HMS/M Trenchant – DTD Attack Run Started Against Copyright Troll Case

Well I have selected a new target (Troll Case) and preparation of the torpedo (Declaration) occurred remarkably fast.  Due to operational security I will not disclose target details at this time.  Until this torpedo hits its mark, here is a little history on a famous British submarine of WWII, HMS Trenchant.  31 Jan 2012 Update – Fire!  Torpedo on its way. 

Taken from –  Details HMS Trenchant sinking the Japanese cruiser Ashigara, June 1945.

As it was night Trenchant was running on the surface to recharge her batteries, it was while on the surface that the Ashigara’s escort destroyer was first sighted. Trenchant remained on the surface as Cmdr Hezlet did not want to risk losing contact by submerging. The Japanese destroyer however sighted the Trenchant and proceeded to open fire on her at little more than point blank range. Trenchant returned fire with one torpedo. This missed but Trenchant did succeed in evading the destroyer.
Trenchant finally submerged at dawn and proceeded to lay in wait for the Ashigara. The escort destroyer continued its search for Trenchant and the Ashigara followed after a short interval. Trenchant manoeuvred as close as possible in order to affect the best firing solution. When this was done she fired all eight of her bow torpedoes. Cmdr Hezlet then downed the periscope and waited for the torpedoes to hit. Ashigara saw them coming but was so close to the shore that she had only limited movement, to seaward. The Ashigara was about 2 miles away when the torpedoes were fired and this was the limit of their range. After 3 minutes Cmdr Hezlet put up the periscope again just in time to see 5 torpedoes strike the Ashigara sending columns of water higher than her mainmast.
Five hits reduced her to a wreck, though she moved ahead slowly to avoid Hezlet’s stern torpedoes and opened fire briefly on Trenchant‘s periscope.
After this the Ashigara was obscured by smoke, making it impossible to carry out a damage assessment for some minutes. When she became visible again it was possible to see she was stopped dead in the water and on fire with a heavy list, some of her crew already abandoning ship. Her destroyer escort returned in time to pick up survivors.
The sinking of the Ashigara earned Cmdr Hezlet a congratulatory signal from Flag Officer Submarines, Admiral Barry. He was also awarded a second DSM and the US Legion of Merit, the highest honour the US can bestow upon a foreign commander, this was presented by Rear-Admiral R A J Fife at Subic Bay in the Philippines. Trenchant‘s attack on the Ashigara was later described as one of the most brilliant attacks of the war earning Trenchant the battle honour Malaya 1944-45.
Well I think this evening I’m going to enjoy a Torpedo myself. 😉 
 “Some ships are designed to sink…other require our attention.

DieTrollDie 🙂

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6 Responses to HMS/M Trenchant – DTD Attack Run Started Against Copyright Troll Case

  1. Andrew says:

    Good luck with the torpedo; I do hope it hits the target.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. JohnD says:

    Good Luck and hope to hear the sounds of exploding trolls !!!!

    You are the best !!!!
    and thank you !!!!

  3. Jdizzle says:

    We need to attack these Miami dade cases! These are the ones still implicating thousands of people in one case! The worst part about is they are all Patrick collins but include other studios and films in one case! How is this ok?

  4. Raul says:

    Ok, I am well aware that DTD is already aware of this development and is probably writing up an analysis but YOU HAVE TO READ THIS:

    Welcome to the Hotel California Trolls!

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