Copyright Trolls (Cornholers) Roll Into Indiana – CP Productions Inc., v. John Doe, 1:12-cv-00808

Well it looks like Prenda Law is testing the water in IN.  On 12 Jun 12, a CP productions Inc., copyright infringement case was filed in the Southern District of IN, by the law firm of Hostetter & O’Hara (H&O), Brownsburg, IN. H&O is a general practice firm that does not specialize in Intellectual Property (IP).  The specific Troll is Matthew Edward Dumas  

Case # 1:12-cv-00808, CP Productions Inc., v. John Does.  Docket_14Jun12_00808(IN)   Complaint_00808(IN)   IP_Addresses_00808(IN)   CivilCoverSH_00808(IN)   CP_Productions_AZ_Corp

There is no mention of Prenda Law in any of the filed documents, but they have represented CP Productions for past and present copyright infringement cases.  The same wording of the complaint can also be found in other Prenda authored/filed complaints.  

Nothing is surprising in the complaint.  Standard Prenda case filing against –

John Doe and his joint tortfeasors

There are a total of 449 IP addresses listed – John Doe (IP address – IP geo-locates to IN)  and 448 tortfeasors.  I suspect that a majority of the IP addresses are not in the SDIN jurisdiction. 

The complaint refers to John Doe as a “serial Infringer,” and states they have observed him infringing on multiple copyrighted works of adult content, to include the CP Production INc., movie, GH  Hustlers – Maryjane’s Second Visit.  The Plaintiff has applied for a copyright registration for this movie (application # 1-692546895), but as of 14 Jun 12, none has been granted. 

A check of the U.S. Copyright Office data base disclosed the following titles registered to CP Productions.  *** See update below ***

The time period for all of this infringement activity is 7 Dec 2011 – 10 May 2012 – 156 days.   As there is no copyright registration, I can assume that either CP Productions made a very late application for one or there is some problem with their application.  Either way, I highly doubt that the registration is going to be back-dated to December 2011.  Who knows, I could be wrong

18 Jun 12 Update – Copyright Registration Information.

CP Productions had copyright registrations issued for two of their movies (GH Hustlers – Maryjane’s Third Visit & GH Swallow – Maryjane’s Fourth Visit) CP Productions now has Nine movies registered – .  Both of these Maryjane movies were first published on 17 Feb 12, and were given a copyright registration date of 15 May 12.  So where is GH Hustlers – Maryjane’s Second Visit?  Or the 1st Maryjane movie for that matter.  Why have the 3rd & 4th movies in this series received a copyright registration ahead of the first and second movies?  I think CP Productions screwed up with the copyright registration process.  What is going to be seriously funny for CP Productions and Prenda Law, is if the registration for this movie gets issued with a date of  15 May 12, or later.  *** The last Doe in their complaint was recorded as downloading/sharing the movie on 10 May 12! ***  If this happens, Plaintiff can only go after actual damages – no statutory or legal fees!  Starting from the earliest date of the compliant (7 Dec 11 – assume this is the first published date), 3 months from 7 Dec 11, is 6 Mar 12 (91 days).

Once the registration date is issued, Plaintiff should correct its complaint to reflect the damages it is allowed to seek.  I highly doubt they will do this, so I expect all the Does to get the same BS Prenda Law settlement letter threatening statutory damages, legal fees, etc.  Does – when you get notified by your ISP about this case and find these posting – please file a motion to quash and stir the pot.  This case is ripe for it. 


One thing I can safely assume is that the first publication of the movie was at least 7 Dec 2011.  If the copyright registration is eventually 6 Mar 12, or later, then they have missed the 90 window for being able to get statutory damages and attorney fees from Does who allegedly infringed prior to the registration date.  § 412. Registration as prerequisite to certain remedies for infringement

§ 412. Registration as prerequisite to certain remedies for infringement
In any action under this title, other than an action brought for a violation of the rights of the author under section 106A(a), an action for infringement of the copyright of a work that has been preregistered under section 408(f) before the commencement of the infringement and that has an effective date of registration not later than the earlier of 3 months after the first publication of the work or 1 month after the copyright owner has learned of the infringement, or an action instituted under section 411(c), no award of statutory damages or of attorney’s fees, as provided by sections 504 and 505, shall be made for —

(1) any infringement of copyright in an unpublished work commenced before the effective date of its registration; or

(2) any infringement of copyright commenced after first publication of the work and before the effective date of its registration, unless such registration is made within three months after the first publication of the work.

As John Doe #1 would fall into this category (Date: 19 Jan 12 = actual damages only – say $40), I would laugh my @#$! off.  I will have to keep an eye out for the registration date of this fine film. 

Well H&O and Indiana, welcome to the fight.  I don’t know if H&O was hurting for business, but I think they might have bitten off more than they realized by signing up with Prenda Law/John Steele. 

Note:  Please check out the Indiana Intellectual Property & Technology Blog (IIPT) article on this case. 

15 Jun 12 Update – As expected, the Troll has submitted his motion to subpoena the ISPs along with a memorandum of law in support of his request.  The document can be found at the IIPT site.  I will add them to this post in a while.  Once the judge approves the request (I assume he will), the Does will start to get notified via their ISPs. 

 DieTrollDie 🙂

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I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link -
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159 Responses to Copyright Trolls (Cornholers) Roll Into Indiana – CP Productions Inc., v. John Doe, 1:12-cv-00808

  1. me says:

    Are they in your jurisdiction ?? Do they have a office in Colorado? if not … you do nothing. They can only work in your jurisdiction.

  2. Boner says:

    Ummmm, stop stealing other people’s videos? Just a suggestion.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      David Graves from CP Productions???? Your email and IP address do fit this. OK, since you were not an a$$, I will not expose that information. Welcome.

      On a very simplistic level, you are right. If people didn’t share your movies via BT, they wouldn’t get in trouble. Now that is not 100% true, because there are people out there who have been threatened by you and your Troll – Prenda Law Inc., when they did nothing. Neighbors using the Internet connection, Open WiFi, etc. Prenda Law doesn’t care who did this, they only want someone to pay a seetlement. BTW, please tell us what percentage of the settlements do you get? Also a word of advice, make sure Prenda Law doesn’t do something stupid once the default jedgment goes through – if it does – Prenda is foolish. It will come back to bite you on the a$$, as YOU are the Plaintiff. Please stop by again (no need to hit & run) and give me your thoughts. Have a good day.

      DTD 🙂

    • SJD says:

      Why are you so primitive? I don’t want to insult, I’m genuinely curious. Why are you so intellectually lazy to look at the problem critically. To consider opponents’ arguments, to try to at least wonder why so many people that has nothing to do with bittorent, and infringement in general, — judges, journalists, law scholars, and even the majority of your colleagues, — why they despise the methods that you employ. I’m not even remotely touch the arguments themselves: I simply wonder how some people can be so obtuse not to see the bigger picture, not to ask themselves questions that any self-respecting thinking individual would ask. Why?

  3. wife says:

    I think C.P. Productions is posting the videos… then see the i.p.’s then go after them…. good way to make some money…just saying…..that is what i think…

  4. Boner says:

    wife: I’m guessing you feel that way because you think the content owners are as dishonest as the thieves. It’s kind of like how thieves don’t trust anyone because they think everyone is like them.

    • anonadoedoh says:

      Except that copyright infringement is not theft. If one is actually going to legally pursue someone for allegedly doing something, it might be wise to get your legal terminology correct.

      Especially since theft has less severe punishments (usually) than copyright infringement.

    • wife says:

      Yes. What a way to make money. Who’s to say c.p. in Arizona is not? We who is looking into that?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Dave, the fact that you are in bed with Prenda Law, speaks volumes. What are doing to stop it happening to you? Trolling is only a business model with no steps taken stop the activity. You don’t want it to stop, because then you would lose money.

      DTD 🙂

    • SJD says:

      I hope you’ve read 2 latest news on my blog: I would say it is a normal human reaction to think that anyone associated with a career thief John Steele is also a thief.

      Maybe you are scumbags, maybe not — I don’t have enough information to accuse you two (unlike your neighbors Pilcher and Jones — the word “honest” refuses to be spelled in their presence). But, again, I 100% agree with DTD: dealing with Steele understandably marks you as thieves by default. Sorry you have to go through the hoops to prove it is not true. But what’s fair is fair: dozens or even hundreds of innocents caught in your scum (given the illegitimacy and error rate of forensic “expert” Paul Hansmeier, open wi-fi, human error, etc.) lose sleep and appetite, and incur nonrefundable expense just to prove their innocence.

  5. Boner says:

    If it’s not theft or illegal then why is everyone worried about lawyers? Just tell them to go pound sand…

    • DieTrollDie says:


      Really??? Why be worried about lawyers? Are you really tht stupid? I doubt it. The threat of finacial ruin and/or embarrassment is a tool the Trolls use to get people to pay up? It doesn’t matter if the ISP subscriber did it or not. The trolls and the content owners (including you) don’t care if an innocent is threatened to pay a settlement. Some of the content owners actually believe they are recouping lost sales by this effort. But your advice is sound, “Tell the troll to pound sand.” The history of these cases speak for themselves – none of these cases have ever been judged on their merits – EVER! Hell, until Prenda law was exposed in FEB 2011, they never named and served a defendant. Why? Because the cases are weak and the Trolls don’t want to expose their unethical behavior. try again.

      DTD 🙂

      • Boner says:

        I’m still lost. If they are empty threats then what’s the concern? Why is everyone making a big deal out of cases that are weak? Why doesn’t the innocent fight back?

      • DieTrollDie says:


        I see that you are lost. The “empty” part of the threat is that you and the Trolls will not go forward with a full on trial unless you have “real” evidence. 6881 Forensics LLC, is a sham just like AF Holdings (and its siblings). All you have is a “Public” IP address along with a date/time. As this business model was NEVER designed for this, the result is no cases have been judged on their merits. The best you can hope for is a hallow default judgment against somebody. These operations were designed to make it cheaper to settle than fight – – see Robbie’s’ comments on page 3. Robbie is clear that it costs more to fight than settle and you have the added benefit of being publicly accused of downloading porn. Some people cannot handle this even if innocent. This was designed from the start. Please notice that in all the comments (GFY board), there is never any mention of anyone possibly being innocent – that is because to do that risks losing money. Also, please tell everyone here how many people you and the Trolls have gone after have been dismissed when they fight back or tell you to pound sand? Prenda Law has a well established record of delaying and even paying off people (Wong & Abrahams) to make a trial go away.

        I’m sorry people are sharing you content, but your actions are NOT justified in the slightest because of this. Don’t rationalize your actions and don’t believe Steele when he tells you everything is going to work out. Prenda Law is in trouble right now and Steele is not above throwing you under the bus if he needs to. Time to remove yourself from this mess and try some real methods of reducing piracy and improving your paying customer base. I’m sorry if this is hard to do, but that doesn’t justify taking part in a criminal extortion racket.

        DTD 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        You piece of filth.

        I can’t wait to see you pay for your part in this scam.

        Don’t worry, it is coming. This is a criminal racket you are caught up in. I can tell from your responses that you are too stupid to comprehend what’s going on, so in that respect Steele chose his mark well (the man is a career criminal, this isn’t his first scam in case you didn’t know). Don’t worry though, you’ll figure it out once it’s too late.

    • SJD says:

      Boner, Steele, Dumas et al.: go pond sand. Please.

    • anonadoe says:

      I won’t touch on the lawyers bit since people already have. But let me just remind you, your own lawyers admitted at least a false positive rate of 30%.

      Again, if you’re really serious about trying these cases you really need to bone(r) up on the law. I mean really, are your lawyers that incompeta….ohhh…..yeah. Strike that.

      I never said it wasn’t illegal. But it definitely isn’t theft. The accused didn’t physically remove a copy from your possession and prevent you from selling it, did they? You don’t have one less 1 or 0 in your code, do you? Otherwise you would be prosecuting for theft, wouldn’t you? But your not. You’re prosecuting for infringement and negligence, which open wi-fi isn’t against the law either, so I really shouldn’t be too surprised on any of this…

      But your binary thought processes somehow manage to astound me each and every time. you type something. Suddenly I’m quite aware of why you produce porn. You must be too idiotic to do anything else. You probably couldn’t even get into film school….

      • anonadoe says:

        Oh, and while most will say “don’t feed the troll,” and I do generally agree with that, I just can’t help but see what other responses boner came up with. Because regardless of all of this, boner does tend to make me laugh with his remedial thought processes. And given that anyone in this situation could use some laughs, I was hoping extend the pointing and laughing at the dunce in the corner.

        Regardless, I apologize to you DTD for continuing this conversation with someone who clearly has the critical thinking skills of someone at the back-end of evolution.

    • pissed off Doe says:

      Mr. Boner, stealing is wrong, and so is pirating. But please take an hour of your busy time to read “what is your story” on this blog to see whom you and your fellow trolls are targeting. Instead of going after real pirates, putting dcma notices to stop people from sharing your work, you guys go after folks with just a public ip address knowing that 30% of the time you will get the wrong person..

  6. Someone says:

    @boner “I’m still lost. If they are empty threats then what’s the concern? Why is everyone making a big deal out of cases that are weak? Why doesn’t the innocent fight back?”

    The innocent:
    A respected school teacher.
    A pastor
    A member of a local city council.
    Your loving husband or wife who would NEVER look at porn right? Certainly not this sick twisted type of porn. Our marriage is sacred, etc etc.

    * These people get a letter on incredibly legal looking documentation that they illegally downloaded “Tranny Butt Boys 3” or similar. It references real cases, it says they are named in a real law suit (that they never mention has NO JURISDICTION OVER THEM). It comes with a REAL subpoena doc from their ISP – that DOES name them but has nothing to do with this new case.
    * They Have NO idea about the inner workings of legal cases.
    * It describes something that they may or may not have done (not the point right now)
    * They Research “Prenda Law” or call the 1800 and discover they are a “real” law firm.
    They maybe quietly call an attorney and told it will cost them thousands to fight back. (if they are brave enough to do so)
    They don’t want to have their name on such a case, so just settle quietly, thinking its the cheap, safe thing to do.

    This is twisting a legal process into extortion.

    Me? I don’t give a f about being named. I didn’t do it. I can prove it. I have an attorney who WILL fight the case for almost nothing if they do decide to file a real one against me, so I told Prenda to f’ off and I haven’t head back.

    • Boner says:

      My point is if a person didn’t do anything wrong then they shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If I got a letter like that and I knew I didn’t do anything wrong then I would just ignore it. It seems that people are pissed that they got caught downloading/sharing content that they didn’t have the right to and want to justify their actions by (everyone else does it, why did I get caught?).

      • SJD says:

        Your point was thoroughly debunked above, but it seems that you suffer (or enjoy?) from reading comprehension. Or you are simply a mean and despicable person.

      • DieTrollDie says:

        I vote for “simply stupid” for Dave.

        DTD 🙂

      • anonadoe says:

        Holy crap dude. You have the IQ of a five year old. Your point is invalid and you, sir, are an idiot. Go sit in the corner.

        Again, its no surprise that you produce porn since you just showed you have no shame. Even if you didn’t do it, you still have a freakin’ sword hanging over your face of a potential reputation ruining lawsuit.

        Again, if they didn’t do it, they are still going to have a lawsuit with their name on it. They are still going to have to fight it. They are still going to have to spend money to clear their name because greedy asshats like you that can’t think of novel ways to combat piracy except to hire firms that don’t care if the people they accuse did it or not.

        Your lawyers ADMITTED at LEAST a 30% false positive rate. At least 3 out of every 10. And how many does have you filed against? Your “evidence” has never been tested in court because the asshats you hire won’t allow it to be.

      • DieTrollDie says:

        Two thumbs up.

        DTD 🙂

      • pissed off Doe says:

        Well, maybe as someone who makes a living peddling porn you do not see anything wrong with being associated with porn. But if an average joe is trying to find a normal job where someone does not make a living on their backs, the simple background will show that he was named in a lawsuit allegedly downloading “spanking nuns”, I am pretty sure guilty or not this persons application is trashed.. plus you can’t even comprehend and quashing a subpoena, answers cost atterney fees.. I realy hope you get hit with few countersuits, then you will know what fees I am talking about.. as far as your guy Steele is involved, wait till the feds get involved.

  7. Boner says:

    Counter suit if you have a case. I think people should fight when they are innocent. I’m sure if it’s a strong case then some lawyers would take it on pro bono. If it’s never been tried before then it seems like something that would appeal to a few lawyers. Just think of the precedence it would set to win a case like that.

    • Someone says:

      You are completely missing the point. The choice the accused has to make is simple:

      1) Pay $3000 and it all goes away quietly.
      2) Fight the case, maybe win, but his name is irrevocably linked to a hard core porn movie – regardless of whether he did it or not.

      Prenda don’t even bother with filing real cases. They threaten 500 people, 100 pay up and they forget about the other 400. No-one’s been to court yet, , so there is no suit to file a counter suit against. They just made $300,000! cha-ching! They don’t give a damn whether you downloaded the movie or not.

    • 88 Year Old Defender says:

      Okay, Boner Boy, let’s take an excellent case in point. Go get yourself a cup of coffee, jerk. You ruffle the feathers, and I come out swinging.

      In 2010, a notice of an ISP Subpoena was served on an 88 Year old woman. She is a widow. She lives alone. She has never been sued in her life. She owes no one any money. She lives on $996.00 a month in social security. She calls me saying she cannot breathe. The letter scared her out of her mind. Remember, asshat, she’s 88 years old. She has lived a full life, kids, grandkids, and now she’s being accused of downloading fucking pornography. She has no idea what BitTorrent is and the only thing she’s ever downloaded in her life is the fluids she still donates to a local blood drive.

      Then, along comes the likes of you, and those like you, and the filthy bullshit trolls that get a kick out of creating dragnets, to pull anyone and everyone they can into it. They care NOT who is guilty, but ONLY care about the numbers of hapless saps who try to be honest and call them to deny doing anything wrong. The result? The phone call itself converts into automatic guilt, and then suddenly the filthy pig trolls go after her personally.

      If you have joined forces with Prenda, then trust me, you have made the proverbial list. People will begin to hate you as you have never been hated before. Each and every innocent victim of the attempted extortion you call “settlements” –if that have a brain– will educate themselves by going to forums like this one, and the many others that are rapidly growing to educate the masses. You won’t make money off of this, Boner Boy, you’ll curse the day you ever got involved with Prenda or anyone even remotely associated with him.

      Play your cards wisely, Boner Boy. When the cross-complaints start flowing in YOUR direction, you can look back at this as sound business advice. There are many other ways to protect your content. Leave the 88 Year Old Women and the Disabled Veterans that are innocently caught up in your filthy scheme alone. Or else, as sure as the sun rises in the east tomorrow morning, I will personally locate you, identify you, and then add you to the list of complaints to, among others, the U.S. Department of Justice.

      Suck on that one, Boner Boy.

    • pissed off Doe says:

      Boner, some do fight, and in those cases you guys just settle with them. Federal cases are not cheap, and most people do not wish to have their names dragged in mud while fighting the bottom feeders like your friend at Prenda.

  8. 88 Year Old Defender says:

    SJD – you know how to reach me. Who is this clown “Boner?” Stage Name? Real Name? He needs to be introduced to the IRS. Please contact me privately.

  9. Raul says:

    @boner-Do not mean to be piling on here but if your enterprise with Steele is 100% legit why do all you AZ xbiz people including Pilcher, Jones you and your wife hide behind such sham corporate non-entites like Guava, Arte de Oxacata and LW Holdings?

  10. Raul says:

    Forgot “Wifey”.

  11. 88 Year Old Defender says:

    Last I heard, the Arizona AG was looking into things like this.

  12. falcon789 says:

    @ Boner “If it’s never been tried before then it seems like something that would appeal to a few lawyers.” – Actually it has been tried before in Nov 2012 and guess what happened? Prenda got their asses handed to them.
    sunlust v nguyen::
    and yes that really happened to the same people that are representing you, good luck man.

    And guys I’m afraid we are wasting our breath on this Boner / Bonehead he is a porn producer, I’m sure he doesn’t have much knocking around up there in that empty skull of his. He’s just not getting it,

    David Graves – Imagine your grandma was accused of downloading porn and is on a limited income most normal lawyers aren’t going to help because they don’t understand or they see what a pain in the ass it is and how long litigation can be drawn out. If they do take the case “pro bono” then the plaintiff dismisses the case with no opportunity for the defendant to recoup its costs / fees. You should check with Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber and ask why ALL of their cases were dismissed right after this comedy of a trail in the Nguyn case.

  13. Boner says:

    It’s amazing how many assumptions are made just by my comments. Who said I was associated with Prenda Law?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Based on your email address and the public IP address, a Google search turns up some interesting results. 😉

      DTD 🙂

      • falcon789 says:

        Chica4cash = Chica’s Place = CP Productions, we aren’t just making assumptions based on your comments…..

      • Boner says:

        Am I missing something here? I don’t remember posting an email address on here.

      • DieTrollDie says:

        No you are not missing anything, except the knowledge on how a blog works and what details the admins have access to. All your comments have the same Scottsdale AZ IP address and the email address you entered. Don’t worry John Steele did the same thing at first.

        DTD 🙂

      • pissed off Doe says:

        The hell, Dave, you are suing people for downloading your porn based on public IP addresses, and yet yourself cant even tell how to post comments on the blogs?

        Karma is a b***h man, you and the wifey should have at least educated your self what you are getting into.

      • Raul says:

        @boner-No one here wishes you any ill will whatsoever as it is obvious that you were an easy mark. Do yourself a favor and relieve your namesake so the blood can once again circulate above your waist. Then look at what is going on with Prenda and decide what is best for you and yours. Peace!

    • falcon789 says:

      You can call them whatever you want, they have many alias’s – maybe its anti piracy law group or media copyright group or Alpha Lawfirm or [INSERT NEW NAME HERE] steele/duffy/gibbs/lutz/hansmeier/Dumas/Dugas…..the list continues, and then there’s their local counsel that they find on craigslist, which if you would’ve read the above mentioned transcript you would see that’s how they go about practicing law in states, where they don’t have a license.

  14. Boner says:

    I initially came on here to find out what kind of coward harasses someone’s wife on Twitter rather than confront the husband. I had my own thoughts but your actions here are confirmation. I thought you might be someone who feels he is fighting a cause on behalf of others but now realize that you’re just an angry, unethical person who got caught downloading torrent porn and this is your only recourse.

    You get caught doing this kind of stuff the same way you got caught showing how unethical you are and the way you run your site. I shouldn’t have to point this out but I will because I think you’re clueless and I want to educate you for future reference as it may get very expensive for you.

    On your registration form, the email field has a note that reads “Address never made public”. I thought about putting in a bogus email but wanted to find out if you could follow your own rules which you obviously can’t and the main reason why you get caught.

    I won’t go into details about the amount of work that it takes to produce content and run a pay site because thieves don’t value other people’s property so it would be pointless. But, I can tell you that it takes a lot of time, money and energy so we protect it the best we can. We’re not in the business of suing people, we’re in the business of selling our product. It’s difficult enough to do that in a saturated market let alone having people stealing it and giving it away for free.

    I know content thieves feel “entitled” to sharing because they think porn producers/performers are scum and somehow deserve it.

    This will be my last comment but I wanted to leave you with this. I haven’t used Prenda Law in a very long time but I’m sure my current lawyer will be very interested in your privacy policy, or lack there of.

    • Raul says:

      I have been following your “success rate” with Prenda for a year or so. Your threat is kinda funny in that context. I hope you take my earlier advice as it was given in good faith. If not I await then lulz.

    • DieTrollDie says:


      First off, that is the WordPress policy and not mine. Second, if you voluntarily place your true email address (at least business email) and post to this site from your public IP address, it is called “consent.” I did not expose your public IP address and only the email domain. “Your” confirmation of who you are is no surprise and it was your choice. I know that people put in bogus information and don’t take it as accurate.

      As far as your claim of harassment, I not sure what you are talking about. I just looked up the name of your wife and it doesn’t ring a bell. Please tell me what I have done.

      I have gone way past any angry phase and as far as ethics, I have you beat by untold amounts.

      I can understand that it takes time, money, and hard work to produce content and market it. That still doesn’t give you the right to extort innocent people. Yes some of the people YOU target via the Troll are innocent – FACT. You know that not all the people Prenda Law IDs are guilty, but you don’t care – some ethics! Why did you stop using Prenda Law? Not worth it? I bet. I bet you fell for the slick talking loud mouth sales pitch. I must make you mad when you realized how much money Prenda was making off you.

      But just because your market is saturated, please don’t try to rationalize your actions. Yes illegally downloading and sharing protected content is wrong – Period; but neither is your actions. BTW, I DO NOT think a person is scum just because they make or take part in porn.

      This will not be my last comment. Have a good night Dave.

      DTD 🙂

    • falcon789 says:

      If it takes so much time and effort to produce porn, then why in the hell is it something like every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is being created in the United States and every single day 260 new porn sites go online.

      I think your lawyer would be more interested in the fact that you are on this site commenting to begin with. I have a feeling his advise is going to be something like “stay off of those sites and certainly don’t go around posting comments on them!”

  15. Raul says:

    @boner-BTW I find it amazing that for all you AZ xbiz dudes who jumped on the Steele bandwagon failed to inquire into your personal privacy prior to,launching extortion lawsuits. Did all you guys incorporate with the same incompetent dude? Easy as shit to figure out everything about you amateurs, If Steele was not such a narcissistic prick he would have built in protections for all of you AZ xbiz. You are kind fucked, sorry. Any questions? Feel free to consult Steele but my guess is he may be hard to reach for awhile. Good Luck! Do consult outside counsel as the shit is getting heavy and it will only get heavier.

  16. 88 Year Old Defender says:

    On January 29th, you wrote: “I initially came on here to find out what kind of coward harasses someone’s wife on Twitter rather than confront the husband. I had my own thoughts but your actions here are confirmation. I thought you might be someone who feels he is fighting a cause on behalf of others but now realize that you’re just an angry, unethical person who got caught downloading torrent porn and this is your only recourse.”

    First of all, the person who wrote that post is not the same person who wrote earlier ones. Earlier posts were short. This post reads more like a pleading. You have to get over the idea that the contributors here are stupid.

    There are some people here who may have been accused of illegally downloading pornography. Such is not the case with me. I myself have never been accused. I myself do what I do because of a serious hurt and a level of harm that has been shoved in the face of a person very close to me. She is elderly, she can hardly walk, and the last remaining years of her life will not be ruined by jerks like you and the troll pigs people like you hire to steal from the innocent and the weak. It simply will not happen.

    Porn Producers, and their troll pig lawyers are predators. You harvest vast numbers of IP addresses, then go to court with lies in order to obtain personal information about the internet bill payers. You believe the bill payer is the person who is responsible for theft of your content. No court has ever seen a full blown trial proving that your theories of infringement are true or correct. In fact, of the hundreds of lawsuits filed across this great nation of ours, a scant few of the defendants have ever even been even served with legal process. Thus, the goal is not to sue, but to obtain a “shopping list” of victims. Once the shopping list is in your hands, letters go out all over the place demanding money, with a “Pay Up or Else” message. That is called extortion.

    Unfortunately, the troll pigs go one step further. In addition to extortion, they threaten the recipient of the letter with humiliation, shame, loss of employment, jail, and a laundry list of other vexing things. All of this, to squeeze blood from the turnips, no matter how innocent the turnip may be. The troll pig only wants the money, regardless of guilt or innocence. And you, Boner Boy, are the one behind it all.

    Hypothetically, I know something about you that you would prefer your neighbors not know about. Hypothetically, you work as a respected teacher, and suddenly you discover you’re being asked by your boss to explain why you were sued for downloading porn. Hypothetically, you work in a church youth group, and your pastor comes to you with a notice that you cannot work around children anymore because you have been accused of pulling “Carl Pees on Mary” off of the internet. The troll pigs waste no time in informing all of general public at large, to create shame and villification of the victim, and the victim is then left destroyed and broke.

    So, in your post, you wondered who would who would harass your wife on Twitter instead of confronting you personally. Go to hell and fuck you. Here I am, confronting you personally, and in the coming days, you can fully expect the same kind of shame and villification that you level against innocent senior citizens and war veterans.

    By the way, we hope you are enjoying that custom built $36,500+ pool in your backyard. You are now having innocent seniors and war veterans pay for it. That’s the American Way, Boner Boy. Steal from the weak so you can have your fucking custom built pool.

    You disgust me. God have mercy on your stinking filthy soul. And your troll pigs have no soul, so it doesn’t matter. What you are hearing here isn’t anger, it is my personal regret for being forced to share oxygen with anyone who steals from senior citizens and war veterans.

    You are odious, and you deserve everything you get. Buckle up.

  17. 88 Year Old Defender says:

    Hey there! Me again! Is that a Speedboat in your driveway? Are seniors and war veterans making the monthly payments on your watercraft? Wow, nice vessel, David. I also just got a good look at the pool. What an excellent way to relax in the hot Paradise Valley sun.

    I have always wondered how people can afford things like that. Now I know. You simply hatch a plan to kidnap people’s good names and reputations, then extort money from them or threaten to go public with what you think you know to be true. It’s a no-brainer, actually. If I were a piece of filth scum like you, I’d have done that when I was younger.

    Don’t worry David, you have about a few years left before you, yourself, will become a senior citizen. And when you do, there will be people patiently waiting to accuse you of something you never did, who will then force you to hire a lawyer, proving otherwise. It’s called Karma, and when the chickens come home to roost, you’ll find yourself knee deep in the briney swill that you have created. You hurt the weak today, and Karma comes back tomorrow and bites you badly.

  18. wife says:

    got it and thank you.

  19. Pingback: Maximum Default Judgement For CP Productions Inc. v. Glover, 1:12-cv-00808 (IN) | DieTrollDie

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