DieTrollDie Goes 1 Year Old! – “Happy Birthday”

Wow!  This last year has been a weird wonderful journey for me.  This is the 150th posting since I started up this Web site.  I never expected to ever do this and certainly never thought I would research and write so much.

In case anyone thinks I do this to make money or stroke my ego, you are wrong.  I will admit I do get a great sense of accomplishment when I finish an article and get some good feedback.  And “No” I don’t hang out in my Mom’s basement writing these articles and responding to posts.  I occasionally hear from some of the Does who thank me for my efforts and tell me how their situation worked out.  The Trolls occasionally come by to be #$%^heads, but that just adds to the enjoyment. 

I apologize if I can’t respond to everyone in a timely manner, but I’m only a one-man shop – and this isn’t even my full-time job.  🙂

I want to thank Sophisticatedjanedoe for her efforts, as it is what got me started.  Thank you everyone (Raul, TAC, AC, TOD, and all the others JDs) for your comments, assistance, and overall efforts.  Thank you Copyright Defense Attorneys for helping spread the word and for our information exchanges.

I hope everyone has a fun (and safe) Labor Day weekend.  Here is a Gizmodo post I just found – How Porno Downloaders Are Shamed into Paying Cash to Keep Their Names Clean


DieTrollDie 🙂

About DieTrollDie

I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link -
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38 Responses to DieTrollDie Goes 1 Year Old! – “Happy Birthday”

  1. that anonymous coward says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I’d have gotten you a present but buying Judges is bad 🙂
    oh and your gizmodo linkie is brokeded.

  2. SJD says:

    Cheers, Mate! I hope that someday we get together IRL to celebrate the downfall of the scam.

  3. Happy Birthday to your website. DTD, you’ve been an amazing resource in helping internet users understand what is going on in the bittorrent world. Your focus on the obscure cases has helped me significantly, as I generally follow the cases in which I have clients (and thus my blog misses many of the cases you discuss on your blog), as it is physically impossible for me to be everywhere. You, however, find a way to do it, and I appreciate that. Many blessings for the upcoming year, and may your knowledge and outreach only increase in the coming year two of Die Troll Die.

  4. Raul says:

    This afternoon I plan on hoisting a rum based drink in your honor and in gratitude. I bet one year ago you never imagined the breadth and depth of knowledge you would gain in this esoteric area of law? As I found your blog shortly after its inception it has been great watching it grow and the immeasurable help you have provided to panicked Does. I echo the above sentiments and hope in year two of your blog that you can chronicle the inevitable implosion of the extortion scam. Thank You!

  5. Happy Birthday! Thank you for providing such a needed service. Nothing is more American than speaking for victims of bullies who for what ever reason cannot speak for themselves. Long live DieTrollDie! . . .

  6. anonnn says:

    thanks for all the support and clearheadedness you’ve provided for does all over. DTD and FCT have helped many a doe through a tough time or two, the work of everyone here is appreciated. Thanks again and here’s to a prosperous year two for all of us!

  7. SMDH says:

    I must simply say, thank you, sir. I must recommend Shipyard’s Pumpkin Head Ale. Perhaps one day when this site is no longer needed we can raise a pint to celebrate the collapse of the trolls. Keep up the good work. I’ll keep my eyes open for Troll Fails and send them as I see them. Although the rest of the community is getting faster than I am.

  8. The Tod says:

    Way to go DTD! You made it! Happy one year!

    Thanks for being here, you have helped alot of people.

  9. Irritated Troll Hater says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! When i got hit on this lawsuit crap, I was just as scared as anyone else. When I found this place, along with FTC and Mr. Cashman’s sites, I was able to stand up and move forward. I, like everyone else, hope one day that the trolls will cease to exist and we can all live happier. DTD, thank you for everything and may your blog continue strong.

    Again, Happy Birthday my friend. I hold my Dos Equis to you (I am pretty thirsty), and salute!

    Down with all Trolls

  10. Figuring it out. says:

    You are a lamp in the dark. Thank you for your efforts.

  11. People who download my films ilegally are costing me money. Stop it or get sued. Simple.

    • SJD says:

      You sir is probably more disgusting than scumbag lawyers that pay 10% cut to you. We don’t need to explain it, you perfectly know that it is not simple and you know that you continue bringing misery to tens of thousands of families, 30% of which never heard about your smut. You know that this is wrong, but you are trying to brush this fact off. You are cherrypicking people whom to believe to — and chose those explanations that allow you to sleep well. You are trying to claim the high ground, but you obviously don’t believe yourself, which is a sign of an intellectual coward.

    • SJD says:

      “It’s a complete Mafiozo operation” — you know who said that, not me.

    • Colette Leah says:

      But why should I suffer, Brigham? Why?

    • Anonymous says:

      The evidence suggests people downloading your films illegally are making you money, or don’t you understand how your own extortion racket works you stupid shit?

      Maybe this lack of deductive reasoning explains why you and your buddies are failing to make it in the 21st Century.

      • Anonymous says:

        He gives attorneys a 90% cut to screw with people, likely completely ignorant of what his counsel is doing on his behalf. This will come back to bite him in the ass. I can think of a particular Colorado case where Mr. Field’s counsel is grasping at straws, trying to avoid a pro se defendant from getting discovery. Yes, a JD who is purportedly an expert in copyright law cannot defend one of these cases against a pro se defendant. Shows you how farcial these cases truly are.

    • Drifter says:

      Please cite any independent study or data not produced by or funded by MPAA that in any way supports your or any other of the numerous assertions by people in the entertainment industry that most or even a significant majority of online p2p downloads directly translate into to lost sales. Oh’ that’s right; you can’t because it does not exist. Most people download content online because it is available and not because they particularly want to own it or would have ever paid for it in the first place.

      The boogeyman of illegal online downloading has become an easy scapegoat for the falling profits of many adult film studios, its not your business models, decreasing market shares due to an every increasing proliferation of adult website, a million streaming tube sites, or the readily available and free amateur porn found on the internet today that’s to blame for declining profits; no its all those evil pirates downloading your “films” and not paying you for your overpriced smut that any moron with a camera and a website could make. It called denial; it’s always easier to blame an outside factor for ones failures rather then admitting ones own failings.

      Of course the real issue is that you seem fine authorizing copyright trolls to sue people purely on the basis of their association with an IP address collected using methods that have not be tested or verified for accuracy by any independent source by companies that have a vested financial interest in collecting as many IP addresses as they to increase their profit from their cut of the settlement money. Numerous cases have already shown how plenty of innocent people can be caught in the troll fishing nets; going by you post here, you seem to have no problem with innocent people being shamed or harassed into forking their hard earned money over to copyright trolls as long as you get your cut of the blood money, which in my book makes you just as much a piece of scum as the copyright trolls you employ to shake people down for cash.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had to interrupt my night to address this. First of all, I’m thankful I do not have a daughter after encountering people like you. Do you get off on tormenting innocent people? You’re proud that you manage to get $300-400 out of innocent people, when your attorneys (one of whom is not doing a very good job…at all) get the other 90%. That, in and of itself, is disgusting that you’re proud that you’re taking a couple hundred bucks from a person who is likely innocent or completely willing to smear their name. Just because you don’t have a reputation to keep doesn’t mean others don’t.

      You obviously also have no problem utilizing identification methods that have been admitted to have a 30% false positive rate, but is more likely closer to 50%. Why? because you do not care. It’s about the money, not about guilt or innocent. Now let’s translate the use of such methods into into the realm of criminal law. If a prosecutor who prosecutes, well, anything, relied on such software that has a double digit false identification rate, he or she would be both criminally and civilly liable and likely find him or herself disbarred for life and bankrupt at the very least. At the most, behind bars for criminal prosecutorial misconduct. It would also result in many legitimate convictions being overturned. In the civil realm, no legitimate civil litigator would use such software because there’s a 100% chance of misidentification, resulting in Rule 11 violations, sanctions, civil lawsuits for abuse of process and malicious prosecution, among other torts and I’m not even assuming the criminal implications. It’s the stigma of porn that’s stopping most innocent people from fighting back. No one else could get away with this and you know it and you exploit it, obviously without a second thought.

      Good luck with your “Mafiozo operation.” You’ll need it.

    • that anonymous coward says:

      People who fund copyright trolls are pushing the legal definition of copyright to no longer cover porn, how will that work out for you?
      The fact that someone with a smart phone can produce far better content and put it on the tubesite and make money is what is killing your business. The failure to adapt to a changing market, assuming your still in the business of selling chunky plastic tapes.

      While its cute to claim your not making any money which is why your can’t pay your performers more, please name a single studio that failed this year from “piracy”. Because your argument really sounds like the MPAA membership crying how many billions they are losing while they were having the largest box office year ever. No studios failed, no CEO took a pay cut it would seem the claims are overly dramatic and allow you to feel better about being involved in extortion.

      If you thought you were losing money before, stop and think for a moment… we’ll wait for you to get up to speed… You brand is now associated with copyright trolls, extortion, abusing the legal system, and harassing potential clients. Do you think that maybe will screw your bottom line way harder than any imagined loses from “piracy” as those future sales will be lost as people will avoid your brand like the plague? You make porn, its not rocket science… someone new will come along and end up with your business because they aren’t as slimy as you are.

      Enjoy your race to the bottom.

      • Anonymous2 says:

        “People who download my films ilegally are costing me money. Stop it or get sued. Simple.”
        -Brigham Field, September 1, 2012 at 1:06 am, (spelling not corrected)

        Brigham Field, through X-Art/Malibu Media, is the largest front for extortionists among porn purveyors and movie companies on a case number basis. Stop harassing decent and innocent people or get counter-sued. Simple.

    • antikosmos says:

      I guess with a name like Brigham Field you are almost destined to be a douchebag.

      You know what costs even more money than a few people who never would have bought a membership to your site in the first place downloading your shit for free? Getting countersued by pissed off victims of your extortion scheme!

    • Doe24 says:

      People who threaten others like you is guily of criminal extortion in all 50 states. Enjoy your U.S. tour in every state pokey.

    • Sol says:

      Simple question for a simple mind, right Brigham? Hey, so why can any monkey put together a search for your classy work and find torrent files that are aged up to 1 year? I mean, you pornographers claim to use the DMCA notices? Don’t you? Because if it was really costing you money you’d have it addressed ASAP.

      And seriously, can you really state, confidently, that even 50% of those accused have really infringed?

    • JohnDoeLOL says:

      I think this is just Brigham’s way of saying “happy birthday!”. =P

  12. Coco says:

    Well done DTD. Keep fighting for us.

  13. Irritated Troll Hater says:

    Dear Mr. Field,

    How dare you come here and try to kick people down on this day of celebration! This is the wrong post to try and start a fight/argument. Your content is nothing but teenagers. If you sleep well exploiting teenagers, then that’s on you. You will have to answer for your actions later!

    • Anonymous says:

      We should welcome and celebrate the trolls’ hate. It means they notice and care about what we are doing. If we didn’t have guys like Brigham here whining, what would be the point? This is icing on the birthday cake, the only thing better would be Steele dropping by to make some more Doe-naming projections he won’t be able to live up to.

      Expect us Brigham, things are only going to get worse for you and your business, especially if you fail to join the 21st Century.

  14. Raul says:

    People who are wrongfully sued as infringers will countersue you. Stop it or invite a court ordered investigation of your finances and operations. Simple.

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s too arrogant and greedy to stop and too wrapped up in what I believe to be a conspiracy to allow an audit. Let a forensic accounting or certified fraud examiner (CFE) come in and do an audit, I’d be happy to so impartially because I’m a professional…yeah like that’d ever happen.

      As it stands, trolling operations have caught the Arizona AG’s attention and pissed him off to the level of using the media to disseminate requests to the public to file complaints if they’ve been harassed. General rule of thumb, if you’ve caught the eye of a state AG and making public pleadings for complaints, he’s already knows what he wants but needs the evidence If Mr. Field’s attorneys can’t handle pro se defendants, how can they handle the State of Arizona? Now that is something I’d love to watch.

  15. Irritated Troll Hater says:

    If you were to put all the trolls and porn purveyors in one room, they could start a new firm: Dewey, Cheatem & Howe

  16. JohnD says:

    Happy Birthday DTD !!,

    Thank you for you and SJD for your great sites and the great contributions of others for the continued fight against these lowlifes.

  17. Guest says:

    It’s interesting to note that copyright holders (if they even are copyright holders) who post at this site and other similar sites that expose their fraud never, ever post their full credentials or links to copyright industries. They claim it’s the fear of being vindictively downloaded against.

    What they don’t or simply refuse to acknowledge is the fact that whatever product they are selling already has no demand. They’re merely trying to hawk to people who are not interested in their product (or, mind, have ever heard of said product) under the threat of intimidation. All this is doing is squandering whatever sympathy that people might otherwise have had. People are far less likely to relate to “victims” if said victims would sue you and threaten to ruin your life in the blink of a lawsuit.

  18. gueset says:

    Just some statistics based on ffcexpress.
    Malibu Media filed 316 case during last 7 months (searched by malibu media).
    About 5000 peoples listed as john does..
    Corolado District Court has the most cases: 43 followed by “Pennsylvania Eastern District Court”: 36
    what a crap…

  19. DieTrollDie says:

    Wow! Been busy doing a few different thing, so sorry for the apparent lack of activity. I have been keeping an eye out and I feel good to see so many people responding. I wish our Troll visitor would have made some insightful comments, but what can you really expect. The trolls see how many people are making comments to these forums and they know that an even great number of Does are silently taking the information provided and telling them to “piss off.” Thank you again for your support in this little endeavor of mine.

    One of the next posts I plan is on Exculpatory Evidence (EC). I have a good starting idea, but I welcome anyone to email me with any EC to they had in their situation/case. I think this may be a great way to further educate the newer Does that it is not gloom and doom when they get the notice from the ISPs.

    DTD 🙂

  20. QF says:

    Happy Birthday! I have been reading for the last few months and hope it has made an impact on the trolls. Personally I like to called them Turds! Keep up the great work and hope the blog continues to help the Does against the Turds, I mean trolls!

  21. Does 1-42 says:

    Does anybody in here know any lawyer help me . i have trouble with malibu media , they want to sue me . The name of my case is John Does 1-42 .I live in Denver , and i am an international student.I just live here only 1 year . So i dont know how to do with my case . Thanks for any help

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