Representing A Client – BUT Who Is The True Client? – (BT Copyright Troll Rushie)

JR_TW_Respond1In response to BitTorrent (BT) Copyright Troll attorney Jordan Rushie, I understand the idea that an attorney should represent a “client,” and not a cause.  If you haven’t had a chance to read Jordan Rushie’s view on this topic, his post is located here. I haven’t had the opportunity to go over the full details of the Pietz/Blaha case, so this is not a full analysis of it.  You do the best for your client; fair enough.

Rushie’s statement make for a good title for his article, but I still think it is an over simplistic statement.  I have no doubt there are examples of when a cause was represented by an attorney with great success for the client(s) and to a larger audience.  We know the various courts have differing opinions on topics and some have even had their decisions overturned in time.  One example of a differing court opinion in regards to a RightsCorp DMCA effort was highlighted in the 11 May, TorrentFreak article, RIGHTSCORP FAILS IN BID TO UNMASK PIRATES USING DMCA

To preface this, I’m not “pro-piracy” or a member of the mythical “Internet Hate Group” (IHG).  I tell people my thoughts/views and try to help out in what can be an otherwise nerve-racking experience for some people.  Yes, I do believe what the BT Copyright Trolls are doing is wrong.  Their actions have nothing to do with stopping or reducing piracy of their “client’s” content.  The Trolls seem to think that because copyright infringement occurs, they hold the moral high-ground and all their actions are justified.   No, I don’t have the answer how to fix this.  Nobody has that answer right now and that is the problem.

Troll Rushie fails to accurately sum up what RightsCorp., and the other Trolls are.  They are an anti-piracy/copyright monetization operation.  The primary goal is to make money.  Yes some of the settlement money goes to the copyright owner, but I believe the majority of it goes to the behind-the-scene-masters like the Anti-Piracy Management Company (APMC).


This is the same type of effort that John Steele and Paul Hansmeier started with real clients prior to evolving into the Prenda Law fiasco.  The masters and Troll attorneys do NOT want the infringement activity to stop.  If they take some action to actually reduce infringement overall, their profit margin drops.  Rushie may be able to claim he only represents a “client,” but who is the real client?  The copyright owner or the firm that recruited them and takes a large chunk of any settlements obtained???

But I do understand that my only obligation is to help my client as best I can. Nothing more, nothing less.

I still find it incredible that the Trolls are able to hide their this from the courts by not disclosing these financial relationships when they file a case.  I would put it out there that Rushie actually does represent a cause, though he might not be able to see this.  Monetization is the cause cloaked in the name of a client.

Rushie does not single me out by name in his article, but it is clear I’m part of the group.

Well, understand this. Most blogs on the internet that discuss copyright infringement lawsuits have their own agenda. Many of the copyright BitTorrent defense lawyers who write blogs want you to hire them, and they want to be internet heroes. If you want to be a hero on the internet, write about the evils of “copyright trolling” and you’ll be loved. File lawsuits against anti-piracy companies like Rightscorp and everyone will write about how you’re an internet super hero like they did here. The blogs written by anti-copyright activists like Fightcopyrighttrolls believe people have a right to steal content on the internet, and it’s unfair when copyright holders elect to enforce their rights. So they praise attorneys who represent the infringers, while vilifying the attorneys who represent copyright holders.

I would love to know what my “agenda” is.  Yes, I guess I have received some Internet love by what I do.  Love is a good thing and if you want to fault me for it, you are a sad person.  As far “Me” believing people should be able to steal content, you are dead wrong.  Just because I dedicate a small amount of my efforts to educating people on the efforts of the Trolls, that does not make me pro-piracy.  I believe the content owners do have a right to go after the infringers.  I just think the way it is currently employed is – 1) Not doing anyone justice; 2) Has minimal effect on stopping or limiting copyright infringement; & 3) It is only making a small group of people very wealthy.

The vilification you may feel is not simply born of pirates crying about life not being fair because they got caught.  Much of it comes from the sleazy tactics employed by all of the Trolls (as a collective group) in pursuing these monetization efforts under the guise of fighting piracy.  Your true clients/masters have earned their mantle and so have you.

As far as RightsCop., and CEG-TEK goes, they are a joke in my opinion.  If you get a notice from them, here is my non-lawyer suggestion.  1) Do not respond to RightsCorp., or CEG-TEK in any fashion.  2) Resecure your WiFi Internet connection with a new password.  3) Make sure that BT activity on your network stops and doesn’t start back up.  Use this as a learning experience and be happy that it wasn’t your ISP telling you a BT Copyright Troll had subpoenaed you name/address because there as a real copyright infringement case filed against your IP address.

DieTrollDie 🙂   “And the person who actually does control these entities—Mark Lutz—has stated under oath, in multiple hearings, that he does control them. The Court’s like, “I don’t care. I determine what I want.” Mark Lutz has indicated that he’s going to join the appeal, because his entities are liable for the financial portion of the sanction.”  {John Steele, Copyright Troll}

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I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link -
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6 Responses to Representing A Client – BUT Who Is The True Client? – (BT Copyright Troll Rushie)

  1. DieTrollDie:
    A member of your “internet love group” says the following statement is much too weak:
    “They are an anti-piracy/copyright monetization operation.”
    No. At a minimum,
    “They are monetization operations using anti-piracy and copyright as excuses for extortion”.

    It’s still an excellent post. Thank you for your efforts.
    P.S. This is the modern definition of a “Troll”.

  2. “Use this as a learning experience and be happy that it wasn’t your ISP telling you a BT Copyright Troll had subpoenaed you name/address because there as a real copyright infringement case filed against your IP address.” As an Abuse Specialist who has to process subpoenas, I can say that most subpoenas that I see contain a gag. I have also only seen one subpoena that I could tie to someone that I had forwarded a copyright complaint to.

  3. Ray Johnson says:

    There are plenty of clients whose interests are the cause and representing them and the cause are one in the same. I think it’s safe to say that Rushie and the like are not going to be bringing the next Brown v. Board of Education, Roe v. Wade, Gideon v. Wainwright, or any one of the thousands of cases brought by attorneys representing a cause. If attorneys want to do little more than carry water for the client who will pay them the most, regardless of the harm it causes to others, they are certainly free to do that. But spare me the lectures on their high moral ground and get the white hats off their heads. Red lights on the front of their houses would be more appropriate.

    • Gerry Myers says:

      Oh please come on now. Do you really think that pornography in terms of cultural value or any other standard that you want to use, should be considered the same as “To Kill A Mockingbird” or “the Matrix”. Most if not all the porn being produced world wide, is tainted by organized crime. Why aren’t they more interested in finding ways to deal with the issues generated by their products, like internet addiction, minors accessing violent SM porn etc. I can’t wait for the day that these porn producers and their attorneys are locked up for extortion. Just lock up a few of these guys like they did to Max Little aka Max Hardcore, then THEY will screaming about their freedom of speech, freedom of expression rights. It is about time to turn the tables on them.

  4. dingdon says:

    Tell them to suck it…and as you put it what u give is an advice… some piece of mind for people whom sometimes get nailed by other or the just make a mistake… Witch they will never make again. …

    Peace and keep the good advices coming..

  5. Guest says:

    If you lay with dogs, you rise with fleas, Jordan. Not to mention the fact that not so long ago, you posted on Twitter that you were changing sides due to how “interesting” and lucrative joining the porn trolls were to you. You’re in this for the success and the money, nothing more and nothing less. Trying to spin your trolling career into some kind of glorious, misunderstood moral crusade is just pathetic.

    So go ahead and whine about your feelings. The last porn troll lawyer who whined about their feelings made himself an idiot in front of the judge – I think his name was Jacques Nazaire.

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