Copyright Law Group (Troll Meier) – No Case Settlement Offer

A Doe recently received a package in the mail from the Copyright Law Group (CLG), Troll Mike Meier.  The cover letter was addressed to the Doe and was in reference to a “copyright infringement allegation.”  It states that CLG is about to submit the attached complaint and would like to give the Doe the opportunity to resolve matter without litigation.  It tells the Doe to please pass it to your attorney OR “Also, we will be happy to review the matter and evidence with you.”  {I bet you would!}  It gives the Doe seven days to respond to this threat. 

The Doe was in a bit of a shock and didn’t understand what was going on.  This was the first time he received anything of this nature and wondered what to do.  He had never received any paperwork from their ISP stating his subscriber information was going to be released IAW any subpoena. 

I have attached a scanned copy of the document.  CLG_NoCase   Sorry if the quality isn’t the best. 

The complaint is a template/shell that Troll Meier uses for his Federal copyright infringement suits.  It lists the Plaintiff as Digital Sin, Inc., with no case number, and no district court listed.  There is no IP addresses listed in the complaint or the two attachments.  There is also no date/time when the public IP address in question allegedly committed the infringement. 

The two attachments to this complaint are a “verification” by Troll Meier to the accuracy of the information collected by Mr. Jon Nicolini, Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG) and the copyright registration for “My Little Panties 2.”

Has anyone heard of this type of settlement offer being sent to a Doe by true name?  Is this possibly related to the Florida True Bill of Discovery cases?  What is concerning is that the Does stated he didn’t get any subpoena package from his ISP concerning the release of his personal information.  The ISP could have screwed up and I told the Doe to verify with the ISP legal department – has there been any DMCA take-down notices OR subpoenas against his public IP address?

If the ISP states they have not released his personal information, then the Troll is obtaining this information some other way.  There are many different databases of information available to a paying customer/company, but a private database of public IP addresses correlated to name and physical address is not one I’m familiar with.  Please post or email me any information you have on this.


DieTrollDie 🙂

About DieTrollDie

I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link -
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35 Responses to Copyright Law Group (Troll Meier) – No Case Settlement Offer

  1. I bet it’s bluff. No such database exists. Just covering his ass in a case he contacts a represented party – a big no-no among lawyers: sanctions would be considered immediately.

    Copyright Law Group… If a man refers to himself as a “group,” isn’t it clear that he has dissociative identity disorder?

    • Anonymous says:

      Shouldn’t a lawyer be familiar with the concept that ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse.’

      If it is a violation of the rules of professional conduct to directly contact a represented party, then Mike Meier should never do that. Period.

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s to stop the various troll groups from sharing the information gathered from their fishing expeditions and compiling a collective harassment database?

    • doecumb says:

      It sounds like snail mail phishing, done under the name of Mike Meier. It does not seem like discovery was obtained through a Florida state case. The ‘useful work’ “My Little Panties 2” is listed on databases as a Digital Sins film. The porn purveyor Digital Sin is not listed on the Miami Dade court site as a plaintiff.

      I can think of many ways a troll extortionist could assemble a mailing list that fits their “needs” but don’t want to give trolls any extra ideas. If only a few innocent people call the trolls and pay up after exposure to troll threats, it rapidly covers the costs of the mailing. The law that copyright trolls go by is whatever they can get away with.

      • doecumb says:

        Using “Copyright Law Group” to describe a solo practice is maybe grandiose or deceptive or both. Mike Meier has acted as attorney in demand schemes alleging copyright infringement, for porn purveyors including Digital Sin, Third Degree Films, SBO Pictures, Inc.(dba Wicked Pictures), Combat Zone Corp., Next Phase Distribution, Media Products, Inc. (Devil’s Film), New Sensations, Inc., Patrick Collins, Inc. (Elegant Angel), Third Degree Films, Inc., Zero Tolerance Entertainment, Inc. The “Copyright Law Group” is a group. The list of porn purveyors is also a group.

        Coinciding with early scrutiny he received about his copyright trolling for porn purveyors, Mr. Meier, took down websites for other efforts. The “International Law Group” consisted of two people: Marcus C. Ehrhart and Mr. Meier. The International Law Update website and newsletter consisted of two people: Emeritus Professor John Schmertz of Georgetown and Mr. Meier. The “Copyright Law Group” is only a bit smaller than those enterprises.

  2. that anonymous coward says:

    DTD – please ask the Doe if they are a member of any online porn sites.
    Randazza has filed cases against former clients of Corbin Fisher and called them such in the filings.
    One wonders if CLG got access to someones database possibly from another suit.
    There are a buncha problems with this, but the fact it was sent this way is troubling.
    I’ve seen similar scare letters, but they at least used more details about what court etc etc to make them seem more real.

    It is cute that he has an office in FL but isn’t admitted to practice in FL.

  3. Laughingalltheway says:

    Wow…just…wow. I’ve seen some stupid shit from these guys, but this has to take the cake! Clearly it’s just an old court order from one of the various lawsuits, but with all the relevant court and case information removed? Who is THAT supposed to scare? It’s so utterly bizarre I just have no idea how to react to it. I would think any lawyer you showed that to would tell you to feel free to wipe your ass with it. I would be so tempted to just loop a recording (maybe of the joker’s laugh from The Dark Knight…) and call them up from a payphone over and over and over again and play it for them. How they think anyone would take this shit seriously is beyond me. It certainly reeks of desperation (as in, desperate not to get themselves in trouble with the courts yet again).

    • that anonymous coward says:

      Imagine it as a template he uses in all of his cases, the blanks for the name and such are just filled in from a database of names they’ve compiled.
      If they are as smart as Steele it is probably just a database of every name they ever got and they are just inserting random film names hoping it’ll scare someone.

  4. Raul says:

    I share TAC’s concern that this might be a poorly drafted threat to an alleged “seeder” of Digital Sin’s product of which they already had the Doe info al la Randazza.

  5. ilyisamsa says:

    I received the same letter. In my case, there was a civil case (Third Degree Fimlms, Inc. vs. Does 1-141) opened (11-CV-09620-WHP). I know my ISP released my name to the attorney. Now, after few months, I received this mail. What is interesting is that the case 11-CV-09620-WHP had “Notice of Settlement” filed in March. I thought that the case was closed, but when I got the letter, my heart jumped.
    Is it possible that somehow the Doe never got any previous mails from ISP or the attorney due to change of address or some other human error?
    Question to DTD: What would be the best action to take in my case? Ignore? Send them a letter?
    Thank you.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Thanks for the information. It is extremely possible that to human error (Doe, ISP, etc.) the Doe never received anything from ISP and Troll.

      In your case, I would check PACER to see what the status of the previous case is. I wouldn’t call or write the Troll. That might show them you are concerned enough to be a good target of increased threats. Just hold back and be ready to given them the Richard Pryor Response. Also if possible, send me a copy of the letter you received.


      DTD 🙂

      • that anonymous coward says:

        Ohai DTD….

      • ilyisamsa says:

        The letter that I received is exactly the same. Word by word. The downloaded item in question and the Film company (Third Degree Films) are the only things that are different. I really appreciate all your sound advice.

      • ilyisamsa says:

        The case I was involved in (11-cv-09620-WHP) is finally closed. Troll Meier filed for “Notice of Voluntary dismissal pursuant” on Aug 25 for all John Does except John Doe # 19. The notice said that Troll got information on 57 of 141 John Does, and resolved the matter with 23 John Does.
        23 X 3.5K = 80.5K for the worthless Troll…
        Just want to say Thank you for your support. This site and you knowledge helped me greatly and gave confidence to stand up to the Troll.

      • DieTrollDie says:

        Thanks for the information. Can you send me a copy of the note/document? Only 57 of 141 Does he received subscriber information on? Seems a bit low, but I could be wrong. 23 of the 57 Does settled with Troll Meiers. Approx. 40% settlement probably rate got them $85,000. Minus a couple thousand (the high end) for court fees, ISP fees, and misc. Now split that between copyright owner, CLG, Meiers. I don’t know the split rates, but it is a good return on investment any way you split it. And guess what, they didn’t even have to take it to trial.

        The hand writing is on the wall people – read it. These bozos don’t want to risk a trial unless they have some “real” evidence. The public IP address is not good. Hell, Meiers said approx. 30% of the ISP subscribers are not the infringers (may actually be higher).

        DTD 🙂

      • ilyisamsa says:

        That’s what the notice said. 57 out of 141. What is the best way to send the notice to you?

    • that anonymous coward says:

      Rule 1 – Never ever ever talk to a troll.

      The notice of settlement was with specific does, more than likely the ones who settled or filed motions to quash. My count was 14ish. all but 1 were dismissed with prejudice.

      Sadly not all of the documents are available via recap so I am locked out of some of the motions and filings. I find it interesting he filed for an extension near the deadline when he has to serve or drop. This case has been languishing on the docket for far to long.

      Its it quite possible the court will have had just about enough of him by now.

      Oh cute… copyright registration on this one is fun…
      Date of Publication: 2009-12-22
      Registration Number / Date: PA0001735147 / 2011-05-16
      Lets wait a couple years to register, and then when we can shake down money lets make sure we register it at least 3 months before we start tracking people, and then “track” ip addresses for a 3 month period and say they all worked together…

      Someone please pull Doc 17, I am guessing it is a notice for meier to come to court and explain why after being granted early discovery, and an extension he still has yet to name ANYONE. Bets on the case getting kicked?

      Don’t start sweating just yet, it looks like Meier is trying last ditch efforts to scare up some more cash before the case folds.
      DTD will have more to say I am sure….

      • DieTrollDie says:

        Sound advice from TAC. Thanks.

        DTD 🙂

      • J. Doe says:

        I also received this letter, however it DID name me by true name.

        I have a lawyer, and this is not the first time Meier has directly sent me correspondence without evening cc’ing my attorney.

        Apparently quite a few Does in my case have the same attorney, and have been sent correspondence directly — in violation of Rule 4.2 of the ABA’s code of professional conduct.

        We will be filing a bar complaint against Meier in our state for these repeated infractions.

      • that anonymous coward says:

        File a bar complaint and inform the court.
        The court will look poorly on these antics of someone who can’t seem to tell his head from his ass.

        I should see if doc 17 is in recap yet…

      • Raul says:

        Meier’s fall from Doe Defender into the muck and mire of Trolldom has been breathtaking to say the least. I left a comment today at SJD’s blog which she transformed in to a post regarding one of Meier’s latest lashings.

      • FYI says:

        Re: 11-CV-09620-WHP / 389859

        On 5/21/12 Judge Pauley signed an order giving Mike until 8/31/12 to serve.

      • that anonymous coward says:

        Someone really needs to look into Judge Pauley.
        I am not seeing the order you reference.
        I see a scheduling conference set for the day after you say the order was issued.
        How can we keep ignoring the rules about how long you can keep does hanging on the docket.

      • FYI says:

        Re: 11-CV-09620-WHP / 389859
        Doc 17 (Scheduling Order)

        1. Plantiff is directed to submit a status report of third party discovery to identify the DOE Defendants on 8/3/12;

        2. Plantiff shall serve all DOE Defendants by 8/31/12; and

        3. A status conference will be held on 9/7/12 @ 12:00 p.m.

        SO ORDERED: William H. Pauley III
        Dated 5/21/12
        Filed 5/22/12

        Any thoughts on this?

      • that anonymous coward says:

        Look down lower in comments… this thread is beyond the reply limit…

  6. Hunin says:

    Northwestern University researchers were able to locate an IP address within about a half mile. ArsTechnica did a write up about the research.

    • that anonymous coward says:

      And that might be useful, except that IP addresses can be reassigned and aren’t locked to geographic locations.
      The largest problem trolls have right now is Judges are actually asking if the IP addresses represent Does within the jurisdiction of the court, and the trolls have had to admit there is a percentage of error. Many Judges were shocked in a case with 1000 IP addresses to get hundreds of letters saying they lived on the other side of the country and had no dealings within the courts jurisdiction.
      The trolls started to be more “targeted” in their filings but still there is an error rate, and when you couple that with the idea that the person paying for the account might have nothing to do with the alleged infringement handing names over to trolls who have no intention of ever taking these people into court begins to look like what it is, pay us or we ruin your name.

      • Raul says:

        But, but…. lawyers have to take a solemn oath!
        Lawyer’s Oath
        “I do solemnly swear (or affirm):
        I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of ___
        I will maintain the respect due to courts of justice and judicial officers;
        I will not counsel or maintain any suit or proceeding which shall appear to me to be unjust, nor any defense except such as I believe to be honestly debatable under the law of the land;
        I will employ for the purpose of maintaining the causes confided to me such means only as are consistent with truth and honor, and will never seek to mislead the judge or jury by any artifice or false statement of fact or law;
        I will maintain the confidence and preserve inviolate the secrets of my client, and will accept no compensation in connection with my client’s business except with my client’s knowledge and approval;
        I will abstain from all offensive personality, and advance no fact prejudicial to the honor or reputation of a party or witness, unless required by the justice of the cause with which I am charged;
        I will never reject, from any consideration personal to myself, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed, or delay any cause for lucre or malice;
        I will in all other respects conduct myself personally and professionally in conformity with the high standards of conduct imposed upon members of the bar as conditions for the privilege to practice law in this State.”

        My goodness, TAC is suggesting that a troll would violate this solemn oath and engage in lies, subterfuge and blackmail just to make a few bucks?! Shocking!

  7. Guest says:

    Sounds like Meier is going to soil his little panties too. Badumptish.

  8. ranscared says:

    Thanks for all the great information posted here, but don’t know if it’s maybe a bit late for me. I just discovered this blog and am one of those who ran scared when i got my John Doe letter in NY. I hired a laywer for a “reasonable” flat fee and signed a settlement agreement with supertroll Mike Meier that isn’t due for payment until July 25th. What options do i have at this point? Any idea what the consequences would be if i decided not to pay. Thanks for your input and keep up the great work!

    • that anonymous coward says:

      You would need another lawyer to look over your “settlement” agreement. Often they get you to admit to the claims in the letter, so they can keep you from backing out. While you could fight in a court about being under duress, it will cost you quite a bit and your at a deficit because they have an admission of guilty to base their case on rather than the flimsy “evidence” they often use.
      There might be a chance of trying to back out of the agreement depending on local law about signing contracts, there often is a remorse time frame allowed for.
      If you told your lawyer you were guilty, then it isn’t malpractice for him/her to have pursued settlement. But this is the problem with most lawyers willing to represent Does, is they just want to get paid by getting you a “better” settlement so your out more money than just settling.

      My standard disclaimer – I’m not a lawyer, this isn’t legal advice, I might just be a dog on the internet, blah blah blah….

  9. that anonymous coward says:

    @FYI re:Doc 17 (Scheduling Order)

    This is the Judge reaching his limit way to late.
    1. Plantiff is directed to submit a status report of third party discovery to identify the DOE Defendants on 8/3/12;
    – This is the Judge wanting to know how many IP’s have been turned over by the ISPs, how long they think it will take. This is a neutral response keeping with the law.

    2. Plantiff shall serve all DOE Defendants by 8/31/12; and
    – This is the Judge being to damn slow, the case has been on the docket and the order granted for a while and most likely is well beyond the “file or f’ off” timeframe limit of 4 months.

    3. A status conference will be held on 9/7/12 @ 12:00 p.m.
    – This is a date 1 day after you will see a mass dismissal of the entire case without prejudice. The Troll will have gotten what he wanted from the court, the subpoenas for a long list of Does that he can then send threat letters to at his leisure with no Judicial oversight. The move for dismissal is well practiced by the trolls, about the time a Judge looks like he might enforce the rules of the court low and behold the case vanishes. It is so rare that a Judge ever moves to tell them they can not pursue the names they got from the ISP.

    This case is proceeding like nearly every copyright troll case, the terror isn’t over for many of the Does. They can expect to be getting letters and maybe even phone calls for months until the Troll has decided they got as much as they could from this batch. Meanwhile they will have other cases moving forward in other courts lining up fresh batches of Does for the same fate.

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