DieTrollDie Declaration Is Filed In Response To Troll Declaration (3:11-cv-00469 & 3:11-cv-00531-JAG), VA Cases

Life has been so busy that I didn’t get a chance to see when a Declaration I filed to refute Plaintiff’s Declaration in the following cases was accepted. 

  • K-Beech, Inc., v. Does 1-85, case # 3:11-cv-00469-JAG, Eastern District of Virginia
  • Patrick Collins v. Does 1-58, case # 3:11-cv-00531-JAG, Eastern District of Virginia

I want to thank the referring attorney who gave me the heads-up on it.  😉  For any and all attorneys or Does who wish to use this Declaration to support their efforts, please do!  Add it to new motions or send an addendum to an already existing one. 

I wrote the Declaration in a bit of a hurry so I apologize for any small mistakes/typos it contains.  I’m a Doe and not part of some large law firm.  The Declaration was in direct response to a Declaration by D. Wayne O’Bryan, trying keep from being sanctioned by the court.  In his Declaration, he talks about the various Internet forums that provide “Motion” templates (Yours Truly), as well as how all these Does are filing them in “Bad Faith.”  After reading his Declaration, I felt I needed to take a shower to get clean again.  Once clean I decided to write a Declaration of my own. 

I hope you enjoy it and hope it helps at least one person out there.

D. Wayne O’Bryan’s Declaration – Support for Plaintiff Motion_Exhibit

DieTrollDie Declaration to Refute – DTD_Declaration_00469

About DieTrollDie

I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link -
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3 Responses to DieTrollDie Declaration Is Filed In Response To Troll Declaration (3:11-cv-00469 & 3:11-cv-00531-JAG), VA Cases

  1. Have you seen what followed? I uploaded the order to Recap:

    K-BEECH, INC.,
    Richmond Division
    Civil Action No. 3:1 Icv469-JAG
    JOHN DOES 1-85,
    THIS MATTER is before the Court on the plaintiffs motion for reconsideration (Dk. No. 10). Upon due consideration and for the reasons stated in its Amended Memorandum Order (Dk. No. 13), the Court hereby DENIES the plaintiffs motion.

    It is SO ORDERED.
    Let the Clerk send a copy of this Order to all counsel of record.

  2. Just Another Doe says:

    Firstly, thank you for the Declaration to Refute. Based on what SJD posted it seems to have worked. I have a question regarding the Memorandum orders. If I’m reading them correctly they had 30 days (from Oct 5th) to pursue any defendants individually. If the math is right they would have had to file by COB Nov, 4th. Since there’s nothing new in PACER no such motions were filed. As it’s Nov, 7th and I’ve been severed I can breath easy now, right?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      If you haven’t seen any activity (new cases) filed in VA court against JDs, I would assume you are good to go. I would keep a copy of the Judge’s order on file in case the Troll tries to refile later with a different judge. Then submit it to the new court with a motion to dismiss because of failure to follow the order of the court. I would also file a complaint with whatever VA ethics board. Congrats!

      DieTrollDie 🙂

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