Sloppy Copyright Trolls (ZEMBEZIA) – 2:13-cv-00308/00309/00310/00311/00312 (WA)

2 May 13 – Update – John Doe Files MTQ

Here is the 2 May 13, TorrentFreak article on this case.  Here is a copy of the Motion to Quash filed by the John Doe for the three cases.   JD_MTQ_3Cases_00308(WA)   Please take a read let us know what you think.


30 Apr 13 – Update

Just a quick update on the Frontier Law Group.  It appears they have set up a WordPress Web site.  *** Please note that if you visit this site, you IP address could be recorded.  I doubt it, but your never know.  ***   It appears they are using it as a FAQ page for people they are suing.  WordPress is great, but it shows how cheap these guys are.  Me being cheap as a single person running a site is fine.  A law firm specializing in Copyright Infringement should present a better image.  They didn’t even have sense enough to pay for a domain name without the “WordPress” in the Web address.



First off, thank you ongchotwi for your help with the sorting & filtering of the data.  After looking more closely to the Zembezia cases, 2:13-cv-00308/00309/00310/00311/00312, it became clear that it was a sloppy mess.  Initial posting on this case.  A notable finding was that there were multiple repeat IP addresses listed (some in the same case!). This appears to be because the BitTorrent software version was updated and the Troll failed to notice the repeat entries after sorting/filtering.  The other repeat IP addresses were also due to the software version changing over time.  So we now have a total of 305 Public IP addresses/Doe involved in this case.


So in addition to the solid linkage of all the cases together, we can see the Troll and his technical monitoring personnel are sloppy in their case management.  Not a big surprise.  This calls into question their accuracy AND the reason for splitting up the IP addresses into separate cases when they should all be joined – jointly and severally liable.  I haven’t looked into the other Zembezia cases, but I expect they are of the same caliber.

In my initial post I said these cases appear to be of the old-school variety with some variance.  One thing that didn’t vary from the first porn copyright troll cases is the sloppiness.  As no porn copyright troll case (to date) has gone to full trial (judged on the merits), I serious doubt these will go either.  Still, do not ignore any summons or subpoenas that could come your way.  Please contact me when the Trolls start to call, write, or email.

Hopefully we will see some Doe and/or Doe defender make some motions to bring this to the attention of the court.

DieTrollDie 🙂


About DieTrollDie

I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link -
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5 Responses to Sloppy Copyright Trolls (ZEMBEZIA) – 2:13-cv-00308/00309/00310/00311/00312 (WA)

  1. OngChotwI says:

    De Nada.. 🙂 Nice to see the effort I put into dealing with my curiosity – found more productive uses.

  2. that anonymous coward says:

    What appears to be shoddy sloppy work from the people who didn’t know the right name in the first filings?! Say it isn’t so!

    • that anonymous coward says:

      Your supposed to lie to me and tell me it isn’t so…
      I have so little faith in the legal system these days.
      The wheels move much to slow and never seem to inflict the same penalties on those who mislead the courts that they allow to be inflicted on ‘nameless’ citizens on mere accusation alone.

  3. OngChotwI says:

    Now we’re waiting on;; and to complain about being named in 3 different cases as well.

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