three year statute of limitations on copyright infringement? It’s been more than three years since I allegedly performed a site rip of Malibu Media files, but just under three years since I received a letter from my ISP indicating that Fiore-troll was trying to determine my identity.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      The 3 year statue of limitation is from the last recorded instance of alleged infringement. Often Malibu’s agents record the activity before and after their “Hit” dare in the complaint. So if there was BT activity happening on the IP address up to (or after) the ISP notification, they could have records of activity under the 3 year mark. If it has been that long since you heard from Malibu, then I doubt anything will ever come from it. That is also as long as the activity doesn’t start back up.

      DTD :)

  8. A canadian says:

    Hey DTD,

    I have recieved yet another notice but his time it’s from HBO regarding the download of Game of Thrones. There are no demands for settlement or a link to a website. As far as my understanding, HBO is not threatening to file a lawsuit, yet. But they are requesting me to reply. What should I do? Please help I’m really worried and scared. I Have pasted the email from HBO. Thank you.

    Dear Sir/Madam and/or Sir/Madam Subscriber,

    We are writing this message on behalf of HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. (“HBO”), with physical offices located at 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036, United States (Attention: Director of Anti-Piracy).

    We have received information leading us to believe that an individual has utilized the IP address at the noted date and time below to host and/or facilitate the downloading and/or streaming of content (listed below) in which HBO is the copyright owner of such content (the “HBO Properties”). No one is authorized to exhibit, reproduce, transmit, or otherwise distribute HBO Properties without the express written permission of HBO, and the unauthorized distribution of HBO Properties constitutes copyright infringement. This conduct may also violate other laws, international law, and/or treaty obligations.
    The title in question is: Game of Thrones

    As the owner of and/or subscriber using the IP address, HBO requests that you immediately take steps to prevent further downloading or uploading of HBO content without authorization.

    We have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law, and we are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

    This letter is not a complete statement of HBO’s rights in connection with this matter, and nothing contained herein constitutes an express or implied wavier of any rights or remedies of HBO in connection with this matter, all of which are expressly reserved.

    We appreciate your assistance and thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Your prompt response is requested.

    Any further enquiries can be directed to Please include this message with your enquiry to ensure a quick response.


    Adrian Leatherland
    Address: 6715 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, 90028, United States

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Thanks for sharing the notice you received. I don’t see anything that asks for your reply. Anyway, I would NOT reply or ask them any questions. Best thing is to stop the activity, resecure the WiFi Internet password, and ignore them.

      HBO is a BIG content owner and IF they wanted to send a message to people, they could go after a few select infringers. These could be the people that have huge amount of shared content (including Game of Thrones) in areas/jurisdictions where they have attorneys that can file. It would likely cost them more in legal fees than in settlements, but I expect any such action would be more to send a message to people to stop. So, it is unlikely (IMO) that anything will come of this, but better to play it safe.

      DTD :)

  9. A canadian says:

    Thanks DTD, you are truly godsend to us. I found a very recent article by Forbes regarding this “Game of Thrones” matter. It gave me a little bit more peace of mind to say the least.

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