TX Forum Shopping Case (4:11-cv-04501) Dismissed by Prenda Law Inc. (Prior DC case 1:11-cv-02176)

30 Jan 13 UPDATE – Thanks Raul!

One movie I love is The Addams Family (1991).  One line in it optimizes Copyright Trolls and the content owners who use them, “GREED.”  Well we have a prime example of stupidity here.   3rdTimeThreats_04501(TX)

It appears Prenda is still trying to get Does to pay them money for allegations/actions that were voluntarily dismissed TWO times already (DC & TX case).  This doesn’t surprise me – sad.  On 28 Jan 13, Attorney Mark Melasky, filed a memorandum with Judge Gilmore to explain to her that Plaintiff (via local Prenda counsel Jeff Schulz) has apparently violated the protective order for two of his clients and is threatening to proceed against them in civil actions.

Schulz_ltr_04501(TX)Most likely they will not, but you never now what foolish behavior Prenda Law may exhibit.  I hope the judge does something, but to be honest, I have little faith.  I bet Troll Schulz doesn’t have clue about this case in particular, or copyright infringement in general.

Troll Schulz – this isn’t easy money and your reputation (if you have one) is going to be associated with a$$hats and criminals. 



*** Thank you Doe for posting this information.   ***  On 14 Dec 12, Local Prenda Law Inc., Copyright Troll Doug Clemons motioned the Texas court to dismiss the case without prejudice – 4:11-cv-04501, Millennium TGA, Inc. v. John Doe, et al (939 Does).   The judge agreed and signed the dismissal order.   Court_dismiss_04501(TX) Plain_dismiss_04501(TX)   Note: Clemons took over when Doug McIntyre “punched out” – Robert Cashman Article

This case first started off as a DC case (filed 7 Dec 11)  in which Prenda Law Inc., closed it only nine days after it was assigned to an unfriendly judge – Fightcopyrighttroll’s Article.   I wrote about the case when Prenda Law Inc., repackaged it into a new case in Texas, four days after the DC closure.  DTD Article.  The TX case stayed open for approximately one years and NOBODY was EVER named or served with a summons/complaint or even a subpoena.  Way to go John Steele!!! Please show all those pirates that you mean business and you are a force to be feared.    Docket Archive

What also caught my eye was the date of the dismissal, 14 Dec 12.  As well as doing it on a Friday, another Prenda local counsel in VA (Timothy Anderson), dismissed 12 single Doe cases for an undisclosed reason.  VA Case Dismissals   I wonder how many other Prenda Law Inc., cases were dismissed on 14 Dec 12?

As this is the second time the Does who did not settle have been dismissed, the cause of action is dead – You are free and clear for this allegation.  Note: Prenda could refile single cases against you, but that would be as stupid as someone using another person’s name to head their front company – Coopergate.  If this ever happens, making a motion to dismiss would be extra easy.  Rule 41 Article – Two Strikes and You’re “Out!”

DieTrollDie 🙂


About DieTrollDie

I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link - http://www.eff.org/issues/copyright-trolls
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7 Responses to TX Forum Shopping Case (4:11-cv-04501) Dismissed by Prenda Law Inc. (Prior DC case 1:11-cv-02176)

  1. S.O.L says:

    John Steele = Spineless cuckold.

  2. Relieved says:

    Man that is a weight of my fucking chest. I kinda assumed this wasn’t going to go anywhere when the judge beat them down, but now that its official I’m feeling great 🙂

    • DieTrollDie says:

      If you have the time, please tell us about your situation – start to finish. Please don’t disclose too much personally, as these bozos are beyond making stuff up.

      DTD 🙂

      • Relieved says:

        I forgot to check notify via email of responses and just saw this.

        Honestly there isn’t a whole lot to tell. I live in a crappy apartment with a room mate, got notified last april by Comcast of the pending subpoena. I read all the documents, didn’t recognize the “film” in question (neither did the roomie). Contacted a couple of attorneys but ended up not being able to afford counsel. Started doing my own research, and when I was finishing up my (super awesome) pro se motion to quash, Prenda got smacked down.

        I do want to say though that you (and ser Cashman, the EFF, the guy that runs FightCopyRightTrolls) are doing the lord’s work, and please keep it up. Having the resources available to understand and fight this sort of thing is incredible.

  3. sharksman says:

    This was my case. I am very happy for those who are now out of this mess. When I received my letter from the isp I was very upset and worried. I read all the articles and advice on the internet, spoke to 3 different attorneys and I lost sleep for about 2 months. It was relly getting to me. The last attorney I spoke with took a lot of time to talk with me and explain the situation. I was very gratefull to him. In the end I settled before they got my info. ( I was afraid that I would be the example and be dragged into court and regardless of guilt and it would cost me more than settling) The attorney got it a little cheaper and when i said ok to settle. it happened so fast that it had to be something he had worked out with prenda ahead of time. No surprise there. This was the biggest scam/ripoff that i have ever been a victim of. I could not handle the stress of this hanging over my head and have too much to loose just doing nothing. So I paid. Not happy about it but I would have been a wreck by now had I not done so. Since I paid I have followed DTD and others to keep up with what has been going on. I feel that the lack of media attention to this problem is incredible and should be talked about on a national level. This is a black eye to the justice department and needs to end. If there could be a standard set so that they had to actualy sue people this would have been much different for everyone involved. In a previous article they were going after someone that had downloaded their movie legaly then uploaded to a torrent site. That , in my opinion is where they need to be putting their efforts if they truly want to end piracy. But of course they dont they just want to scare people like me and collect money while doing as little work as possible and dont care who they hurt in the proccess. I wish I could explain how much this affected me in the begining. I was so upset I couldnt sleep or eat and was just in a constant state of worry. It was almost the worst months of my life. I have never been in trouble since I was a teenager , I am now a middle aged parent and this has left a mark on me. Sorry for rambling and any spelling errors but I wanted everyone to know how this feels being on this end of the letter. I am still upset about the money I lost but at least I am not thinking about it and I can sleep. Good Luck to all of those still involved in these sleazy buisness practice and to you DTD keep it up !

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Thank you for providing the information on your situation. This affects everyone differently and the stress of it can really be unbearable for some. You made the decision that was right for you; I will not fault you for that. It is really good to hear from the Does.

      DTD 🙂

  4. Raul says:

    With the potential for an award of attorneys fees against plaintiff, this is a case to keep an eye on.

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