What is Your Story?

One new Doe made a great suggestion that some of us “seasoned” Does share our Copyright Troll experiences from start to current/finish.  This will help the newbies see how the situation unfolded for the rest of us.  I will make the first post and welcome all others to tell their story.  Be mindful not to give too much away and make it easy for the Troll to identify you.  For a majority of you that will not be an issue.  For others who have pissed off the Trolls by our actions (like myself), be safe.

My Story

In 2010, I received a package in the mail from my Internet Service Provider (ISP).  What is this?  Upon opening it, I found a bunch of papers, some appearing to be court documents, stating my public IP address downloaded/shared a copyright protected porn movie.  The owner of the porn movie was suing a bunch of the people who downloaded/shared the movie in Federal Court (located in another State).  I didn’t do this, but as I have others in the residence who use my Internet connection.  I go around and check the devices to see if the file in question can be found.  I questioned everyone in the residence, but everyone denied doing it.  I don’t find the file and as I know (as the registered public IP owner) I didn’t do anything wrong, I put it to the side.  I thought there is no evidence to support the allegation, so this will go nowhere.  Some serious family issues soon arose and I never went further with it.

Sometime later, I got another letter in the mail from a Copyright Troll.  This is when I started to get worried.  The letter stated in very clear terms that I was a defendant in a Copyright Infringement case (filed in another State) and I had downloaded/shared a porn movie via BitTorrent on a certain date/time.  The letter stated that “I” was responsible for this illegal activity and that the copyright owner was prepared to sue me for as much money as they could get ($150K + attorney fees).  I freaked!  The letter also explained that there was no excuse or defense to these allegations.  Bottom line – I was guilty (In their opinion) and if I chose to, they would be kind enough to accept $3K to make the threat of losing everything go away.

I started to search the Internet for any information on this case, and soon found the term “Copyright Trolls.”  After that the information started to follow.  I found the EFF and contacted one of the attorney on their Copyright Defense page.  This attorney explained to me that this was a legal scam to extract as much money from Doe defendants as possible.  He also explained the statute of limitation was three-years and since the case was filed in another State, the Troll would have to get someone authorized to practice law in my State to file a case against me.  He said I could get a local attorney to represent me and send the Troll a letter stating 1) I didn’t do it, 2) No evidence on my systems, 3) I will fight you in court if need be, 4) If by some odd chance you win, I will file bankruptcy.  If I didn’t want to pay an attorney to do this, I could ignore the Troll and it would likely pass.  As I didn’t have the money to spend on an attorney, I opted to ignore the Troll.

I again went around to all the systems in the house and verified that the movie was not on any of them.  I also checked on my Wireless Fire Wall/Router and determined that unknown systems/users had been connecting to it.  I took screenshots of the connected systems and then blocked them.  I keep these records and all the other paperwork on my case in a safe place, in case it is ever needed (Highly doubtful).

Soon after talking to the attorney, I had a voicemail from the Troll agent.  Same BS line as the initial letter, “My client is prepared to go forward…… If you want to settle and avoid an expensive trial…. Possible finding of $150K+ against you….. Please call me at …..”  I got a couple more voicemails and even another letter.  All during this time I’m learning more and more about this racket and what a bunch of sleazy bottom-feeders me and the multitude of Does were having to deal with.

The calls and letters stopped and I never heard from the Troll again.  Also during this time I found Fightcopyrighttrolls.com (Hi Jane!).  After getting better educated on this situation, I decided to start my own blog and try to help some of the Does.

I kept an eye on my case in PACER and soon found out that the Troll had dismissed it.  It stayed open for more than a year.  The troll claiming that “The ISPs are slow,” “negotiations were taking a long time,” etc.  I would come to find out this was the standard procedure for a Troll.  Milk a case for all that it is worth and then shut it down and move to another.  GREED!  Plain and simple.  Recent court filing also confirmed that one of the Trolls has not named/served a single Doe.  The other trolls are doing the same thing.

So I haven’t paid a Troll or defense attorney a dime and I’m still around!  The worse thing I have lost is some time I spend trying to get the word out.  The return I get in good Karma is worth it.  I’m still under threat, as the statute of limitation has yet to pass – but it will.  As I have pissed off the Trolls and some copyright owners, I don’t think it is a good idea to come out once the three-years has passed.  Not the most difficult thing for a Troll to find out a public IP address and add it to a list of “offenders.”  Proof or “Stopping Piracy,” has nothing to do with these legal actions.  Money drives it all.

15 June 2012 Update - Take a listen to this Doe talk about “his story.”  Thank you SJD for finding this.

8 Jan 2013 Update – Since my last update, some Trolls decided to name or name/serve a limited number of Does with a summons/complaint or a deposition subpoena.  These cases are usually the result of a previous mass-Doe case that the Troll uses to obtain ISP subscriber information on the Does.  The numbers are still very small overall, but you should be aware of this.  STILL, we have had ZERO cases judged on their merits in a trial.  This new tactic is designed to either get the named Doe to settle or test the water for a possible default judgement motion if the Doe does not respond at all.  If this happens, I’m of the opinion to hire an attorney knowledgeable on these cases.  The problem the Troll has with this tactic is what to do if a defendant answers a complaint with a denial or denial/counterclaims, the Troll/Plaintiff can’t easily drop the case.  The Troll doesn’t want to have the case judged on its merits – there is none.  The Troll then has to either wait for the court to dismiss it for some reason or settle with the defendant – paying off the Doe.  Even if a court dismisses such a case, the Troll knows the defendant is most likely going to motion the court for an award of reasonable attorney fees and costs.

18 June 2013 Update – At this point we have seen the start of the destruction of Prenda Law and the PA Bellwether trial took place.  I expect Lipscomb and Malibu Media will claim the trial validated all their claims and that are only attempting to stop pirates from taking their content for free.  The Bellwether trial was disappointing in that it failed to make Lipscomb/Malibu Media answer any hard questions about their operation.  It was a “show trial” agreed upon after all three defendants settled with Plaintiff.   The possible long-term effects of this trial are debatable, but Copyright Trolling in its various forms will continue.  Lipscomb/Malibu Media have tailored their efforts to minimize the risks, but if they play it long enough, they will crap out.

OK, enough of me.  What is your story?

1,303 Responses to What is Your Story?

  1. stridentdefender says:

    So I recently got sent the threatening letter forwarded through my ISP, and quite frankly I freaked. Immediately paid using my debit card, and cancelled the card the next day just to be safe. Now I’m hearing I should have just ignored it and see where it goes.

    Hypothetically speaking, if this offense was indeed a real offense, what are the chances of me being sent further letters? Letters regarding the same file, or even made up ones. If there aren’t any other potential files in question, is there still a threat?

    Also, how legal is the “Release from liability” one gets e-mailed after paying up. It appears to be legit to my layman’s-eyes, but obviously it’s hard to tell.

    Pretty much what I’m asking is this: Hypothetically, if a person downloaded a single movie illegitimately, and was served a DMCA notice (legit or not) and paid the settlement fee, what continued threat is there? Also would contacting the copyright troll (CEG-TEK) have any helpful effects, or would that just provide them with more personal information with which to harass me?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      I wouldn’t bother contacting CEG-TEK, as it just gives them an indication your worried, as well as more information on you. If your IP address is the same as the first time, they could figure out who you are. Otherwise you are just a number to them.

      DTD :)

  2. John_Doe_1865 says:

    Hey everybody. I received a notice earlier this February from Ceg-Tek about settling for Copyright Infringement, typical stuff. Initially, I had opened the link on my phone but never logged in. Did some research online and sorta freaked out. I actually paid Robert Cashman for his services ($1000 + $250 on untraceable VISA card) to settle the issue. Never heard back.

    I received another Copyright Infringement notice earlier during the summer around mid-July (yeah should’ve learned my lesson). I really did not feel like paying so much money again, so I decided to take the chance of not doing a single thing. No clicking on the link. No answering of any phone calls with numbers I didn’t recognize. Not doing a damn thing. My settlement date was August 15 and I have yet to hear anything. No mysterious phone calls from anyone. I honestly do not know if I am out of the situation, for all I know they could be getting my information now, but I have not had any issues from ignoring the settlement notice so far.

    Anyway, that’s my experience with this so far. If you have any questions, I’ll try to reply to the best of my capabilities. Good luck to all! You’ll make it out of this and be just fine!

  3. rome23 says:

    I am an attorney in Michigan, and have settled several of the cases vs. Malibu Media. I notice most folks just want to settle and get on with their lives, which is understandable. However, I would really like to take one of these cases all the way. Let me know how I can help.

  4. rome23 says:

    I am an attorney in Michigan, and have settled several of the cases vs. Malibu Media. I notice most folks just want to settle and get on with their lives, which is understandable. However, I would really like to take one of these cases all the way. If you are facing Malibu Media in Michigan, feel free to contact me. http://wptanner.com/index.html

  5. need advice says:

    Hi i received a letter from my Internet co. Saying there giving up my name and ip to malibu media. Today I received a letter from United States District court, me vs malibu media delivered to my place. And I singed for it and everything is that bad? My intention was to not do anything hopefully it goes away. It’s a bunch of legal words and copyright act #s. In the back the names of movies with dates. Can this be ignored? I not sure what to do with this.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      No I would not simply ignore the situation. I would recommend speaking to an attorney who works these types of cases. Also educate yourself on Malibu Media and Copyright Troll law, suits.

      DTD :)

  6. need advice says:

    Well I’m poor so an attorney Isn’t in my budget. I was looking for advice on how to deal with this. But if you advice is for me to contact a lawyer then that’s what I’ll need to do. If you have anymore advice that could help I’d appreciate it.

    Thank you

    • DieTrollDie says:

      See if you can get free consult. The local attorney will have good info on the local Malibu attorney. Also, if you are that poor, you could call the Troll and explain that getting non-existent money out of you is not an option. Each situation and Doe is different, so a generic answer doesn’t work. Malibu is the more serious Troll out there, so simply ignoring it may end in a default judgement.

      DTD :)

  7. JLhnDoes_3659 says:

    Dear DTD,

    I received two e-mails forwarded from Charter, my ISP. CEG wanted $500 on two movies I downloaded a week ago. I clicked on the links but didn’t make the payment. I used a library computer in my town to send an e-mail to support@ceg trying to argue I purchased the torrents and I paid the copyright share (with an anonymous email). Then after I found out this website and realized what I did was so stupid I closed that e-mail account immediately. The Charter account was registered under my girlfriend’s name but with a typo (1 letter different from her real name). The two e-mails was signed by Ira M. Siegel.

    What should I do now? Will Charter disclose any personal info to them? Will I get any criminal records? Do I need to format my hard drive? I was worried if I do pay they will know my personal info. Besides I don’t want my girlfriend to know about this. We live in the same apartment but I have the mail box key. I see a lot of websites say under this circumstance I need to keep silent and keep all the important documents.

    Do you have any other important advice for me?

    Thank you very much.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      First, make sure the BT activity stops and doesn’t start again. Then ignore these Bozos. As there is NO Federal Copyright Infringement case, your ISP is not going to release your info without a subpoena. No case = No subpoena. This is not even a Civil or Criminal case issue, just a turd company trying to generate settlements from people. Sorry, I can’t help you with your girlfriend. :( Use this as a learning experience.

      DTD :)

      • JLhn Does_3659 says:

        Dear DTD,

        Thank you very much for your reply. I have stopped downloading from utorrent but I have some follow up questions. Will they start a case? I live in a college town with a little population.
        So do I just need to ignore the email, and keep silent? Is there anything else I need to do? Do I need to wipe my hard drive?

      • DieTrollDie says:

        Ignore and move on with your life. There is no history of them actually filing cases.

        DTD :)

  8. Johndoe1981 says:

    I foolishly did pay for two titles. Reading their disclaimer later I realized that they pass the info on to the other parties, and they can sue for other files. If other files were downloaded how likely am I to be sued? Technically the dates to pay had passed but I paid anyway. Now I’m basically having a panic attack.
    The two notices were apparently forwarded to us months after the supposed infringements took place. There could have been many files or just the two. I could be facing a million dollar lawsuit for all I know. It’s very confusing.
    Any lawyers in the Kansas City area want to help me out on this one?
    I really don’t know what to do.

  9. Tettchan777 says:

    Hi, just want it some advice and to tell my story, first let me start by saying that I lived in Japan, ok so today I came back from work and notice I had and envelop in the mailbox from ISP, inside was a bunch of papers one then was from the now infamous Dallas Buyer Club LLC, the ISP is basically asking for permission to give all my info to this firm. I admit I panic at first but, I didn’t even know what company was this, later I found out that is the title of a movie (that I didn’t know it even existed) and that they want to sue for illegal download, also a lot of people have and are been sued for the same allegations. I don’t know how far can this trolls reach but still I’m a little worried. Any advice? should I ignore then or try to get in contact with them? Thank you

  10. SCDoe says:

    I’m so nervous now :/ I’ve been ignoring the calls from RightsCorp for a few months (I’ve previously forked over $20 to them, two times, before I found this site) and then yesterday I received this email:

    I am notifying you concerning the copyright infringement violations that occurred under your IP address.

    As previously discussed, your case has now been escalated.

    The amount of time to settle the copyright infringements is now limited and at the mercy of the Copyright owner.

    Once the settlement is removed by the copyright owner, we can no longer help you reach settlement at $20 per copyright infringement.

    It is urgent that you contact me at my direct line below or any agent at (310) 751-7510 to settle the copyright infringements and show the copyright owner that you are cooperating.

    Thank you,


    Any advice? Should I cave and pay them? They’re saying that they have evidence of 6 infringements, for one song, which doesn’t make any sense but I’m afraid to keep ignoring them.

  11. HolyCrap951 says:

    I recently received a call from Siemens PLM that said they had received information that my Small Business (my garage) was using their Software with a cracked license. They ended up sending me an email they got from my webpage that had the mac address, ip, timestamp of one of my computers. They said the software was valued at $300,000.00 and that I need to reply in 7 days after my own internal investigation. I believe the email they sent had return receipt to prove it came from the same computer. Any advice?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      I don’t have any information on Siemens PLM, but I would suggest you start looking into the allegation. If you do find that the software is running on a system, I would assess if it was a valid purchase. If not, I would suggest that you stop using it. Many expensive applications contact their home company to obtain updates, as well as to keep track of any unauthorized use of the program – cracked, etc. If it is a valid purchase and you do have documentation, I would contact Siemens (don’t use the contact info they provided – research and make the call) and try to resolve the issue. I assume if it was an unauthorized installation, they could file a law suit of some type, but often that is not cost-effective if the person/Company take steps to stop the activity.

      DTD :)

    • Sameboat says:

      Hey HolyCrap951, I recently received the same letter as what you described above. I am curious of the outcome you had if any. Could you post more details?

  12. Arch Man says:

    I received a letter from my ISP stating they will give up my information to the court since Malibu Media has filed a federal lawsuit in my area and I was identified by IP address. The letter comes with a few looked-like court documents, with a Docket No.

    Should I worry about this letter and seek a legal advise or I could ignore it? Your advice and help are really appreciated.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Recommend you consult with an attorney who has worked these cases and knows about Malibu Media.

      DTD :)

      • Arch Man says:

        Is that bad?

      • DieTrollDie says:

        Malibu can be serious, but as I don’t know the details of your case/situation, I can’t say much more. By consulting with a knowledgeable attorney, they can give you better advice. I would at least make sure any BT activity on the network stops and you resecure the WiFi Internet connection.

        DTD :)

    • rome23 says:

      DTD is correct. You definitely want to have an attorney look at the documents you received as soon as possible. Ignorance is not bliss in these Malibu Media cases.

    • JohnDoe says:

      MM is serious – I’ll share my story. I had to pay close to 1XK to settle a case with them. It’s pretty much the standard thing – you get a letter from your ISP, and if you don’t take action, you can expect MM to get you information, name you, and serve you. After I got served, I reached out to an attorney to help me settle the case. This is where things become a bit inconsistent – some attorneys told me the settlement fee goes down once they learn who you are (if you are not a business, etc), some attorneys told me the settlement fee goes up once they learn who you are (especially if you live in a rich neighborhood). I would definitely not ignore it – and your attorney can help you with your risk level. It’s very unlikely that MM will just walk away – especially if they think you can afford the settlement.

      In negotiations, MM will start with 750 per movie. You can work your way to reduce that if you can prove that you don’t have the money to pay them. Almost all attorneys tell me they love to litigate, but the costs can run really high so for most people it isn’t realistic/worthwhile.That’s why MM can continue to enjoy their weaponized copyrights and make millions.

      • JD says:

        What do you mean by 1XK? Do you think the settlement would have been lower if you had settled earlier?

  13. JoDo2 says:

    Does CEG still have to subpoena to get your identity? I was reading on the Houston Lawyer blog by Cashman that because ISPs are forwarding the CEG emails, that the anonymity is gone. Here is his quote: “With the cooperation of the ISPs in forwarding CEG-TEK’s letters to accused downloaders, there is no longer an anonymity barrier between the accused downloaders and the copyright holders as there once was when CEG-TEK would need a court order to access the identities of the accused downloaders”.

    Is that something to worry about? Cashman seems pretty well respected in these matters, which has me wondering if they are changing tactics at all. In the letter I got it had the file name, hash, IP, and port. Is this what is in all the letters? Thanks for your help.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      CEG-TEK (as well as the other Trolls) will only get your ID by Two ways – as a general rule. 1) They obtain some sort of subpoena that they present to ISP telling the ISP to disclose the ISP subscriber information for a certain IP address on a certain date & time. 2). CEG-TEK is able to get the person the ISP forwarded the email notice to somehow disclose their name and other personal details. This could be voluntarilly done by the ISP subscriber when they fill out any Web CEG Web pages, enter credit card information, or when they call and talk to one of their representatives.

      I believe the anonymity barrier attorney Cashman is speaking about is only the fact that some ISPs forward these settlement emails under a DMCA take-down notice.

      DTD :)

      • JoDo2 says:

        Thanks for the reply. I know you recommend ignoring the settlement demand, but if a person wanted to pay it, is there a way to do so anonymously without using a lawyer? Am I still anonymous if I enter the case number and code? I haven’t even checked the settlement amount yet. I don’t want to pay, but I also don’t want this hanging over my head. I’d rather pay a small ‘stupid tax’ now than a huge one later. Thanks again.

  14. fkrc says:

    rightscrap update. emails and robocalls continue. i start blocking all. they start using spoof numbers (hawaii and georgia) and different email accounts. the blocking continues :)

  15. Doe says:

    I got a letter in the mail from this Hierl guy and I then got another one saying that I need to settle. I’m not sure what to do from here. Should I ignore it again and see what happens? Is there a chance that I have to go to court or pay fines? Is anyone in the same situation as I am? I am in Chicago.

    • DOE says:

      I received the same letter from Troll Hierl. As of right now I am going to ignore this and see what happens. If I do get a Summons I will file a motion with the court.

  16. daniel413 says:

    Hi. I received a dmca notice from my isp (charter) and I’m terrified. It’s from CEG but on behalf of Patrick Collins.. I don’t know what to do they said I could settle, but after reading everything you’ve said I haven’t even clicked on the links to see how much they are asking for. I would like to just ignore it but after some reading I’ve seen that” Patrick Collins” really does escalate things. Please give me some advice :-(

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Patrick Collins ONCE ago filed real cases and found out it was cheaper and less risky to go with CEG. They do not file cases now. Search RFC Express for them. Only older cases. Nothing is different.

      DTD :)

  17. daniel413 says:

    OK, I ran a quick search on them and saw a LONG list so I became quite startled. I’m just not well versed in how all this works. So they previously didn’t use “CEG” services? And by CEG sending this notice I have nothing to worry about?.. Sorry for asking again essentially I’m just really scared. And I don’t exactly want to discuss this with my family lol.

    And BTW I want to thank you for your prompt response and for this website. It’s really helped me deal with all this.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      The last time PC filed a real case was in Feb 2013. CEG-TEK does not file REAL copyright infringement cases. PERIOD. Their business model is to get cheap fast settlements by abusing (my opinion) the DMCA take-down notice procedures. Just stop the BT activity that led to this and move on with your life.

      DTD :)

  18. Doe says:

    Hi all,

    So, I assure you, this is going to make for an interesting story. Around two weeks ago I fell asleep with my computer connected via a VPN to my place of employment. I infrequently use the VPN to gain access to academic journal articles through the university system, and this is the first time I’ve accidentally left it on overnight. Earlier this week, I received a letter from this CEG-Tek company forwarded to me by my employer accusing me of copyright infringement. CEG-Tek accuses me of downloading some raunchy video in the wee hours of the morning when I was asleep. Since the VPN I was connected to requires a login and password, CEG-Tek, presumably, has all of my contact information. I refuse to pay the settlement because I do not have a torrent downloaded installed on my computer and I also do not have the suspect file on my computer. It is evident that some malicious software (some sort of malware?) has been using my computer/network as a hub to torrent things.

    Several lawyers I’ve spoken with in the past few days have told me, essentially, to not worry about this issue. However, I cannot help but feel a little uneasy about the fact that this incident can escalate, and as such I’d like to gather as much information to substantiate my innocence as possible. With that in mind, can any tech savvy people on this forum instruct me on how to tell if my network/PC was compromised by some other party? Essentially, I’m asking for ways to demonstrate that some other party, not myself, is responsible for the download.

    One final note: I find it absolutely ridiculous and immoral that SEG-Tek can send out these threatening emails willy-nilly to individuals and demand payment without substantiating the validity of their claims. Ironically, if you browse their website, they have a thorough breakdown of how pervasive threats to your computer are and how easy it is to become infected with malicious software. However, they are completely oblivious to this fact when they are sending you their extortionist spam. They are, quite clearly, capitalizing on the propensity of computers to be hacked without the user’s knowledge.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


  19. OpenWound says:

    Hello Malibu Media and Kevin Lipscomb have filed a civil law suit against me in the state of Florida. They list 20+ x-art titles in the suit alleging illegal download and distribution. In order to settle, they are requesting 750 per title. Over $15k for this activity seems excessive to me. Any suggestions for my case?

  20. Doe says:

    I got a copyright notice from my ISP via email. I opened the email and immediately freaked out. I called CEG Tek and told them my kid must of downloaded movies and games. They want to settle for $$$$$ what should I do?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Make sure any BT activity stops and educate your kids on what can happen. If you find any unauthorized media, you might want to get rid of it. Do not contact CEG and do not talk to them. They do not file copyright infringement cases, so nothing will come of this except CEG claiming they will sue.

      DTD :)

      • Doe says:

        Thanks DTD, One other question. I did give Dan Davidson my full name and telephone number. He basically said there was no other option, but to pay the $500 dollar settlement by a certain deadline. Do I still need to worry?

      • DieTrollDie says:

        Your other option is not to pay and move on with your life. Funny they won’t tell you that.

        DTD :)

  21. Doe says:

    I received claims of 4 infringements from ceg-tek. I freaked like many and paid with cc that moment. Now they have my info linked with my IP. If I cancel will they use my real info and come after me? Should I just cancel the credit card payment? If I cancel it does that screw me even more? Help!

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Cancel the payment and don’t worry. They do not sue. Stop the BT activity and move on.

      DTD :)

      • Doe says:

        If they wanted to sue, legally how long could they from the date of incident?

      • Don't Post Real Name says:

        DTD ty for the help you offer. So even with my name and physical address these guys aren’t gonna mess with me? I can’t believe I payed… By the way I’m still waiting for my cc payment to post so I can dispute/cancel. It’s still pending. This was very recent for me. Makes me want to vomit all of this does

      • No Name says:

        I’m sorry to post AGAIN but what I also wanted to say is I understand they haven’t sued in over two years. But how about people that they have their information? Address, name, cc info. It’s not TONS but it’s money I don’t have. $1000 is what they want

      • DieTrollDie says:

        The worst they will do is make threats and say you have to pay. In your case they just know who you are. Unfortunate but it doesn’t change what you should do IMO.

        DTD :)

  22. d says:

    I got an email from ISP today and it said that I was on the copy right infringement from IRA SEGAL and it wanted me to go to there web site and pay, I did not pay but I went on the web site to se how much, It was for 300 now, Any advise please.

  23. Can'tDecideWhetherToSettle says:

    Hi DTD,

    Like many others who have found this site, I received a letter from my ISP notifying me of my involvement in a federal lawsuit filed by Dallas Buyers Club, LLC and the court order allowing my information be released. I chose to ignore this letter.

    I have recently received a letter from the Troll stating I have been named and their willingness to accept a settlement in the amount of $3,500. In addition, there was a Request to Waiver Service of Summons. I read/found on your Settlement Letters, Etc section under July 2014, the same exact letter and Waiver of the Service of Summons. There was great big red type that said “DON’T Sign the WOS!!!!”. I was feeling pressure to sign and return as the deadline to return is coming up quick. After reading the don’t sign warning, while somewhat relieved I don’t have to make that deadline, I am wondering why I shouldn’t sign it. Would you please explain?

    I have also read this website’s section “How To Answer A Summons From a Copyright Troll”. From what I can gather, my options at this point are to settle (which I am still highly considering just to get this matter over with) or draft up an Answer to summons in order to avoid the possibility of a default judgement.

    I’m trying to remain calm and not get scared, and I am doing my best to understand all this legal jargon, but this is all very confusing and I’m feeling very alone in trying to make a very big and costly decision.

    My questions at this point are:
    – Why shouldn’t I sign the WOS?
    – If i choose to go the Answer route, have you heard of cases where the trolls decide to dismiss at this point rather than spend more time on it?
    – If I choose to go the Answer route, have you heard of cases where the trolls continue and go through the discover phase and various motions (I’m not even sure what motions would mean)? From what you’ve seen, which is more likely, dismiss or continue the case?
    – If I choose to settle, how imperative is it that I use the services of a lawyer? (the lawyer fee is practically the same as the settlement amount). Am I doing myself a disservice to attempt to negotiate a settlement directly with the trolls?

    • rome23 says:

      You are correct to assume that the lawyers for the trolls want to do less work rather than more. I am not sure how they will respond to someone who is representing themselves, but I have seen them drop their settlement demand under pressure of litigation. I am an attorney (Michigan), and honestly, if you hire an attorney you may be able to pay less overall than what they are demanding at this time. Although, there are never any guarantees.

      Have you been served with a complaint? If yes, then do not delay in making your decision to either represent yourself or get an attorney. You don’t want to miss the deadline to answer the complaint…that would result in a default.

    • I too am involved with DBC and troll in IL….I live in Texas(he has local representation here) What was the outcome of your decision….please respond as I am getting very nervous….I have just received notice to settle number 3/last one and I’m not sure what to do?

  24. Mike says:

    My cousin received a letter from his isp saying they were giving Dallas buyers club llc his infortion. Court ordered. Should he be worried? Or will they actually take him to court?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      There have been very few people actually named and served in the DBC cases overall. For a majority of the cases, the Troll threatens to actually do it, but never follows through. Saying that, it is something I would not completely ignore. Your cousin need to monitor the case in PACER and make sure the Troll does not claim he has served him with a compliant/summon (unlikely). If he is actually named and served, he will have only 21 days to answer the complaint or request an extention. Otherwise the Troll can motion for a default judgement and the judge will most likely then award damages to the Troll/Plaintiff. It also depends on the local Troll lawyer involved – some play harder while other don’t really do anything but send letters. Troll Hierl in IL is a little more serious than the DBC attorney in CO.

      DTD :)

  25. Doe says:

    Hi so I downloaded a movie 2 weeks ago and received a copyright infringement email from my ISP. I’m ignoring that email but I’m worried I’ll get more since I still downloaded other things during the 2 week time. What should I do? Thank you all for your time.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      It is possible you will get more notices. Can’t do much about that. I would suggest the downloading/sharing of copyright media should stop and not started up again. That is the sure fire way to make sure it stops.

      DTD :)

  26. John Doe 23 says:

    I made the error of contacting CEG and somewhat ‘admitting’ someone in the household did download what they’re looking for, though I really had no idea if they did have it or not, and mistakenly also gave them my name, what should I do?

    • John Doe 23 says:

      They also responded back saying that “deleting the file in question was only part of the request and it will only escalate until it has been settled or litigated, and I should consult a lawyer.”

      • DieTrollDie says:

        Their idea of escalation is to keep bugging you to pay them. There is NO record of any of their current clients going forward with a copyright infringement law suit. Same advice applies.

        DTD :)

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Ignore CEG-TEK, make sure the activity stops, doesn’t start back up, and move on with your life.

      DTD :)

  27. DoeM says:

    A few months ago I got a letter from my isp stating that I had a few weeks to squash Dallas buyers clubs subpoena or they would give my info over to them. I ignored. Today I received a letter from David Stephenson stating I needed to contact him immediately to resolve these claims. DVD what is my next step??

  28. Doe says:

    Just got a letter via my ISP from CEG TEK signed by Ira Siegal. Funny thing is, the date and time they claim for acouple of porn movies were downloaded no one was at home and my WiFi is password protected. I Googled CEG TEK and was gobsmacked at what I found regarding their extortion. I’ve also noticed that there seems to be an uptick in these letters right around the holidays, I’m wondering if they aren’t counting on people being frazzled getting ready for the holidays and just paying to make the issue go away. I sent an email to my ISP regarding the fact that no one was home to download anything and I’m curious to see what, if any, reply I get. A big THANK YOU to sites like this that keep the consumer informed and up to date on the dirty tricks of scammers, trolls, and legal leeches.

  29. retard college kid says:

    So, I got a letter from CEG TEK recently, stating I downloaded two movies. They contacted my college, and then the college closed down my student Internet account. I got panicky and opened up the settlement link, but didn’t pay and I didn’t send any info. However, my college knows all about me. Will my college hand over my information to them? They only know the IP as of right now (I think/hope), so what should I do?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      I doubt the College will release your info without a subpoena. You should contact the IT department and tell them this will not happen again, as you have learned your lesson.

      DTD :)

  30. Doe says:

    A few months ago I got a letter from my isp stating that I had a few weeks to squash Dallas buyers clubs subpoena or they would give my info over to them. I ignored. Today I received a letter from David Stephenson stating I needed to contact him immediately to resolve these claims. Dtd what is my next step??

  31. fkrc says:

    looks like rightscrap stopped robocalling weeks ago after 1 more call informing me they will continue emailing and calling until i settle. i guess they got the hint when the class action was filed against them.

    • fkrc says:

      they finally escalated…to a few calls a month, a time sensitive stamped mail with the same garbage. oh the voicemail is a little more specific and the voice of the caller sounds worse than the last, though the same name. what an escalation.

  32. DOE says:

    Contacted by Comcast about Dallas Buyers Club LLC case here in Washington State. Attorneys name on the case # is David Lowe from the Seattle area. I’m a 56 year old homeowner and I don’t play this download game, but we have numerous friends coming and going, most having access to the wifi at our place. I might be guilty of not monitoring whats going on in my house 24/7, but I don’t believe I should be extorted for thousands for a copy of an at best $20 movie . Heard about any other Washington State cases? Do DBC LLC and their lawyers take cases to court if extortion payment isn’t made? Is it better to settle through an attorney or wait for the shakedown offer? What would your best advice be? Please respond..

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Make sure you go and secure your Internet connection and change the password. Make sure nobody in the house or guests are not running BT. Are you in a multi-Doe case or a single Defendant? You could try to get a free consult from attorneys who actually fought the Trolls. DBC has thousands of Does and on average they are not going to name and serve anyone. I suggest getting some consults and taking the wait and see approach. If you didn’t do it, it is risky for them to name,snd serve you just because you pay the Internet bill.

      DTD :)

  33. shiner421 says:

    I just received three notices over the last few days. I dont have any files they mentioned on any of my computers, and I did click on one of the case links to check it out, but I never accepted or clicked yes on anything, and I never paid anything or emailed anyone. I see that the suggested advice is to do nothing as they have no real case, but it sure does have me concerned. being over 30k in debt already I dont have money to spare.

  34. Doe (Don't Post Real Name) says:

    I have been recently contacted by my ISP about some copyright infringement. I received a letter saying that Goodman production inc, has filled some lawsuit against me and if i don’t response by mid fed 2015, they will provide my identity according to the subpoena. Also it states that i am to produce my electronic devices for inspection by late Feb, 2015. First off, i didn’t download any movie, i don’t own a laptop, (only a tablet) because it was stolen, the only laptop that was at the house was my son’s mom which most of the time her nephew use, he is now in the military. We constantly had friends and family member that come over from time to time. I don’t monitor the internet because i am hardly there at the house because i was constantly looking for a job. it’s been a up and downhill for me. When i am at the house i am playing video games with my friends, I no longer lives in Florida because of jobs issue, so i moved to where i am now working. On the paper it says that the violation was on the 2 of September 2014, i left for Georgia on September the 1st 2014. 

    Please can you help me, this doesn’t make sense.

  35. doe says:

    Hi DTD, I recently got a notice in the mail from CEG-TEK, and out of panic I went to the link they gave me on the notice to see how much it was, and I also called CEG-TEK, and gave them my name and number(out of panic), what do you think the probability that they’ll they to actually sue?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      The chance of a real Federal case being filed in YOUR jurisdiction is very low. In fact I know of NO cases filed by CEG Tek or the Plaintiff’s they work for for a couple years. They will continue to bother you, so expect plenty more calls and emails threatening you with a law suit. My standard suggestions still apply.

      DTD :)

  36. MeCalledDoe says:

    -Forwarding/posting this here after ive posted in another area for advice. Please guide me

    Apparently while i was at work we got a notices from Comcast that I need to appear in court on March XXth at the capital in Salem, OR. They said to let them know by the XXth if i do not want my info released. I did read a couple other posts here on reddit and didn’t really come to any conclusion on what can and should be done on my end as all of those posts where 9mos or older.

    Has anybody gotten one recently or know what to do or is everyone just paying up front to get it dismissed? If i ignore the court date what will happen? Will they issue a bench warrant and/or garnish wages ?

    At least i have a couple weeks to prepare and contact lawyers but i wanna know what is reddits experiences last year are.

    oh and the time they said i did this was at XX1:XXam GMT … where is this and what time would that be to PST? -thank you

    *edit my docket
    Voltage Pictures and Dallas Buyers Club, LLC v. Doe 6:15-cv-00178

    *update I forgot to mention the comcast account is another’s name. We called this Carl guy whos name was on one of the papers we received and he seemed like a older man with no feelings and was a complete dick. I know hes a lawyer right! Anyway he told her if nobody did it here then to let comcast give them our info (yea i know really?) and we have no worries and that they WOULD find the right person.

    With us living in an apt complex, another one right next to us and a hotel we can get their wifi here literally right behind our apt then how are they going to find the “right person” if it could be anybody.

    So at this point should i just call a copy infringement lawyer and see if he can squash this motion to obtain my account and all its history?

    bonus literally just read that apparently here in OR there is a company that is targeting downloaders of the recent Dumb and Dumber movie.

    Unfortunately no matter how tempting it sounds to let it be the fact that I am not in control of if the account info is actually given out etc bothers me a lil cause i dont want my us to be made an example of like with 10k+ in fines and/or jail time. But at the same time I know the person wanting our info and 99% all lawyers are going to want $ either which way.

    (just for sakes if i my brother in law was a heavy downloader (not either stopped or using a more a vpn, how much trouble can I be in ?)

    • DieTrollDie says:

      1st, don’t post your real name here along with so much details. The trolls also monitor this site for what people are saying. Just be careful. I looked at the documents and the YOU are not required to go to court. The documents just tell your ISP that unless a motion to quash/dismiss is filed, THEY have to provide the contact information on the ISP account – the person the name is registered under. The troll you spoke to is a DICK. :) He and the people behind these operations don’t care about anything but getting as much money from people as possible. Once they obtain the ISP subscriber information, they will send out a settlement demand letter for thousands of dollars. If possible, try to get a free consult from some attorneys who have dealt with these clowns. Beyond that, it is probably best to take a wait and see approach. For majority of the Trolls, they do not actually name and serve any of the Does. It can happen, but it is unlikely from all that I have seen.

      DTD :)

      • MeCalledDoe says:

        So pay to squash or wait and see?
        I got this quote from an lawyer via email
        “”We would charge a $750 flat fee in your case, which covers everything required either have DBC abandon the case against you, situation permitting, or otherwise for a negotiated settlement (based on hardship if applicable) and complete release, often allowing you to remain publicly anonymous.

        We don’t recommend the expense involved with a motion to “quash” a subpoena in most cases.””

      • MeCalledDoe says:

        *also what if they do get my ip’s history and go into a deep search and find more “evidence”?.
        Should i risk waiting ?

      • DieTrollDie says:

        I would go the wait and see route, as for most of these cases, being named and served is the eception, not the rule. Motions to quash generally do not work, so save you money. They will not get your ISP history until they actually name and serve you – unlikely IMO.

        DTD :)

      • MeCalledDoe says:

        Thank you, I don’t know if i mentioned it. But the wife did call this Carl guy and gave him her name and address which what a lawyer said is exactly what he wanted.
        The lawyer also said to wait on it and if anything comes in with her name on it then call him back.
        Now with her giving him her info i expect some kind of threat/demand of settlement or some kind of court stuff to come in.
        Lawyer also said he can sit on this for 3 years and has sat for 2 before.

        Here is a different question. What kind of history backlog can they obtain from comcast exactly? I know my brother in law is probably guilty of downloading some crap for the last year or so visiting but i don’t wanna thrown him under the bus and i dont’ want to drag this out as much as carl wants to. Should we act before they get all the info or does it even matter and they will get it anyway and then what?

      • MeCalledDoe says:

        *update… this was in the mail 1 day after my wife called this Carl guy


      • MeCalledDoe says:

        So with my
        February 26, 2015 at 3:17 am

        Am i still waiting ?

      • DieTrollDie says:

        So did the troll ever get back to you on what they were going to do?

        DTD :)

      • MeCalledDoe says:

        other than the items i scanned and posted already know just that.


  37. JohnDoeRayMe says:

    My story is little different. I haven’t recieved a letter or email (yet). A couple of days ago, I caught my teenage son and his friend using BT to download xxxxxxxxxxxxxx movies. I left them alone for a couple of hours to supposedly play games. About 5 hours later, after they had left the computer, I went to go check my email and I saw what they had really been doing. I found xx partially downloaded xxxxxxxxxxx movies. I stopped them immediately and grounded my son for life. I started doing research because I remembered reading about downloading copyrighted material. That led me here. So how screwed are we and how many lawns will he have to mow to pay this off? I live in xxxxxxxxxxxxxx where there doesn’t seem to be alot of activity from xxxxxxxxxxx. I’m a little worried.

  38. doe says:

    hey dtd, i posted here at the beginning of the month when i got a letter from CEG-TEK, forwarded from my isp, the last day the letter said that we could settle a claim will be on February 28th, with that being said i just want to see what you have to say and maybe put me at ease a little, and if i’m making this a bigger deal than it has to be.
    ps. i gave them my name and phone number because i was panicing and called their offices, wil they be sending me more threatening letters?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Nothing has changed. Ignore them and don’t worry.

      DTD :)

      • doe says:

        Hey dtd, doe again, well its been about a month since the last day that we could settle… and so far we haven’t gotten any type of letter, or threatening phone calls, and at this point i feel like nothing will happen, because if they would’ve done anything they would’ve done it near the 28th of February, correct me if i’m wrong

  39. doe says:

    Well we have joined this new group that we didn’t want to be in……we received our letter from our ISP today. I am glad that you took the time to blog so we newbies can explore our options. We see multiple x-rated movies that were supposedly downloaded, but are not on our computers. So I don’t understand how/why they appear on this list. Some are minutes apart. Are they showing up from other sites that are visited or are they legitimately downloaded by someone? Our plaintiff is Malibu Media, which I see is one of the giants in trolling schemes. From what I am reading today it looks like people are recommending to get a lawyer to represent us, even though we didn’t do anything wrong…. Do you agree?

  40. Tuni09 says:

    I am an international student, and today I got banned by my university from using their Wi-Fi. I got this HUGE letter from CEG TEK International. I had no idea about this sorts of claim or claims of any sort. On the other hand, I deleted the file immediately after i downloading it (literally within like 5 mins and my software was set up to not share any file, just download. So technically this file did not get shared at all). I am immensely tensed right now. Don’t know what to do. How much are the settlements? One of my college adviser asked me not to respond to any of their claim as of yet. And here I am reading articles that I should take proper action before they file a lawsuit on me. And I do not have money to afford lawyers for this thing either.

    Thank you for your time and patience.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      First you should make sure the BT activity has,stopped and does not restart. Then info the IT department at the University that you have taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again. CEG-Tek will not file a law suit, so do not worry. There is NO history of CEG-TEK or the various Plaintiffs filing any law suits.

      DTD :)

  41. doe says:

    So I’ve entered the ranks of those getting harassed by Malibu Media. I got a letter yesterday from Patrick Cerillo, listing my IP address and asking my old cable provider to hand over my name and address. I’ve been googling around and I’m kind of freaked out now.

    I really just want this behind me. Any suggestions on a lawyer in NJ, and what they might charge to settle this? Also, how much is a typical settlement with Malibu Media?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Look at my defense attorney list, as well the EFF Subpoena Defense Web page for a listing by State. Not sure what they will charge. As far as Malibu Media,starting amount, I would figure a minimum of $750 per movie.

      DTD :)

  42. Doe says:

    Okay so here is my story, best I recall. A few years ago I got the standard Rightscorp emails and I freaked out, so I called them and they told me I was accused of downloading songs I didn’t even download. They only wanted 20 dollars, so I payed up, not realizing that they would now have access to my information, as well as some form of proof of me having done so in the past. I never admitted to it, but I didn’t request something that would exonerate me of guilt either. After this, I’d also been getting the standard email notices from “Georgia”, until I finally cancelled my email account and opened a new one, and subsequently moved from XX to XX. A few months after living down there I opened a new ISP account, having had a different ISP in XX. Not far after that, I began receiving letter notices at my home, both forwarded from my XX address as well as correctly addressed to me in XX. The ones that come are all the same, and don’t even tell me of what I am accused of having downloaded. But the ones that come from my previous residence have “Urgent” stamped on them in red, while the new ones don’t. I don’t even download or use any sort of bittorrent technology, but I had over a dozen different roommates in NY and it could have been any of them. I would love to call them and at least see if the demands are reasonable, if it was under a couple hundred bucks I’d pay up just to get them off my back for good since they could really fuck up my job if I was hauled into a civil suit, but I know that contacting them only raises me on my radar and for all I know they want thousands. What do you think I should do?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      The same as I tell most people – 1) Ignore them and do NOT contact them; 2) Make sure the BT activity has stopped and doesn’t start back up; 3) move on with your life.

      RightsCorp does NOT sue people. The copyright owners who employ RightsCorp do not sue either. If they (copyright owners) were interested in suing people, they certainly would not have employed RightsCorp. RightsCorp works cheap and they figured there was no risk to them. They thought wrong as I believe there is now 2 lawsuit filed against them.

      Just because you paid them once, that does NOT constitute an admission of guilt – get that out of your head! Just ignore them and RightsCorp will eventually fade away and bother some other person. Hopefully the company will fail this year and close its doors due to corporate losses.

      DTD :)

  43. James T Kirk says:

    I live in the UK and I am about to be served withh a letter from TCYK LLC or their agents. My reply to them will be as follows, KISS MY ENGLISH ASS, I have no money, no assets and my computer doesn’t even have a hard drive, yes I am that broke. Bankruptcy would be a blessing and they would be doing me a favour as I wouldn’t have to pay for it.
    I will defend it if it goes that far as I will not give them the satisfaction of a default judgement. Yes it is true I have no hard drive to copy these things onto so it should be a good defence, not that I care that much.
    Good luck to all the innocent ones on here especially those that have a lot to lose.
    Captain James T Kirk boldly going, I know not where and couldn’t care less.

  44. Doe says:

    I’m freaking out and need advice. I received two emails the ones everyone on here has gotten. Each is regarding one song, so in total two songs. Should I settle for the 40 bucks or what do you recommend? They have none of my info and since then I have deleted everything. I just don’t know what to do and need some advice thanks.

  45. JD says:

    Let’s be real here, you settled anonymously I presume, so you would have to be re-sued within your ISP’s retention logs. I received a few emails from CEG-TEK in late 2012 and nothing came of it as of now. If they were to come, they better be sure your ISP can ID you, so I would say within a year then you are in the clear. I HIGHLY doubt you need to wait 3 years to get a subpeona because you are still anonymous to Malibu if you settled anonymously. Please chime in DTD and others who might have more experience/knowledge in this area.

  46. anynomouse49 says:

    I found some information regarding your comment.

    How Long Does Your ISP Store IP-Address Logs?

    Here is an example memorandum submitted by Jon A. Hoppe.
    “Plaintiff dismisses Defendant John Doe because of the period of time for which the Internet Service Providers keep the data records has elapsed.”

  47. johndoe1981 says:

    I did not settle anonymously. I filled out my name and address with the credit card. Yes I was that dumb.

  48. JonDoe1980 says:

    I too received a letter from my ISP forwarded from ceg-tek about a week or so ago. In this letter it claims my ip was used to allegedly download 12 movies. Thing is, some of them are from months ago and the deadline to settle has already passed on 8 of them. Seems my ISP didn’t send the first ones out before or I would have made sure my router re-secured with a different pw. So now there is 8 that have passed and 4 still under the deadline.

    Out of these there are 10 different copyright holders. Is it now up to the individual copyright holders to pursue a lawsuit? If so, that means 10 different suits could potentially be filed? Or would ceg-tek file for all 12 at once? I looked at rfc express and couldn’t find any suits pursued by them, but over a thousand filed by MM. Are they completely entities or do they work together?

    Basically what would you think my best course of action would be at this point? I’m speaking with an attorney next week as well but just curious how others have handled this… Thanks!

  49. SRT157 says:

    can you explain to me the relevance of this information if you are contacted by a troller?

  50. DieTrollDie says:

    You are correct in that if any of the Plaintiff’s wish to file a law suit, they will have to do it. No grouping of multiple Plaintiffs allowed in theses types of cases. As this is CEG-TEK, I would still NOT contact them and go about securing your system and try to determine what happened. Keep good notes and file it safely away – highly doubt you will need it. As CEG-TEK has NO history of filing cases, I would hold off doing more. Yes, RFC Express shows the real cases filed and not the DMCA notices sent by CEG-TEK.

    DTD :)

  51. Silver says:

    Hey JonDoe1980, what did you find out at the end? what happened in your case? please guide me here

  52. Silver says:

    what was the end of the story in your case?

  53. Silver says:

    hey what is the present status of your case? did anyone come after you? please share

  54. JonDoe1980 says:

    I see, so I’m really trying my best to enjoy this holiday season but as you can probably tell, this is stressing me significantly. In your opinion with a lot more understanding and knowledge than myself, how likely is it that one or more of these will decide to file suit over one alleged movie download halfway across the country? I did look up each one and saw none of them have files anything since 2012…?

    Thanks for your time in all this, so stressed!

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