Repost of Article – “Received a message that suggests contacting Steele? Read this first!”

I have reposted the article, “Received a message that suggests contacting Steele? Read this first!”  Thank you sophisticated Jane Doe.

Bottom Line – Don’t Contact the Copyright Trolls

Do your research first and don’t assume these guys are there to help you.  The only thing they will help themselves to is the cash in your bank account.  You don’t even have to have done anything wrong – they don’t care!  Please read the article below and if you have received any such notification, please pass it along to us.  For the new people who are just finding out about this the hard way, here is some information to start off with.  Don’t Panic

DieTrollDie  :)

“Some ships are designed to sink… others require our

———Received a message that suggests contacting Steele? Read this first!——–

Reading recent comments, I noticed very-very troubling development regarding subpoenas to BrightHouseISP obtained by John Steele. So far various providers that received subpoenas from porno studios and their lawyers were considerate enough to provide subscribers, whose information was being sought, with as much information as possible, including a copy of a subpoena they received, or at least the case number.

But the message from NeuStar, BrightHouse’s contractor, who manages various issues including legal ones, did not include any information about the lawsuit in question, stated that they have no clue about the underlying lawsuit and, the worst thing, they suggested contacting Steele.

Here is the message from NeuStar, posted by its recipient:

IP Address xx.xx.xx.xx on xx/xx/xx xx:xx:xx

Dear BrightHouse Networks Customer: Neustar is the designated agent of BrightHouse Networks authorized to respond to subpoenas, search warrants, and court orders for the production of subscriber records. It is the policy of BrightHouse Networks to notify a subscriber that a subpoena has been received for the subscriber’s records. Accordingly, please be advised that on 10/25/2011 a C6ivil Proceeding Subpoena Request was received from John Steele, Attomey for Plaintiff Phone # (312)-880-9160.

BrightHouse Networks will comply with this subpoena on 12/13/2011 unless we receive legal documents that delay or terminate the process on or before 12/12/2011.BrightHouse Networks is not a party to this lawsuit and has no information about the basis for the subpoena. Any questions you may have about the subpoena itself should be referred to John Steele, Attorney for Plaintiff, Phone # (312)-830-9160.

If you have a need to contact Neustar about this letter or our procedure, please contact Trevor Gray at (571)-434-3439.To better enable us to provide prompt assistance, please refer to case # xxxxxx when calling.

Sincerely, Trevor Gray Authorized Agent for Custodian of Records BrightHouse Networks If you would like to authorize the release of your records immediately, please sign in the space provided below and fax this page to us at (571) 434-3401.

This is brutal. Any service provider that treats their customers like this does not deserve to be in the services business. I and active members of the community explained dozens and dozens of times why talking to a troll lawyer is a very bad idea. I don’t worry much about those who discovered this site and read posts and discussions. However, I fear that those who received such a message may have rushed to the phone and called Steele instead of trying to do a research (and inevitably finding this, DieTrollDie’s or any other resource explaining the situation).

Those who are innocent usually never consider the possibility of trouble and think that they have nothing to fear, hence nothing to hide. Unfortunately they are very wrong: there are people out there who abuse social norms for their own monetary gain. I don’t think that any of those who called that dreadful number took any effort to mask their own. As a result, Steele got what he wanted — the information he sought via subpoena, delivered by the victim himself, weeks before ISP’s self-imposed deadline.

In addition, Steele most likely tried to provoke self-incriminating statements: this is not so difficult to do. This society is based on trust and dignity. People usually don’t expect to be trapped, and that’s why con artists get what they want in many cases. This is yet another irreparable harm trolls inflict on our society: they erode the social norms based on initial trust and push people to be suspicious to any stranger.

So, if you received a message from your provider that advises you to contact plaintiff’s counsel,


I will update this post as new information emerges (check this article or follow me on Twitter). I’m trying to research if this kind of “considerate” notification breaches any laws or rules of conduct. I suspect they do. And the reason for such a dreadful conduct may be sloppiness at best, and conspiracy at worst.

Meanwhile I urge those who received this message from BrightHouse/Neustar, to call Trevor Gray at (571) 434-3401 and demand more information; demand copies of any documentation received or produced in relation with this incident.

And please disseminate this information to help potential victims, who are ignorant about the copyright trolling scam.

“Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” Thomas Paine.

About DieTrollDie

I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link -
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10 Responses to Repost of Article – “Received a message that suggests contacting Steele? Read this first!”

  1. Thanks, DTD. Please add “NeuStar” and “BrightHouse” tags, you probably already noticed that WordPress is great in terms of Google visibility. “Copyright troll” yields my blog as a third result after Wikipedia and EFF! So we need to pay more attention to some SEO. Of course good content will always be the best SEO, but still it makes sense to help Google a bit (and maybe some victim who does not go to the second page of search results).

  2. Jdizzle says:

    I did receive the same letter but from a different ISP. It sated the same thing that they were unable to answer any questions regarding this matter and all questions should be directed to the plaintiffs attorney Steele Hansmeier. It also came 10 days before the date my info was released.

  3. Marylander says:

    I have been getting repeated calls on my home phone from copyright trolls who sent a subpoena to my ISP (who never notified about this and had to call my ISP to even confirm if it was true) and claim some illegal downloading took place on my internet. I havent called them back and have no plans to do so. They havent made any settlement demands or sent a letter in the mail or anything like that. Just wondering how long I can keep ignoring them, or if I should get a lawyer to see if about getting these assholes to leave me alone. (I know this has nothing to do with the article but I didnt know where else to post this) Thanks.

    • TrollTrasher says:

      Wouldn’t hurt to touch base with an attorney from this list:

      Basic consultations over the phone are free. Just keep ignoring the trolls. If you find yourself on the phone with them just politely say you don’t what they’re talking about, wish them a good day and hang up. Don’t let them rile you.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Good advice about contacting a lawyer listed on the EFF page. You can also call a local attorney to see what the cost would be to you. It will not be cheap and the Trolls know this. The Trolls set their “settlement” fee to a level just below what it will cost on average to hire an attorney. My recommendsation is to ignore the Troll and don’t let them get you down. Just look at the history of thge Trolls – they don’t take people to actual trial. John Steele has stated this is about to change, but talk is cheap. Even a CA judge (Maria-Elena James) recently cited this in 1 Dec 11, order (Order For Plaintiff To File Declaration RE Case Status), case #3:11-CV-02766-MEJ, Patrick Collins v. Does 1-2590.

      “Since granting Plaintiff’s request, a check of the Court’s docket disclosed that no defendant has appeared and no proof of service has been filed. Further, the Court is aware that this case is but one of the many “mass copyright” cases to hit the dockets of federal district courts across the country in recent months. Like in this case, after filing the suit, the plaintiff seeks discovery from ISPs who possess sub-scriber information associated with each IP address. With the subscriber informa-tion in hand, the court is told, the plaintiff can proceed to name the defendants in the conventional manner and serve each defendant, so that the case may proceed to disposition. This disposition might take the form of settlement, summary judg-ment, or if necessary, trial. In most, if not all, of these cases, if the plaintiff is permitted the requested discovery, none of the Doe defendants are subsequently named in the cases; instead, the plaintiff’s counsel sends settlement demand letters and the defendants are subsequently dismissed either by the Court or voluntarily by the plaintiff.”

      The dismissal she is talking about is by Does settling, Court dismissing them on various grounds, or the Troll closing the case down when they have all the subscriber information they think they can get. Remember there are plenty of cases the Trolls have closed and never taken anyone to trial. Can they still come after these Does that haven’t settled? Yes. Will they? Unlikely. There are plenty of new cases coming each week. This is a cash-generating business and don’t beleive ANY claims that it is protecting/preventing piracy. The Trolls have stated that they know they will not stop piracy. In fact they don’t want it to stop.

      DieTrollDie 🙂

      • Marylander says:

        I went ahead and spoke to an attorney who basically told me I should hire a lawyer to negotiate a settlement with these people, because they might name and sue me or I might end up attached to other cases I dont know about, even though I have seen numerous reports and news articles that state those things rarely ever happen. I think I might speak to another attorney and get a second opinion on the matter. I saw this article on techdirt ( that stated Patrick Collins dropped the suit against one Joe Doe as soon as he lawyered up. Does anyone have any information about how these cases have been panning out in Maryland? Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

      • DieTrollDie says:

        Please take some time and read the articles here and at Did the attorney you speak to specialize in IP law? Many lawyers who do not know IP law and/or the Troll operation will often say to settle because in the long run it is cheaper. Please remeber is the arena of civil lawyer, settling or dismissing a case is the norm – very few cases actually go to trial. Did you talk to one of the lawyer listed on the EFF Web page? These are guys who know what the real situation is. I don’t know the details of your situation, but if you didn’t do it, I would go and give up your money. As far as if a Troll will back down if your lawyer up, it depends. Each Troll is different. I can tell you that there are people who have not hired an atorney and the Troll dropped the cases eventually. 🙂 Note: until the 3-year statute of limitation passes, there is always a clance (very samll IMO) that is issue could resurface. Remember that the Trolls don’t want to take anyone to trial unless they can get a slam dunk win. This is a money making operation – plain and simple. A trial costs money and even if they could win, making a profit is so much harder. The troll would have to recover all the cost associated with the deposition, forensics, trial, etc., before the profit could be obtained – then they have to split the profit with the copyright owner. Unless your are a weathly individual, get money out of you will be slow go at best! The Trolls know this and want to avoid it.

        Maryland lawyers
        David A. Burkhouse
        Denese Dominguez
        David S. Harvis
        Michael Kushnir
        Kimberly McLean
        Tuna Mecit
        Eric Menhart
        Shane Nikalao

        DieTrollDie 🙂

  4. Marylander says:

    The attorney I spoke with was one who practices IP law, but I’m going to follow up with one these lawyers listed on the EFF site for a second opinion and weigh all my options. I have read through all the articles & posts on this site and These people are crooks and I would hate to feed their corruption if I can help it. You guys do great work in informing the public, keep it up, its very appreciated.

    • TrollTrasher says:

      All of the EFF lawyers are going to bring up or even recommend settling because most of the Does that contact them are typically asking how they can make this go away ASAP, and settling is the only sure fire option that technically definitively accomplishes that. This isn’t a bad thing; it’s something they have to explain/bring up and they wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t.

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