Popehat Posting On The Prenda Law Fiasco

I tip my hat to Ken White at Popehat for his Prenda Law update, “All Across The Country, Prenda Law’s Rubble Is Getting Bounced.”

It is a two-month update and a great synopsis of how the Prenda Law crew is taking hits from all sides.  This ship of fools going down and hopefully a criminal investigation will be the second front against those involved.  Take a read and enjoy a few good laughs on the Prenda crew – they have earned it.

Since the Brett Gibbs disclosure of Prenda financials for 2012 (See Documents 240-7 & 240-8 – Docket), Paul Hansmeier has made a request for permission to file a response to a Paul Goodfread letter, in case 0:12-cv-01445, MN.   Doc57_01445(MN)    Archive Docket.

The letter from Hansmeier is funny in that he throws everything he can to claim that the disclosed financials are inadmissible because (1) they were not introduced via the correct procedure, (2) they have not been authenticated as Prenda financial documents, (3) Hansmeier sold the practice to Duffy in 2011 and the financial are for 2012, (4) they are not relevant to the claim of copyright infringement, and (5) IF they are real, they were stolen.

I hope the judge does allow Hansmeier to file a response.  Some people do not know when to shut up.  Their web of deceit is so convoluted they cannot even keep their stories straight.

*** Here is a Techdirt article covering what everyone’s favorite son-in-law (John Steele/Prenda) has to say about the name “Alan Cooper.”  It is a good laugh as usual.   Doc_17_02622(MN)   Docket   Also take a look at this meet and confer  document (#18) where John Steele claims to have discussed the matter with “AF Holding” and “Ingenuity 13.”  If this isn’t a lie, then he is in contact with Mark Lutz.  That or he IS one of the alter egos to these sham companies.    Doc_18_02622(MN)   ***

DieTrollDie 🙂


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