Operational Security – Yes this means you

Something I planned to post about and always had something else to say concerns the topic of “Operational Security.”

Specifically I’m talking about keeping your personal information private while on the Internet.  Most of the time this is probably not a big issue.  One commenter just put out a hyper link for a Troll Web site (HXXP://www.copyrightdefenselawyer.com – Warning don’t go to it until reading the rest).  ** Note: I edited the address so someone doesn’t accidentally click on it.  This is good information, but going to such a site without a little protection is foolish in my opinion.  Why?

Depending on how savoy the Troll is (Greed is a big motivator), they may obtain your IP address.  For most people this is a big “Who cares.”  If you are a John Doe and your public IP address hasn’t changed since the Troll collected it, he may be able to cross-reference it to a list of IP addresses for his cases.  This shows him who is concerned enough to be looking at his Web site.  Trolls may put their Web site on their “settlement” letter or email, hoping you will read their propaganda.  Yes Mr. Troll, I call it propaganda – you are not “Fair and Balanced” and your true motives are greed.

So what is one way to safely (non-attributable IP address) view such a site?

TOR (Previously known as “The Onion Router”)  – EFF Web site on TORhttps://ssd.eff.org/tech/tor

Tor is an encryption tool that can help you protect the confidentiality of your communications. Tor is a free, relatively easy to use tool primarily designed to protect your anonymity online. But it also has the side benefit of encrypting your communications for some of their journey across the Internet.

I like Vidalia, a graphical controller for TOR – https://www.torproject.org/projects/vidalia.html.en

Here is what I get when using TOR and going to Whatismyip.com.  This is a TOR exit node and NOT my true IP address.  To make sure, place the IP address in a Whois lookup (this one was ARIN).

ARIN Look-up results –

The same general safety concerns should be used on any emails you receive or when posting to an unfriendly or questionable site or blog – Also DO NOT click on any unknown links.

I hope this been somewhat helpful to someone out there.  Take care.  😉

DieTrollDie  🙂

About DieTrollDie

I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link - http://www.eff.org/issues/copyright-trolls
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11 Responses to Operational Security – Yes this means you

  1. This is crazy. Going to such extremes as setting up a website to track people.

    I can’t even….

  2. Yes, it’s worth reminding over and over again about this issue. You wouldn’t call a troll from your listed home phone number, would you?

    The major problem with Tor – it is VERY slow. It is enough to browse the web though, but don’t even think about running p2p or big downloads/uploads through it.

    Recently Tor was released for Android. I installed it – it is great. It allows to select which applications go through Tor, and which – without. For example, my sjd yahoo email is routed through Tor, but my GMail is not. One drawback – you have to “root” your android phone, it’s not that difficult, but still requires some time and dedication.

    A good alternative to Tor is VPN. Recently TorrentFreak published a series of articles on the heels of the hidemyass/lulzsec fiasco. Contrary to hidemyass’ statements, many VPNs do not keep logs, so they can’t be subpoenaed. Good VPNs are not free, but reasonable. Last time I paid 5 BTC for 3 months.

    On a side note, this is yet another damage inflicted by trolls: the lost of trust. Even if I’m not doing anything illegal, I have to go through the hurdles of masking my IP addresses.

  3. I have a lot to say about this topic as well, and it is ESSENTIAL that people going to these sites use some anonymization software to hide their IP address. TOR *is* good, but it is not bullet proof. There is a bunch of literature about how the weaknesses of it in protecting your information particularly through catching you via the exit IP address. I am not an expert in this area so I’m sure other people can better explain this. I also agree with SJD, TOR is Slllllooooooooooowww.

    There are a lot of paid (and worthless) services out there, but VPN services are pretty good, depending on the service. I personally recommend (although there are many others just as good out there) a service called JonDo (http://anonymous-proxy-servers.net/en/). They have software which you run on your computer, and to get amazing speeds, you can pay a few bucks (pay as you go) which can keep you running anonymously for months. JonDo also has an free overlay software for those of you running Mozilla Firefox (called “JonDoFox”) which tweaks all the settings making you virtually invisible to the sites you visit.

    Lastly, if you are going to download, always have a piece of software called “PeerBlock” (http://peerblock.com/) updated and running on your system. This is obviously not a license to break the law, but consider it a radar detector, as it tries through the BlueTack servers to keep up to date with those troll companies who track your IP addresses. As soon as it detects a request to connect to an “unfriendly” IP address in your bittorrent swarm, it will drop them from the connection so you never connect to them (and thus they do not collect your IP address to later sue you in a bittorrent lawsuit).

    • FYI, pardon the bad grammar in the above post. The content still applies the same.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Thanks for the great information! Yes TOR is slow, but for free – I deal with it. I will look into the other software. Don’t worry about any bad grammar, your content is what matters! Not to mention that my grammar lacks at time. 😉

      DieTrollDie 🙂

    • Euclid says:

      It is also important to note that PeerBlock will not necessarily make you safe. I run PeerBlock and was still “named” recently in a copyright troll case. It only protects you from known bad IP connection attempts.

      • I agree. Peerblock (or PeerGuardian, it’s older brother who last I checked is no longer developed) should be seen more as a radar detector, not a license to speed. -Rob

  4. dayahun says:

    “Jane doe” above is right “On a side note, this is yet another damage inflicted by trolls: the lost of trust. Even if I’m not doing anything illegal, I have to go through the hurdles of masking my IP addresses.”
    Side note nothing! I am afraid to post here but am noticing encryption! And the pic the bigger the smile the sharper the knife.. It applies to many other things as well.
    The social costs of all this… I fear to speak does that say anything?
    IP masking Mac addy changes… adware trackers LSO’s Browser hijacking
    Yes most people do not even know what these things are but they are used against everyone everyday regardless of even suspicion much less guilt of anything.
    God only knows, I would be labeled a “hacker” in court simply because I have ATTEMPTED to defend myself online!
    Primarily I want my privacy because I don’t want to get a letter from my ISP I don’t intend to do anything questionable Still it has become guilt on accusation!
    It’s not paranoia when they are actually doing these things.
    A brave new world indeed.
    One last unrelated item, Never will I fly with a notebook outside the US again. you can EFF that one. Think the words “over criminalization”
    Die troll die……. Thanks for everything here it is a serious wake up call at the very least.

    • Dayahun, with all the advertising companies and harmful cookies, you should be masking your identity and your IP address anyway. Encryption only stops wireless snooping. WordPress and other websites still record your IP address and particularly your detailed IP address containing your ISP information, and which subnode you are using as well, so you’re FULLY VULNERABLE to a subpoena requesting your information for any purpose. And I agree — I take many precautions personally and have also been called a hacker by my peers because I use Private VPNs when surfing and I have additional layers of protection (e.g., JonDoFox) installed on top of my regular FIrefox browser. -Rob

      • dayahun says:

        A new dark age, is coming…maybe even here.
        The average user, cannot hope to escape this.
        Yes it’s time for VPN for sure, but in my case (sorry don’t want to use that word) situation, My ISP currently is a unnamed coffee shop wireless Oh no war-driving to avoid having my real ID associated with opinions here. I will probably discontinue use of the net soon Impossible to believe but becoming self defense. I am no t3orrist either but it seems it is being demanded that I prove that first.
        I will not post again first amendment too risky anymore.
        NA = New America Guilt on accusation, indefinite detentions, seizure laws, check lanes, border patrol sites miles from the border, use of military on our own citizens, many other such things, It’s a bleeding banana republic now!
        I am leaving the states…Houston We Have a Problem!

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