Prenda Law Mess – AKA: Tiger By The Tail

6 Jun 13 Update

NH3After the recent bombshell Attorney Graham Syfert dropped on Prenda Law, I decided to take another look at the “naughty-hotties{.}com” Web site (public IP address  (Yes I’m using the TOR Browser Bundle)  It came as no surprise that the Web site is no longer functioning.  By accessing the URL and the IP address, I was directed to a Comcast Business Gateway login page (see screenshots).  It wasn’t a shock, but I had to laugh.  There is going to be a logs of what IP address shut the site down.  As the account was set-up by John Steele, I will assume he or one of his staff did this.  I’m sure Mr. Syfert and others has copies of the Web site before the shut down.   Note: You can obtain a detailed report on this domain for $49 – Link or even purchase it – Link.

It also appears that another John Steele/Alan Cooper registered Domain ( has been abandoned and picked up by Mark Hlyon.  Have fun with that domain name.  😉

DieTrollDie 🙂

20 May 13 Update

On 20 May 13, the US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, denied the Prenda Law Crew’s emergency motion to stay Judge Wright’s 6 May 13, Order/Sanctions.   Prenda Stay Denied_08333(CA)   Tick-Tock Prenda – time to write that check.  🙂

Arstechnica Article on this development – Prenda lawyer gets kicked off 9th Circuit case.


HangAC1In his 6 May 13, Order, Judge Otis Wright stated the Prenda Law operation was so vast that they were unable to maintain a consistent (and believable)  “explanations” of its operations (“Sanctions” section, bottom of page 8).  Judge Wright described the “Plaintiff” as Ingenuity 13, AF Holdings, Prenda Law, and the related personnel who ran and supported its operation.   An operation of this magnitude does require people with a keen eye and attention to detail.  The problem with this for a ‘questionable’ operation is that records required to maintain the required control often end up in the hands of investigators and prosecutors.  I believe the Plaintiffs here are not terribly stupid, but more greedy and foolhardy (to an extreme).  This goes so far as that hurting people to make a profit is all part of doing business.  It is even rationalized as “Pirates get what they deserve.”  Well, here is another old saying Prenda is learning about, “The chickens have come home to roost.”

One source of information recently pointed out to me that my site was visited by an IP address associated with Prenda Law and one of its adult content Web sites.  The IP address and Web site are & naughty-hotties{.}com (NSFW!!!!!!).  The Web site appears to have been placed on hold once the Alan Cooper issue came to light.

Back on 1 Oct 12, IP address, made a comment on my site that had the smell of a Troll.  A quick review disclosed the IP address was for COMCAST out of Minneapolis, MN.  I made a note of the comment and went on with other tasks.  A recent check of the IP address did disclose it was used for the adult content Web site, naughty-hotties{.}com, which is likely one of the Prenda Law crew’s Web sites they set up to sell adult content.    The Web site was registered on 20 Dec 12, a domain, with a registrar by Domains By Proxy, LLC, out of AZ.  I bet seeing who is the true registrar behind the proxy would be interesting and not that shocking.  🙂

There is also the possibility that in addition to selling subscriptions to their site/adult content, it could also act as bait for subscribers who might decide to share the content via BitTorrent.  This is just my opinion, but can’t you see the Prenda crew trying to run with this plan?

  • Sell subscriptions to adult content you legally own
  • Mark each legal download with a hidden subscriber code inside the movie (Tells who purchased this copy – they have name, address and credit card information)
  • Monitor BitTorrent for the movie in question
  • Collect IP addresses of people illegally sharing the movie
  • File Federal Copyright infringement law suits against the various defendants sharing the movie via BitTorrent, to include the initial seeder of the movie (the subscriber)

In fact you could also contact the initial seeder of the movie and pressure him to assist in the case with a promise of a reduced settlement and/or release of liability once it was over.  Again this is just my thoughts and opinion on this matter; It will be interesting to see what come out of all of this.

Please also read the 13 May 13, Techdirt article, where among other things, it is disclosed that in November 2010, John Steele/Prenda Law, etc…, registered various Internet domain name with an alias of “Alan Cooper.”  This information comes from the Russell/Sweet filing on 10 May 13.   Doc25_main_00207(IL)  Doc25_EXA_00207(IL)  Doc25_EXB_00207(IL)  Doc25_EXC_00207(IL)  Doc25_EXD_00207(IL)  Doc25_EXE_00207(IL)   Exhibits C, D, & E contain the domain registration information.  These registrations of Internet domains started in November 2010 which is approximately the time Steele|hansmeier PLLC, started to file their first round of copyright troll law suits in IL.  What is flabbergasting is to read the 10 May 13, Arstechnica interview of John Steele and then see the evidence that Erin Russell and Jason Sweet present that shows things are not as Mr. Steele claims.

Interesting Things in the Russell/Sweet Documents

While examining the Russell/Sweet Exhibits (Doc #25 – Ex C, D, & E), I decided to search for a group of IP addresses that have posted various troll-like comments to my site, as well as emailed me.  These comments and email are believed to be from John Steele, Mark Lutz, and possibly other Prenda crew members.  I ended up with one definite hit and one possible hit.

  • IP Address
    Shows up 4 time in Doc 25-4 (Exhibit D, pages 7 & 8), during 8-9 Aug 12.  The record shows the IP address is the customer IP address of, John Steele.

IP1IP address has made comments on my Web site that leads me to believe it likely Mark Lutz.  This is also the IP address that emailed me on 1 Aug 12, with an audio file attachment (“How Mark Lutz Orders A Pizza….”).   Mark Lutz Makes A Funny Article    An examination of the email disclosed that it was sent from IP address  Not a great shock as the voice is clearly Mark Lutz – my opinion.  So maybe the naughty-hotties{.}com Web site belongs solely to Mark Lutz….  Yeah, well I don’t believe that Lutz worked for free for AF Holdings LLC either.

  • IP Address (possible)
    IP address made a comment on my site on 1 May 12.  IP address was seen once in Doc 25-4 (Exhibit D, page 8), as a customer IP address.  Note: It is NOT an exact match to IP address, but it is in the same netblock (204.195.(144-255).(0-255).  The IP address/netblock is registered to Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC, out of Miami, FL.

I’m sure as more lawyers, investigators, and Does dig deeper into the Prenda mess we will come up more evidence.  It is only a matter of time.  In the mean time, I bet we will be continued to be blessed by the highly entertaining words of John Steele as he makes it his life cause to educate BDPs of the world.  Somebody get this guy a tin-foil hat.

TFH1DieTrollDie 🙂

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13 Responses to Prenda Law Mess – AKA: Tiger By The Tail

  1. Raul says:

    Deeper down the rabbit hole we go.

  2. SJD says:

    GoDaddy customer care logs is a treasure trove. I immediately found comments by “Mr. Troll” from one of the IPs. Will comb through the other records and organize the data. Stay tuned.

  3. DieTrollDie says:

    Here is a little side-bit concerning what the wife of Prenda Law front-man Paul Duffy tells people her husband does. It is from a Facebook screenshot of Shari Duffy’s page taken this morning (14 May 13). The post shows it was made approx. 13 hour to the screen capture – putting it at approx. 6:45PM Chicago time. ShariDuffyFB

    DTD 🙂

    • DieTrollDie says:

      And what is the bit about the “phone companies???” Does she mean the Internet Service Providers? – Comcast, ATT, etc.? Try to morally justify your husbands actions – what a tool. Yes that is my opinion. Please show us what physical threat your husband is under. Worst kind of thieves…. Realy Shari. I would think most people would rate someone who extorts money from people with the threat of exposing embarrassing details to the public to be a tad bit lower than the people who have illegally downloaded/shared copyright protected porn movie via BT. No, the actions of the people who do this are wrong – period. But that does not justify the actions of your husband and his associates one bit. And as far as your husbands financial dealing, it sounds like he does enough damage himself without anyone going after him. Please get a real life – peace be with you.

      DTD 🙂

    • that anonymous coward says:

      I sure hope she obtained the permission to post those copyrighted photos in her account. Or is it only bad when other people do it?

  4. Dot Eht says:

    Duffy does win alot of Cases…..oh wait!

  5. Someone says:

    Shari tries to justify her man here too. Completely missing the point that it’s the innocent as well as the guilty that are co-erced and the copyrights themselves are owned by the lawyers.

    “It’s called bit torn and people stealing any types of films should be fined. The lawyers collect settlements for the people who produce and star in the films just like any other lawsuit. The fines should be up to 100,000 so $2000-$4000 is getting off easy.”

    I wonder what the dinnertime conversation was THAT night…

  6. CTVic says:

    Gotta love it when you track a lead and it lands you at the spot that somebody else has already run it down to a month before. LOL

  7. dordoe says:

    I can’t find the picture since the website was down, but when I clicked on it the last time I noticed a photograph that looked strikingly similar to the one that was tweeted about being on set with Steele

  8. Erin Russell says:

    Who and what are you talking about?
    Spying on people via their domain names ? Broadcasting something and making some sort of profit?
    Are you tweetable?
    Erin Russell

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