6881 Forensics LLC – What is This?

Some of you may have noticed a new “technical” monitoring company being employed by Prenda Law Inc., “6881 Forensics LLC.”  I guess with all the Names changes for Steele|Hansmeier (Prenda Law), Peter Hansmeier decided to come along for the ride.

Peter Hansmier is the brother of Paul Hansmeier, Partner of John Steele in the firm of Steele|Hansmeier.  Peter Hansmeier was part of the Steele|Hansmeier copyright troll outfit, specifically the “technician” who collected public IP addresses of people sharing copyright protected porn movies via peer-to-peer file sharing applications (BitTorrent).

Peter Hansmeier did this via the Limited Liability Company (LLC), “Media Copyright Group” (MCG), from which he was listed as the manager of MCG.  Paul was the registered agent for the LLC.  Here is a screen shot from the Minnesota State, Business and Lien, business search page.

I had to search under “inactive” listings, as MCG was dissolved on 22 Dec 11.  MCG came into being as a Minnesota LLC on 21 Jun 10.  So why the name change?????  Well, I think it was in partially (at least) due to the wonderful 25 Sep 11, article written by  Nicholas RanalloWho are the MCGIP (and Why are they Suing for Other People’s Movies?)  Follow-up article – Exposed Copyright Troll Dumps Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits

OK, so they had a name change.  Lets look up 6881 Forensics LLC, in the Minnesota business search page.  Wait,…. there is no results for 6881 Forensics or any variation of the name in the database.  That is odd, as the “technician,” Peter Hansmeier signed his name and lists “Minneapolis, MN,” as the location on some January 2012 declarations supporting Prenda Law in its request for early discovery – subpoena for ISP subscriber information (various cases).

  Well I did try a few other State company listings, but no success for 6881 Forensics.  If I have missed them, somebody please inform me of where to look.

I next decided to do the ever faithful Google search.  The only thing I could find was a reference to 6881 Forensics LLC on a copyright defense lawyers Web page, specifically one of the support documents Prenda is using to get a judge to authorize a subpoena for ISP subscriber information.  Here is one for FL State case 11-32617 CA 20, Openmind Solutions Inc., v. Does 1-313 – OpenMind_Ex_Parte_Motion_for_Discovery_from_ISPs

Update – Here are the results I got from a 15 Feb 12, Web search for “6881 Forensics.”

So what does “6881 Forensics” do?  Well based on the name and the declaration Peter Hansmeier signed, it is the same old garbage BitTorrent monitoring as before.  For those of you who haven’t guessed it, the 6881 stands for the common port first used in BitTorrent Internet traffic – Port 6881.  Port 6881 is still common to BitTorrent traffic, but many people change it to a non-standard these days.  Some ISP have tried to block and/or throttle traffic that is possibly P2P in nature.

As well as not being able to find much on 6881 Forensics, try finding some information on Peter Hansmeier.  That is some slim picking also.

So why do I care about 6881 Forensics and Peter Hansmeier?  The same reason you should care….  Because his monitoring and collection of public IP addresses is the main support to the cases (and troll firms) that use them.  Without someone to swear that they have evidence showing at least Prima Facie proof of copyright infringement by Doe defendants, the judge is not going to grant a subpoena for ISP subscriber information.

In the Information Technology (IT) realm there is a term call “Security through Obscurity.”  What this means is if a company keep the nature of its product/software secret, them no one can find about its vulnerabilities and exploit them.  MCP and 6881 Forensics LLC are following this security principle.  We and the courts really know nothing about 6881 Forensics, Peter Hansmeier, or the relationship with Prenda Law (previously Steele|Hansmeier).  The supporting documentation (AKA declaration), only states in a broad simplistic terms that the “technician,” Peter Hansmeier used sophisticated and proprietary software to collect public IP addresses of alleged copyright infringers.  That all of the identified public IP addresses illegally downloaded and shared a copy (or portion of Plaintiff’s copyright protected work) on a certain date and time.

As the court is going to take the declaration of peter Hansmeier at face value and assume it is true and correct, it is unlikely that the court will require any further details on this company, it experience, technical certifications, and relationship with Plaintiff and the Copyright troll.

More to come on this topic.  DieTrollDie 🙂

About DieTrollDie

I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link - http://www.eff.org/issues/copyright-trolls
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53 Responses to 6881 Forensics LLC – What is This?

  1. Human Being says:

    Your effort is greatly appreciated !

  2. johndoe says:

    I look a little slimmer than that!

    • DieTrollDie says:

      If you would be so kind as to show us where we can find some information on that wonderful new company, I would love to read about your experience, education, and certifications.

  3. skruuball says:

    Yet one more reason why these efforts at extortion will never see the inside of a courtroom. Legitimate forensics firms with real expertise build their reputations carefully. These hacks, and the others like them, do not ever want to be forced to defend their assertions in a public forum.

  4. bing says:

    this is a good find. It will in fact cause them a major headache in any actual litigation.

  5. johndoe says:

    Its a good thing you don’t allow posts telling your sheeple reading this stupid site that all your efforts have netted zero success to date. Can’t wait to read more of your stupid shit (always enjoy a good laugh) and having it kicked out (as usual). Maybe you should just spend more time in your mom’s basement jerking off and less time embarrassing yourself in court.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Zzzzzzzzzz. Will reply later. Stupid troll. Lol.

    • Doe X says:

      Your right, DieTrollDie is the wrong guy to use this info in court. We should send it over to Steve Yuen and his firm.. ThePrendaSlayers.. LMAO. The end is near!! Nice interview with MSNBC btw. Your goal is now to scare people into not pirating movies?? Riiight…

      • genetik says:

        Some aggressive Does and lawyers like Yuen should turn the tables and send Hard Drive Productions, Inc. their own demand letters. A few thousand bucks to settle instead of facing another lawsuit like the current suit against HDP. Who knows how many additional suits are on the way? Maybe Yuen has a dozen more, maybe other lawyers have even more. Now that one person has stepped forward and shown the way every other Doe, especially the thousands involved in other cases with no or improper copyright registration, is going to want a piece of this! They will be calling Yuen and using his complaint as a template. HDP was a HUGE offender of filing suits without copyright registration, so the thousands of claims of fraud upon the copyright office alone should be enough to crush HDP and Prenda! Why did you lead your client into this trap, John? Why didn’t you make sure the paperwork was taken care? If I were Hard Drive Productions, Inc. I would be thinking about suing you for negligence and reporting you to every regulatory body I could find.

        I look forward to watching RFC Express light up with suits against Troll Plaintiffs like it has lit up with mass-Doe suits over the last year. If the Wong suit proves one thing it’s that Does and their lawyers are now more prepared to litigate and thus more confident in their cases than Steele ever was.

        So funny to see Johnny pop up in these secondary threads and avoiding the latest developments. His ego can’t help itself so he has to lash out but even he knows better than to blabber about all the trouble he’s getting his client into. But he should be saving his breath and his typing fingers for making excuses to the courts and his clients.

      • DieTrollDie says:

        Yes, I think Mr. Yuen is a perfect person to use any help we can provide. One think I put in one of my declarations was the fact that most of the porn owners don’t DMCA take-down notices. That was one point Mr. Yuen brought up in the complaint.


      • @genetic: it’s in line with a funny comment on Techdirt (to the post about EFF’a brief and the following saliva spraying):

        Indeed EFF needs to learn how things work, they should send a demand letter stating. “If you do not pay us 5,000$ we will file an amicus brief, if you do not respond within 14 days, we will charge 10,000$ not to file an amicus brief” Thats how thing are done. Catch up EFF.lol

      • Doe X says:

        Dietrolldie, .

        I would actually send this great info you dig up to Nick Ranello and David Madden in California. Both are defending clients in Prenda california cases and trying to do it as cheaply as possible. Your information will not only help them but also help the Does keep their costs down. The more info we provide them, the less time they have to spend on the clock doing the research themselves. Of course there is the added benefit of seeing Steele rant and rave as his scheme falls apart piece by piece 😉

        Arrrr! Time for a pint of Pirat Ale!

        Nick Ranello- nick@ranallolawoffice.com
        David Madden- dhm@mersenne.com

      • Anonymous says:

        Stewart Kellar as well.


        He got a defendant in one of Sperlein’s named cases dismissed after filing an answer to Sperlein’s complaint.

        He used to provide frequently updated, as in weekly and sometimes daily, coverage of the Northern District of California cases. He even used to sit in on some of the hearings and live-Tweet, had some great first-hand coverage of Gibbs getting pwned by the judges there. Based on reading his reports it seemed like he was personally very interested in following these cases, but he stopped providing updates back in September and didn’t give any hint why. Maybe he’s been busy with something and doesn’t want to comment on pending litigation 🙂

      • Stewart is a great guy. He defended GeoHot in infamous Sony v. Sony’s Customer case. I also talked to him over the phone when my saga has started.

        I think he is simply busy. Following every movement of every troll cockroach takes a lot of time – myself and DTD know that. Yes, it’s a bummer he is silent: his twitter reporting from one of the Ira’s cases would humble any professional reporter, not talking about so call “court reporters”.

        BTW, have anyone seen any useful report from one of these “court reporters”? I wonder how much do the earn (taxpayers’ money) and why.

    • kerrydoe says:

      “Go jerk off in your mom’s basement!!!!” Really? You’re a grown man. and obviously a HUGE idiot.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      I haven’t deleted any of your post now have I? The Does have had some successes directly and indirectly with the various motions. If you are talking only about my declarations, I have only made suggestions to the court on the last two ones. The main point is to get the information on these sleazy operations out in the open. Maybe a judge with see operations for what they are. Kicked out as usual. Funny I don’t remember them all getting kicked out. Unless you are speaking about only the “real” judges.

      How old do you think I am? Spend more time in my Mom’s basement jerking off… Good one. Funny, I guess I should be embarrassed for trying. Your such a well spoken person of obvious high intelligence. I will have to reassess my life based on your well intended feedback. Thank you, my life is now complete.

      DTD 🙂

      • Doe X says:

        DTD, you are obviously doing something right to elicit this type of response from him. And everything weave said how his operations is now filed in an official complaint and a judge can weigh the arguments on their merits. Steele can not just claim all those defiance is BS comic from jobless basement dwellers and Pirates.

      • DieTrollDie says:

        Thanks. Me thinks someone does protest too much. 😉

      • And mind the fact that you DTD is on the same side of John’s helpless hatred as EFF!

  6. DieTrollDie says:

    I feel some honor to be actually thought of by John Steele.

    “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”
    -Friedrich Nietzsche

    • CTVic says:

      Absolutely! See my comment on the other post about being trolled by Steele.
      Having a trollawyer attack you personally in your comments section is a rite of passage for any blogger covering Copyright Trolls. You’re in the big leagues now, DTD – and Steele put you there! All of the ridiculous name-calling and childish innuendo is just the frosting on the cake.
      So your “torpedo” got tossed from one out of a thousand … pffffft … who cares? You’ve gotten under a trollawyer’s skin enough that he feels that he has to come address you directly. Being slandered by a trollawyer is just one more angle for extra publicity. Extra publicity means more random people being educated on trollawyer’s extortion and coercion! Not only did Steele’s click-throughs bump you up that much further in Google search results, but also the click-throughs from people interested in seeing the trollawyer’s rants on your site!
      The more loudly they protest, the more noise they make and the more attention they draw! Welcome to the Streisand Effect, trolls!
      Mission accomplished, DTD! Keep up the good work 😀

      • that anonymous coward says:

        So thats what I was doing wrong?
        All I ever managed to do was get Randazza to run like hell everytime I posted answers to his crap over on TechDirt. But I guess being able to quote his shakedown letters verbatim and tear apart every tissue paper lie scared him.

        Keep up the good work and Steele… Look what happened to Stone. You should stop before you end up being the punchline to a bad joke…. oh wait…. nevermind.

        I remain

      • Porno Doe says:

        BAHDUM TISH!

  7. 88 Year Old Defender says:

    Brett Gibbs of Prenda Law filed a Motion to Dismiss in the matter of Wong vs. Hard Drive, 5:12-CV-00469-HRL. I would have gladly uploaded it here, but there isn’t any way to do it. From my perspective (unlawyerly, of course) it’s the biggest piece of laughable bull-dung I’ve ever seen. Whine, whine, whine. The way I read it, it seems to say, “Hey, I never said Wong downloaded my client’s filth, but instead ‘we’ believe others in her home downloaded my client’s filth, and therefore unless I can ask Wong about the other people in her house, I can’t figure out who downloaded my client’s filth.” Yet, of course, he sent her a settlement letter, that lying sack of vermin.

    Yuen will pulverize Gibbs.

    I must admit however, that previous posters here who suggested that Yuen send Gibbs a “settlement letter” made me laugh uncontrollably. In my momentary hysteria, and upon choking, my morning coffee ended up splattered on my monitor and my side began aching. Mr. Yuen, I await with great anticipation, to see your opposition.

  8. The Troll says:

    One quick thought. When the latest sure fire awesome idea, or crack attorney, is being hailed as the answer, shouldn’t you wait until you get at least one victory? It just makes your earlier posts look really dumb when it fizzles out. Other than the personal name calling (by both sides I admit), funny pictures (Peter is not fat BTW), what else besides failed efforts to stop anti-piracy has come out of this website?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Hi John. Well at least you are being somewhat nice this time around.
      1. No, we shouldn’t wait for a victory before trying to change what is wrong. With that logic, nothing would ever be forced to change. Hitting road blocks and adapting is key. Hell John, you even do that in your cases. Nothing stupid about that.
      2. From the limited information I have seen on Peter Hansmeier, the picture does not do him justice. I don’t know about you, but I love a good parody or satire. As the information of 6881 Forensics LLC is little, how about inlighting us? I love the email address you put for your comment “thecave@6881secretplace.com” ( – same proxy as before). Why does 6881 Forensics LLC need to be a secret? BTW I will not stop the parody – It is a great 1st Amend right. 😉
      3. Information to the Does. That is a main success of this and other sites. I would love to know how much money you have lost because of us. Lost settlements and increase in paperwork and time. You still are making a killing I bet. And lets be PERFECTLY clear with everyone John. You are are not “Anti-Piracy.” You are a money making legal operation that wants this activity to continue. If you were Anti-Piracy, you would be advising your clients to send out DMCA take-down notices to ISPs of the offending public IP addresses. You know that after enough of the notices, the ISPs would start to crack down on the people that don’t clean up their act – stop the activity or secure their WiFi access point.

      DTD 🙂

    • Google is your friend, John. Just Google “Prenda Law”, “Steele Hansmeier” or any other combination of words that a reasonable person would search for when he receives your Halloween-scary letter.

      Every day I receive testimonials like “I was considered to pay, but after finding your site I realized that it was a stupid idea.” Given that only a small fraction of “converted from scared to pissed off” folks sends me such emails, we are talking about hundreds of thousands dollars and and an army of individuals motivated to work together to stop these extortion enterprises.

    • Steele Hater says:

      All those years surrounded by some bright scholars and you did even pick up a tiny bit of wisdom. The total opposite, you became bit dumber, not that you were the brightest bulb to begin with!

      While nobody here condones piracy, the main purpose of this website and others like it, is not to prevent piracy but to prevent crooks like you from abusing innocent people. And whenever an innocent victim googles Prenda or whatever new name you pull out of “you’re” ass, you can rest assured that these blogs will be around to reveal the truth about all “you’re” wrongdoings.

      And you can comment, try to ridiculize, and try to scare all you want but “you’re” day is coming real soon!

      So make sure you cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s because when the shit hits the fan, it is going to be epic!

      And in case your wondering, I am not in my mama’s basement, I am spending the weekend at the Mandarin, leave me a note, I’ll buy you a Martini at the M-Bar!

  9. Raul says:

    It is a victory when a Doe goes on the offensive and asks the court to take a close look at the Troll business model (like threatening statutory damages for alleged preregistration infringement) because more will likely follow suit or simply counterclaim. Are you one of the trolls who is bringing suit on recycled porn on behalf of K-Beech who retitled a copyrighted 2006 Combat Zone work (“Grand Slam”) and retitled it “Gang Bang Virgins”? `If so I think I hear another shoe getting ready to drop.

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