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This page is for all the questions and/or comments that don’t easily fit in any other category or post on the site.  If you don’t know where to start – here you go.

DTD :)

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  1. innocent doe says:

    Hi, I’ve been receiving calls weekly from RightsCorp. About how long until they give up?

  2. dOE says:

    Ok so I just got one of these and I while I think I did download it, I never intended to upload and share it which they said I did. And I deleted it after I found it on my computer I swear. It was one of those site rips though and it had a bunch of files. Please tell me they will be reasonable and not give a crazy settlement of $20K+. I can’t afford that and I’m about to have a breakdown here.

  3. Doc Jones says:

    I have been named as a defendant in a Malibu Media case (even though I’m not even the subscriber of the IP address) and I sent my letter denying everything (pro-se). The plaintiff issued a motion to strike all of my affirmative defenses. I am looking for examples of a follow-up to send in response to the plaintiff’s motion to strike. Thanks in advance. After I get through this I’ll be happy to share all of the documents.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      That is a very specific request and it will be hard to find one that addresses. I suggest you try to refute the reasons why the Troll is claiming it should be stricken.

      DTD :)

      • Doc Jones says:

        Thanks for getting back to me. I don’t believe this is going to be a specific request for very long. The basic denial and affirmative defenses that you so graciously and thankfully provide on your website are like a boiler-plate answers to the trolls initial, alleged accusations. Their motion to strike 10 out of the 11 of them in my case I’m willing to bet is their boiler-plate response as well. Someone out there (a defense attorney) I’m sure has already written out a series of objections to these. I have scoured your website and several others and haven’t found anything good enough and I believe that’s mainly because Malibu Media and other trolls have changed their strategy more recently to go after specific individuals per case instead of suing large groups of John Does per case.

        I’m glad that you post the current cases per year which also can be organized per troll as well as per state as well as per representing troll attorney, so my next strategy is to go through each case in my state and see if I can find a Malibu Media case where a defendant has been named and in which the defendant retained counsel. Then- I’ll just piggy-back my answers accordingly. I know I should be able to find one because after doing a quick look I see that Malibu Media in 2014 and my state alone has opened roughly 100 cases. Please keep me in mind if you do see objections to a motion to strike and let me know and I’ll do the same for you. As soon as I find one I’ll post it on your website. I have a feeling it’s going to be helpful for a lot of people. Peace.

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