The Sinking of the S.S. Prenda – AKA: Any Fraud On The Court Is NOT Moot, 0:12-cv-01445 (MN)

Yes Ken, you did get the scope on this one and thank you for it  🙂   Please go see Ken’s most recent Prenda post – Another Hammer Drops On Prenda Law.

It was a delight to see the rapid response Prenda got from the court to its recent attempt to mitigate damages and sink in the shadows (It didn’t work).   TheOrder_Doc67_01445(MN)

It doesn’t have the Judge Wright Star Trek references, but it is a powerful shot to the bow of the S.S. Prenda and all the associated personnel.  The court basically said Prenda, AF Holdings, and especially John Steele had committed criminal acts of fraud upon the court and their statements and testimony were not to be believed.  I think you have an image problem John.

The copyright-assignment agreements attached as Exhibit B to each complaint in each of these five cases are not what they purport to be . Alan Cooper denies signing either agreement and also denies giving anyone else the authority to sign them on his behalf. AF Holdings failed to produce any credible evidence that the assignments were authentic. The Court has been the victim of a fraud perpetrated by AF Holdings, LLC. The Court concludes that the appropriate remedy for this fraud is to require AF Holdings to return all of the settlement money it received from all of the Defendants in these cases, and to pay all costs and fees (including attorneys’ fees) incurred by the Defendants. After all settlement payments are returned and other fees are paid, all five cases should be dismissed on the merits, with prejudice. 

The Court further concludes that, once all of the ill-gotten gains are fully disgorged from AF Holdings, it would not be a wise use of the Court’s limited resources to sua sponte attempt to fully untangle the relationship between Hansmeier, Steele, Duffy, Dugas, Lutz and Prenda Law, on the one hand—and the Plaintiff, AF Holdings, LLC., on the other. Such investigation can more effectively be conducted by federal and state law enforcement at the direction of the United States Attorney, the Minnesota Attorney General and the Boards of Professional Responsibility in the jurisdictions where the attorneys involved in this apparent scheme are licensed to practice law.

Finally, to the extent that Alan Cooper was a victim of the fraud upon the Court, it appears that his rights can be fully vindicated in the case he has pending before this Court. See Case No. 13-cv-2622.

As I have said before, a little bit of blood in the water will bring in the sharks.  The Prenda hemorrhage has started a feeding frenzy that yet to reach its high point.  More to come.

DieTrollDie 🙂

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8 Responses to The Sinking of the S.S. Prenda – AKA: Any Fraud On The Court Is NOT Moot, 0:12-cv-01445 (MN)

  1. anonymous says:

    let’s do a poll: where did these guys get their initial capital to begin S&H then Prenda? it certainly was not the failed bankruptcy and family law practice of Steele.

    these guys had NO prior firm experience that anyone knows of, Hansmeier even admitted he had never even taken anyone’s deposition!

    So how did they get their start ti bankroll a fancy office and large scale operations, hmm? That may lead us to a co-conspirator

    • DieTrollDie says:

      That would be something interesting to find out. Maybe that is why there were payments to “Old Owners” Steele and Hansmeier, as well as “Under The Bridge” (UTB) consulting. Maybe UTB has more people associated to it??? Oh to find Lutz and get him to spill it all. You know Steele was not smart enough not to tell Lutz all his dirty little secrets. His ego needed to brag about how smart he is and Lutz was perfect in the role of Steele’s butt-sniffing dog.

      DTD 🙂

    • goblin77 says:

      Possibly the mob? I have been thinking about that since this all started…

    • CTVic says:

      I doubt they needed much capital to get their trolling enterprise off the ground. They saw what Ken Ford was doing in the asscrack boondocks of West Virginia, out of some back-alley fax machine, and said “hey, we can do this!”
      They just had to incorporate some LLCs, slap together a few websites, and get a fancy address in a Minnesota skyscraper. Few hundred bucks in filing fees and registrations. The biggest investment they had to make was hard cash to start filing suits, but remember that the first suits these trolls did were *MASSIVE* cases with thousands of defendants … at one filing fee each. Drop $350, put in a few hours of work for filing complaints & writing scare letters, rake in 5-figures and BLAMMO! Instant capital.
      Even their fancy office suites were shady as hell. All of Hans’ startups were in suite 900 of IDS Center in Minneapolis … which shares space with several dozen other legal beagle corporate shells. With all of the results from googling the address, it looks like the site is a false front for a time-share … essentially a PO Box with a fancy desk in front. I’d be surprised if Hans or Steele ever stepped foot in suite 900.
      It’s hilarious to look back at 2010 today and follow the Steele/Hansmeier escalation of events. They did EVERYTHING in house. Alpha to get the ball rolling, MCG to bring in clients, Steele/Hansmeier to do the filings, MCGIP to handle tech. Business picks up, so they hire Duffy to handle more filings, etc… They were raking in cash, but kept losing a huge percentage to that whole pesky business of having to represent a client. BAM! Create their own shadow client quietly & anonymously incorporated in St Kitts & Nevis. AF Holdings is born & problem solved!
      Things start going south? Phase out Steele as primary attack dog, give Duffy a massive promotion and start quietly dissolving the corporations that got them there. Look, ma! Clean hands!
      Any time that somebody thinks they’ve come up with a co-conspirator with these guys, it turns out the other guy didn’t know squat. Cooper is a principal copyright holder? Noooooo … he was Steele’s caretaker. Mooney is the driving force behind MCGIP? Noooooo … he’s Hans’ personal trainer.
      Naaahhhh. I don’t think there’s any other co-conspirators. To me, this looks like 2 scam artists, a lot of fast cash, and a fleet of buses to throw at anybody who jumps on their bandwagon.

  2. Dark Moe says:

    I don’t think they had startup money, unless it came from the parents. I blame the parents in this completely anyways. Hans’ father really should have used a condom.

  3. pissed Off doe says:

    I wonder if Collette is a reader of your blog, because this is something she needs to be looking for in a few years. Once libscomb and nicoletti trolls are down, a lot of pissed off people will come after her precious art studio of teen pornography. No more horse shoes, no more lambo’s.

  4. Scooby says:

    While Steele wasn’t my troll this is great stuff! And it makes Friday even better, as if that were possible?

    Somewhere, someplace John Steele takes off his mask and says “and I would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

  5. Norahc says:

    Check out this little gem on page 7, paragraph 1 of the order:

    “1. AF Holdings failed to meet its burden of proving the authenticity of the copyrightassignment agreements for “Popular Demand” and “Sexual Obsession.” Both
    documents purport to be signed by Alan Cooper, on behalf of AF Holdings, LLC.15
    John Steele testified that he was familiar with both agreements,16 but did not witness
    Cooper sign either of them. ECF No. 64 at 3:9-17. Steele testified that he had no
    knowledge of whether Cooper personally signed the agreements. Id. Steele also
    testified that he was familiar with Cooper’s authentic signature and that what was
    purported to be Cooper’s signature on the assignments was not authentic. Id. at 10:7-

    Steel admitted that the Alan Cooper signatures on the Copyright Assignments were not authentic.

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