AF Holdings LLC (Theft By Extortion) – 2:12-cv-02144 (AZ) Harris Update – Motion To Stay Discovery, 7 Jan 13

It seems like the fun in AZ never stops.  As expected, on 4 Jan 13, Troll Goodhue made a motion for sanction against Mr. Harris for not attending the 17 Dec 12, case management conference, and for “threatening” him.    Motion_Sanctions_02144(AZ)

Now, instead of following the Court’s orders and meeting and conferring with Plaintiff’s counsel, Defendant has continued his haphazard abuse of the judicial process by threatening Plaintiff’s counsel with a bar complaint unless he can provide an Arizona Private Investigator license for Peter Hansmeier. (See Exhibit E). Defendant cites A.R.S. § 32-2401 (21)(b) in support of his proposition. The cited statute states that “Aiding or abetting a person who is not licensed pursuant to this chapter in representing that person as a private investigator in this state” constitutes unprofessional conduct. A.R.S. § 32-2401 (21) (b). Neither Plaintiff nor Plaintiff’s counsel has ever represented, formally or otherwise, that Peter Hansmeier is a private investigator in the State of Arizona. It is clear that, though Defendant is not a lawyer, he had the ability to find this exact statute, and thus could have correctly interpreted it. The plain language of the law clears up any supposed issues.

Troll Goodhue goes on to claim that responding to this has cost him 13.2 hours at his rate of $450 an hour – $5940.

On 6 Jan 13, Mr. Harris responded to the motion (Def_Resp_Sanctions_02144(AZ)) and stated Troll Goodhue was acting in bad faith by not advising him until the last-minute that Paul Duffy, Plaintiff’s National counsel, would not attend the conference as requested by Mr. Harris.  Mr. Harris also informs the court that Troll Goodhue provided a false statement when he told the court that they never represented Peter Hansmeier as an investigator.

Also Your Honor, be it known to this court that Plaintiff has in order to avoid Defendant filing a claim against him personally with the State Bar has impeached his own witness, Mr. Peter Hansmeier. Plaintiff’s complaint states: “Plaintiff’s investigators detected Defendant’s illegal download” (Compl. at ¶23). Mr. Goodhue stated: “Neither Plaintiff nor Plaintiff’s counsel has ever represented, formally or otherwise, that Peter Hansmeier is a private investigator in the State of Arizona”(Mot for Sanctions, 6 at 15).  ARS 32-2401, 16(b):  {My emphasis}

Motion To Stay Discovery And Strike Plaintiff’s Case Management Report

On 4 Jan 13, Mr. Harris files this motion.   Motion_Stay_02144(AZ)    Mr. explains that he could not attend the 17 Dec 12, in good faith, as it would have caused irreparable damage to his ability to defend himself.  Mr. Harris claims that Troll Goodhue ignored his request that Paul Duffy be present.  Note: Paul Duffy was the one involved in previous settlement negotiations (letters), of which Troll Goodhue has never asserted knowledge of.  Note: Troll Goodhue also failed mention in his Case Management report that there were seven other related AZ case or the DC case that all eight AZ cases stemmed from.

to list Mr. Harris tells the court that discovery should be halted until the following issues can be addressed.

  • Motion for Security Bond for a foreign corporation
  • Has AF Holdings LLC violated AZ law by using Peter Hansmeier (Picture) (6881 Forensics LLC) as a “Private Investigator?”
  • Who is “Alan Cooper” (AF Holdings LLC CEO) – Interrogatories Plaintiff is required to answer in case 2:12-cv-08333 (CDCA), Ingenuity 13 v. John Doe
  • * Mr. Harris also made sure to mention that the corporate charter for Prenda Law Inc., is currently not in good standing.

Also take a look at the details Plaintiff intends to seek in discovery of Mr. Harris and anyone that live with him.  It provided insight into what they don’t have and need to try and make these cases winnable.

[K]nowledge of his computer and Internet usage—what types, the extent thereof, his interaction with uploading and downloading videos online,etc.—Defendant’s general computer knowledge, Defendant’s living circumstances, including, but not limited to, the layout of his house and who he shares it with, Defendant’s computer(s) hard drive (and the files contained therein), Defendant’s home network setup, and any other issues related to the claims at issue in this case…(Defendant Exhibit L, 2 at 4).

GPTshirt1A true investigative effort may provide Plaintiff with some information on Mr. Harris, but more than likely the results are going to be piss-poor in showing anything of evidence.  Here is a recent great example of what Prenda Law Inc., will do to try to find something of value.  Even when nothing is found, they tried to tell a CA court that Josh Hatfield had a substantial Internet presence and he likes to watch all types of movies.  Sounds like a guilty person to me.   SAC_Denied_02049(CA)

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3 Responses to AF Holdings LLC (Theft By Extortion) – 2:12-cv-02144 (AZ) Harris Update – Motion To Stay Discovery, 7 Jan 13

  1. The Tod says:

    Pretenda has turned into the gift that keeps on giving. These stories are great!
    Thanks to Mr. Harris and DTD!

  2. sharp as a marble says:

    i honestly believe that the proper response to harris’s motion from the judge will be “wtf?? is all this crazy stuff true?” and sadly, yes, yes it is true…..

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