Malibu Media LLC & “The Internet Hate Groups” (AKA: I’m So Scared I Thought About Getting a Guard Dog)

In case you missed today’s insanity, be sure to check out the following articles (I will post more links as I get them)

Techdirt –Copyright Troll Malibu Media Tells Court That Its Critics (And Opposing Lawyer) Are Part Of A Psychopathic Hate Group

Arstechnica – Porn studio attacks blogger for leading a “fanatical Internet hate group”

TorrentFreak –Copyright Troll Accuses Critic of Leading “Psychopathic” Hate Group

Case 1:13-cv-06312 (Archive Docket), Malibu Media LLC v. John Doe (IP address, ILND.

The Malibu Media filing is Document #94, PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR THE ENTRY OF A PROTECTIVE ORDER and 12 Exhibits – Shared Folder of Motion/Exhibits.

This garbage motion is clearly an attack on Sophisticated Jane Doe ( and John Doe’s attorney.  It is sad sad state of affair and speaks volumes of the fear that Troll Lipscomb has for our efforts to expose and change/correct an abuse of the legal system motivated by greed of the greatest magnitude.  For all the Troll attorneys and Plaintiffs out there – these are my views/opinions and if it hurts your feelings, too bad.  I don’t think it really hurts your feelings.  Probably more accurate to say it hurts the bottom line $$$$$.

FYI – I do not hate any of the Trolls (Plaintiffs or Lawyers – even John Steele) and do not condone any “real” threats to their safety.  I do not condone copyright infringement and ask anyone who is doing it to stop.

Please take a read of the motion and exhibits and try not to laugh too hard.  I can say one thing about Troll Schultz – at least she didn’t call the judge an asshole.

Declaration of Colette field – this is rich!

a stalker stared at me for more than an hour at a restaurant.  I called the police.  The stalker was removed from the restaurant.  {so where is the police report???}

Declaration of Keith Lipscomb – The Master troll is full of shit!

My wife and I have personally discussed the threat the anti-copyright psychopaths pose to our family.  We consider and investigated getting a guard dog as a result.  The veracity of the anti-copyright psychopaths stalking and harassing has increased in the last four months.  It is becoming unbearable and is scary.   {I didn’t know an attorney was qualified to make a medical determination of mental ability}

DieTrollDie 🙂






“What is your major malfunction numb-nuts? {Gunnery Sgt. Hartman – Full Metal jacket}

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I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link -
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11 Responses to Malibu Media LLC & “The Internet Hate Groups” (AKA: I’m So Scared I Thought About Getting a Guard Dog)

  1. Anon E. Mous says:

    IMHO I see this as more the work of Lipscomb than of Schultz. I think Collette and Brigham are concerned that they could have been reported to count officials for filming without a permit. The they county obviously wouldnt like it, and neither would Collette and Brigham if the county launched an investigation of said activity in their home in an area that is not zoned for it.

    The fact that they made mention of this in the filing for a protective order may indicate that the county was/is investigating it and that may have rubbed Collette and Brigham the wrong way. You will have to excuse me if I am unsympathetic to them, play by the county’s film development permit rules and apply for your permit and they have no need to worry, it’s as simple as that.

    As for using their home to shoot porn scene’s at, well that is true and can be seen in X-Art videos. so they have already done this, and if they did so without the proper permit and in violation of county zoning rules, well they only have themselves to blame. If your going to post pictures to your twitter account stating that your ” getting ready to shoot” and the view is from your house, then your a victim of your own making. Dont blame anyone else for rules you choose not to abide by.

    I find asking for a protective order to be more a bid of desperation in my opinion. This would seem more of an attempt to keep any more information about X-Art / Malibu / Lipscomb / The Fields / Local Trolls / IPP/Guardaley/Excipio that has been discovered thru other court filings, thru other cases in other countries and in X-Art / Malibu filings and in other cases where Guardaley has been active and those associated with it’s entities. I would suffice to say that Pietz own investigation when checking into IPP/Guaradaley/Excipio has put forth some interesting results that the plaintiff would like to keep out of the eye of those that are following these copyright troll litigation cases not only with Malibu, but Voltage Pictures and others as well.

    I would hazard to guess that Pietz’ and Ranallo’s work in the Prenda case and ability to follow a a trail where there many have thought there was nothing to see has the Troll’s a tad worried. In my view of this and other Malibu cases I think they ought to be concerned. If Malibu cases and IPP software is so infallable why are they so worried about bring the german whiz’s to testify, why do they routinely fight when IPP methods are questioned..

    In Schultz filing she stated that Malibu had a “oral and written contract” with IPP Uh, say what? Weren’t they saying not long ago that the agreement with IPP was oral only? Did it suddenly become written one it was leaked by one of their own troll lawyers in a filing that it was an oral only agreement” and now all of a sudden it is written. I am sure a Judge wont find that odd at all.

    While I doubt that any Plaintiff in a copyright infringement case wants the public to know of it’s method and tactics, I believe Lipscomb / Malibu ought to get with realization that copyright litigation cases started to be followed long ago by both defendant attorney, the public , the internet community and countless others. You can go all the way back to Napster and the Tennebaum case to see that the media and general pulic as well as other groups and society have been following these types of cases and reporting on them long before Malibu / Lipscomb have been around, so get over yourself Keith.

    The fact that FCT & DTD put the information about what is going on in these cases to the public is informational. No one is advocating anyone harm physically and if someone has please dont paint us all with that brush, some people act out but not all. While I dont know Collette and Brigham, I wouldnt really want to frankly, as their chosen profession is not something I would find suitable to myself. The Field’s have chosen their profession and are proud of it, so be it. I dont agree with their choice but they are with it and that’s all and well.

    While I understand their concern for piracy of their material, I do not agree with the methods they have taken to” stop” piracy of their works, in my opinion this isn’t about eradication, education or education about stopping piracy and how it effects them, this more about revenue generation.e

    I do find the irony in this filing about Lipscomb/ IPP and the Fields complaint about their violation of privacy, when they choose to violate the privacy of some poor soul who’s internet IP address might come up in IPP honeypot. in regards to copyright infringement and who is then sent a letter stating they should settle for some untold amount to to avoid the risk of being named in federal court lawsuit for downloading a porn movie without any clear evidence of actual infringement in my opinion.

    So to whine about this in a filing when you purposely put yourself into the spotlight and how your privacy is at risk is laughable, sorry folks you put yourself into the limelight, dont be all shy when you find the glare of it gets to be too much

  2. Ralph says:

    A principal of Malibu Media, tweets what she is up to, does a Howard Stern Show and interview for Forbes and I think New Yorker. It doesn’t sound like the most prolific copyright infringement litigant is at all intimidated.

    It is not at all surprising, that as the wheels come off their mass settlement business model, they want it all hidden from the public.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      No I don’t buy that line either. If the alleged ‘harassment’ was soooooo bad and ‘illegal,’ lets see all the police reports. OK, at least give us the Police department that removed the person who stared at her for an hour in the restaurant. The mention of it was so vague as to make it very hard to even check if the police did respond and what they found. What was found out about that person??? Was that person a member of the anti-copyright psycho organization or something??? Most likely the person was just odd and not stalking her. The point is if that was a real stalker, expose it and not make innuendos that it was part of a master plan to go after Colette/X-art. Suck it up Colette – you freely jumped into bed with Troll Lipscomb and the old saying goes – you reap what you sow. And please don’t take that to mean I think any harm should come to you, your family, or friends – far from it.

      DTD 🙂

  3. melK says:

    >>The veracity of the anti-copyright psychopaths stalking and harassing has increased in the last four months.

    Veracity? The anti-copyright psychopaths are more truthful recently?

  4. Johnygofuchoff says:

    Where is the Westboro Baptist Church when you need them? Disclaimer: This is all sarcasm for the stupid lawyers who might try to sue me.

    Those guys know how to harass anyone. They could claim to save the defendants souls’ while vilifying the lawyers and video producers.

    The WBC know how to really harass, maybe someone should send them a memo?

    Back to realitity,

    One day the music is going to stop, the question is which MM “associates” are going to lose much more than they ever gained? Both in terms of money and reputation.

  5. Guest says:

    Where are you, Maurice Ross? Your heroes at Malibu Media need you!

  6. Jane Doe says:

    Their motion reads like a caged wild rodent that is lashing out at anything and everything in desperation. If the Fields are so concerned about their safety and anyone associated with them, then why did they turn their home into a teen porn studio?

    I’m looking for the judge to sanction the Plaintiff’s lawyer. You can’t claim people are psychopaths in court when they were never evaluated by a qualified psychiatrist. This is much worse then calling the judge an asshole. Who is actually guilty of defamation here? Seems like it is the Plaintiff’s attorney that has become unhinged.

    • Anon E. Mous says:

      What we are seeing here really is a play from the John Steele playbook. Distract, Deflect, Delude from the situation at hand. I would have expected better from Lipscomb,something more palpable befitting a man of his education. I swear reading this filing you would almost think he had Steele write it for him, my opinion of course but one sure does get a Prenda like sense of Deja Vu.

      This filing for a protectorate order leads me to be of the opinion that the “Internet Hate Group” and it’s information that it puts forth for all to read ( Yes Keith and Collette, even you can read it. We don’t discriminate ) is starting to have an effect on the trolls revenue stream and the future of where these pron trolling lawsuits are heading.

      I am of the opinion that more and more people who have gotten a notice saying their IP address has been recorded downloading a copyrighted work in in violation of a copyright and a copyright infringement case could be filed against them has gotten said victim to be proactive and do some research on who it is that is informing them of this fact.

      These folks I believe are taking a proactive approach and do some reaserch and speaking with a lawyer and seeking out information on the internet about who it is that is suing and what these cases are about and how they should proceed before they speak with the trolls or hand over a handful of cash if fear.

      If it is hurting the trolls income generation and Malibu’s in general, I am not about to shed any tears over it. Their whole litigation is not based on copyright enforcement nor education about illegally sharing of plaintiffs movies, this is another avenue of income gerneration

  7. Jack says:

    Lipscomb’s claim that they had to beef up server security and received cyber-attacks because of you and FCT is 100% pure, unadulterated, bullshit.

    I have worked on the ops team for several tech companies and every single one receives attempted hacks on a daily basis day in and day out. Within literally 10 minutes of me lighting up my new internet service at my house a week ago, my firewall logs showed no less than 20 inbound, blocked requests – and that was before I even made a single outbound one.

    Take a look at your /var/log/auth.log or your servers access.log over the past 24 hours and see how many failed attempts at logging into root were and how many 404’s for things like “info.php”, “phpMyAdmin/index.php”, “wp-admin/install.php”, or “admin/editor/plugins/ajaxfilemanager/ajax_login.php” you find. I guarantee there will be dozens, if not hundreds for a single day.

    If there was a true, successful breech where information was stolen, (and not “oh, they rooted my server because we opened up port 9200 through ElasticSearch and now my server is spitting out millions of spam emails in Russian – because that happens all day every day to businesses) they would have a police report, the server would have been quarantined from the network to prevent pivoting and further damage, imaged, analyzed, and an RCA would have been crafted. They would also be putting together a motion for expedited discovery to find out who the hacker was.

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