Senator Wyden’s Filabuster (PIPA)

Thank you Mike Masnick for posting this information concerning Senator Ron Wyden’s efforts against PIPA.  Full Techdirt article

As stories begin to circulate that the Senate is about to make a big push to get PROTECT IP (aka PIPA) through while everyone’s been focused on SOPA over in the House, Senator Ron Wyden has reiterated his commitment to being against the bill, and promising to actually use his allotted time to filibuster on the bill if he has to. Too often these days, Senators have been able to get away with a sort of fake filibustering, where they say they will and everyone just assumes it’s as if they did stand up and talk for days on end. However, Senator Wyden has said that he’ll really filibuster if the Senate really does try to move forward by standing on the floor and talking. While, in the past, the “standard” is to do something like read names from the phonebook, Wyden is promising to read the names of people who signed petitions against PIPA. So if you’d like your name to go into the official record of the US Senate as being against PIPA, here’s your chance… You can sign at that link.

Also thanks for the great cartoon.

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