DTD Torpedo Hits Prenda Case 1:11-CV-09064, Pacific Century International LTD., v. Does 1-31, Troll Paul Duffy

Update – IL Judge Strike DTD Torpedo.  Torpedo_Striken

Well I can honestly say I’m a little upset with this, but life and the war goes on.  The only person who seems to be happy is John Steele.  As it stayed up for a while on PACER and I have it on SCRIBD, the information will not die.  There was no information as to the reason why it was stricken, but as the IL court has favored the Trolls, it doesn’t surprise me.  My other torpedo should have reached the DC court and Prenda by now.  As it is in the DC courts, I can only hope the judge is bit more friendly than the IL one.  As it takes a strike at 6881 Forensics LLC, I can see what got John’s panties in a bunch.  Media Copyright Group, 6881 Forensics, etc.; this is the basis for what gets Prenda and the other Trolls their subpoenas granted.  Destroy this and their operation takes a dive.  Don’t lose faith and keep telling the Trolls to bring it on.  They don’t want a full-out trial, only your money.


Well my latest Declaration (torpedo) was filed in the Illinois court on 11 Jan 12, on case

# 1:11-CV-09064, Pacific Century International LTD., v. John Does 1-31, Prenda Law, Paul Duffy.  The torpedo is titled, “Declaration to Rufute Plaintiff’s Declaration of Peter Hansmeier.”  The first page is the Notice of Presentment that is a local rule for the IL court.

It isn’t the biggest case (only 31 Does), but as the court had not granted the Troll a subpoena for the ISP subscriber information, I felt this was a good one for a torpedo.  My SCRIBD Folder on this case (Complaint, IP Addresses, etc.)This declaration directly refutes the declaration of Peter Hansmeier, Media Copyright Group (MCG), LLC.  The declaration of Mr. Hansmeier is central to the case and especially to the granting of a subpoena for ISP subscriber information.

One thing that is new to my declarations is I made the suggestion to the court that they grant a limited subpoena to Plaintiff.  The limited subpoena would direct the ISP to safeguard the subscriber information pending a final determination.  The final determination would be after the Court interviewed Mr. Hansmeier, MCG.  If the court takes my suggestion, this can bring to MCG’s (& Prenda) collection efforts out in the light for all to see.  My bet is you will find out that Mr. Hansmeier may have some IT degree and/or training, but nothing that qualifies him as an expert or an unbiased fact witness.

I make the balanced suggestion to the court that a limited form of a subpoena be granted to Plaintiff.  This limited subpoena could instruct each ISP to immediately safeguard the subscriber information associated with the Public IP address identified by Mr. Hansmeier.  While the subscriber information is being safeguarded, the court can interview Mr. Hansmeier regarding the nature of MCG’s proprietary forensic software and his technical certifications.  he court can also determine if joinder of ALL the Doe defendants in this case is appropriate based Mr. Hansmeier providing full details of the swarm participation dates/times for all the Public IP addresses.  This information will help the court determine if subscriber information should be released to Plaintiff based on the existing information.  I thank the court for hearing this declaration. 

 I will make some updates to this posts, but for now, take a read and give me some feedback please.  I also need to pick a music video to go along with this torpedo.

DieTrollDie  🙂

Something for the Trolls 

“Some ships are designed to sink… others require our assistance.”

About DieTrollDie

I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link - http://www.eff.org/issues/copyright-trolls
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18 Responses to DTD Torpedo Hits Prenda Case 1:11-CV-09064, Pacific Century International LTD., v. Does 1-31, Troll Paul Duffy

  1. TrollBuster says:


  2. Doe #1 says:

    Love it! You should consider submitting a torpedo in Cali. Prenda is trying to start fresh in the Eastern district after getting slapped around in the Northern district.

  3. DoeDoe says:

    Awesome DTD! Very concise and to the point!

  4. ADoe says:

    If they can send form letters out to everyone demanding money, maybe we can send form letters to the courts in each and every one of these cases?

  5. waiting4theCRASH says:

    I fully agree with Doe 1 above…..hit these troll scum again and again, and East California is prime territory now. Torpedo them to hell where they belong. That torpedo was an absolutely awesome read!!

    Maybe a FL, DC, and an East Cali torpedo will just about be enough to finish these extortionists off.

    Of course I still hold out hope for criminal extortion and RICO charges, that is if any US Attorney, or state or Federal AG, had ANY BALLS to do what is right and so long overdue by going after these trolls……the veil on their ‘settlement’ demands is so thin that only a blind man can’t see what the trolls are really doing. (Maybe some smart young US Attorney would see how big his/her political future could get by going after some of these terrorists-in-lawyers-clothing,..,,hint, hint.)


    • DieTrollDie says:

      Thanks for that. I really wish I had more time (and money) to files these. Besides doing something that is really needed, I do enjoy educating myself on these legal issues. I’m sure John Steele and other Trolls will say I’m just a wannabe lawyer giving Does bad information about these cases. I’m no lawyer, but I’m not completely clueless either. The good thing about these declarations is the various courts, copyright defense lawyers, and the Does get to see the information/arguments I bring up and make their own decision on what to do. I also really like it when a Troll tries to respond to them and just adds more fuel to the fire. I will take you jurisdiction suggestion back to the “Sub pen” and see what can be done.

      DieTrollDie 🙂

  6. johndoe says:

    HAHA! That filing of yours was very entertaining (like watching a handicapped kid pretend to be a lawyer). Too bad you had a real judge read that gem. Judge Leinenweber said “what is this?” before striking it. Keep up the stellar work you crack legal minds! HAHA. Its funny how you write about filing your silly motions but forget to follow up and notify your readers that the judge held their nose and drop kicked your motion into the garbage.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      John Steele, your manner and style of writing preceeds you. Welcome and thank you for the update. I can’t say I’m happy about it, but you never know what can happen in life and in the court. You of all people know this. BTW, I wasn’t hiding anything (and I don’t delete your posts) – I don’t monitor PACER every day. I will be sure to check it out. So you laugh at handicapped kids trying to accomplish things? As I (and others) have stated we know we are not trying to be lawyers. Yes, we are trying hard to work in a realm that is foreign to most of us. Even with the various failures, we are getting the information out and making it harder for you each and every day. It will not stop our actions and your day will come. 😉 Looks like Hard Drive Productions is going to have a fun time in the CA court soon. So who are the “real” judges? The ones that agree with your views? All others are not real? So are the judges in IL and DC the only real ones? I wouldn’t sign my name to that post either. You are smart enough to know I would use something like that against you if given the chance. You would do the same thing. Oh well, I never expected all my declarations to be a success. But guess what? It isn’t going to stop me or everyone else in this fight. It is also good to see you are using a Web proxy to make your posts – security. So much better than your previous posts to SJD’s blog.

      • Doe X says:

        Is it really Johnny Boy?? Man! I sure haver missed our dim witted friend. I find it funny that he would post without identifying himself.. Things are tough out there for a troll these days.. I understand Buffy the small pornn companie slayer.. HD productions will be gone soon and the rest of your low rent clients are next. You promised them buckets of money and instead delivered them small returns and lawsuits. Good job!

      • CTVic says:

        Congrats, DTD!! You’ve just been Steele’d!
        I recall back in the 90’s, When Curt Cobain said that he knew he’d really made it when Weird Al had finally parodied one of his songs.

        You’ve really made it in the world of copyright troll blogging when John Steele has talked trash about you in your comments section!
        There is no higher honor, my friend! It’s all downhill from here 🙂

    • Laughing at handicapped… such an insecure person you are…. I pity you, John Steele.

  7. DieTrollDie says:

    LOL!! Too much Pirate Ale John? 😉

  8. Raul says:

    Yep, just so we can keep the stock share price of Jack Daniels at a record high I think some motivated Does should start filing professional misconduct complaints with the Illinois and maybe the Florida State Bar Associations. Here is a good place to start http://current.com/entertainment/movies/93610130_copyright-troll-john-steele-moves-into-prendas-suite-despite-retiring-wanted-to-ask-him-about-it-but-prenda-intentionally-broke-its-own-contact-form-wtf-these-are-ip-lawyers.htm

  9. Doe_ntTreadOnMe says:

    Pay no attention to the personal attack. As they say: “Pride goeth before the fall.”

    Eventually, one of these cases will find its way to Federal Court. All it will take is one loss, then the spell will be broken, and this sort of legal abuse will end. Which is why they try so very hard to avoid actually going to court.

    Perhaps you can use this, in the future:

    When you consider that modern hackers run scripts that randomize their MAC and IP addresses every couple of minutes, and compound this by the fact that, as of 2011, all of the IP addresses have been assigned; each time a hacker’s IP address is “rotated”, they are guaranteed to take the “identity” of an actual person/place.

    Think about how many of the defendants claim to have no knowledge of downloading the files in question. Considering the above information, it is quite possible that the 200,000+ illegal downloaders may actually be a few handfuls of hackers, or computer savvy individuals wishing to conceal their identities.

    But, I have a question:
    With all the defense attorneys getting involved, has there been any mention of class action counter-suits; vis-a-vis conspiracy to commit extortion, invasion of privacy, menacing, etc.?

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