BT Copyright Troll Rotten Records Inc., & RightsCorp. – A Match Made In…

RottenRecord1Things just keep getting busier – but I’m trying to have some fun with it.  😉  I wanted to make a post on the recent (13 May 2015) BitTorrent (BT) Copyright Troll cases filing for a new Plaintiff – ROTTEN RECORDS Inc (Website & Facebook).  Here are two cases: 1:15-cv-03306 (New Jersey) – John Doe IP address & 3:15-cv-11836 (Massachusetts) – John Doe IP address   Complaint_EXs_03306(NJ)     Complaint_EXs_11836(MA)

As you can see the Troll attorneys are none other than A. Jordan Rushie (Philadelphia, PA) and John E. Young (Quincy, MA); both work at Flynn Wirkus Young, P.C.

They are the standard BT Copyright Troll cases filings with a few new twists and turns.  The first interesting thing is the Plaintiff, ROTTEN RECORDS Inc.  ROTTEN RECORDS is a record Label that specializes in extreme metal and other hardcore bands.  They claim to be on the “cutting edge of extreme music, taking chances that other labels would never think about.“  Well, they might find out that joining up with a BT Copyright Troll is not a very smart move.  RottenRecords_NV1   The company is registered in Nevada, and Ronald Peterson (Former DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES manager) holds the positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director.

The address for ROTTEN RECORDS is P.O. Box 56, Upland, CA, 91786.  I will say that at least this time the Trolls were smart enough to wait until the company was back in good standing (8 May 2015), before filing cases and looking like fools.  It appears it might have been in a “revoked” status sometime after 2010.

The BT files for these cases are for two music albums – “Dirty Rotten Imbeciles – Definition” (13 songs) and “Goatwhore – The Eclipse of Ages Into Black” (15 songs).  ROTTEN RECORDS holds the copyright for the two albums, as well as over 40 other titles.  I have no doubt we will see additional bands/groups fall under the ROTTEN RECORDS filings.

Goatwhore Copyright     DRI Definition Copyright

rightscorp_PirThe second interesting this about these cases is the mention of “RightsCorp.,” as the BT monitoring firm that recorded this file sharing activity.  April 2014 News Release from RightsCorp.

For both of the complaints, the Troll states that John Doe was a long-term seeder of the files in question and that RightsCorps., repeatedly sent email notices to the ISP subscriber and they were ignored.

  • 1:15-cv-03306 – 73 notices sent to Comcast Cable between 14 Feb – 11 May 2015
  • 3:15-cv-11836 – 288 notices sent to Comcast Cable between 14 Dec 2014 – 12 May 2015

Section 28 was interesting as it claims RightsCorp. videotaped its monitoring activity.

Each infringing transaction between Defendant’s IP address and Rightscorp is recorded in a video and a BitTorrent log file. Here, the video recording is of a transaction between the infringer’s computer and Rightscorp’s computer. Through each transaction, Defendant distributed a piece of the Infringing File. The video and BitTorrent log file shows Defendant’s IP address, and the pieces that were distributed. Rightscorp’s operator plays a portion of the files downloaded from the Defendant’s computer in the video immediately after they have been downloaded.

Now I know some of you may be thinking that RightsCorp. OR The Plaintiffs they represent are now going to start to sue everyone they send DMCA/Settlement notices to – UNLESS you pay – UNLIKELY IMO.  The change in tactics is notable, but the law suits will likely only happen in the jurisdictions the Trolls are active in AND to public IP addresses in which the BT activity is long-term in nature with many other non-Plaintiff files recorded during the time period.  They will use these non-Plaintiff files to try to identify the person responsible.

These cases are the reason I suggest the following upon getting a notice from RightsCorp., CEG-TEK, or any other Troll:

  1. Resecure the WiFi Internet connection (new password) and don’t give it out freely
  2. Ensure the BT activity on the network stops and isn’t able to start back up.

It will be interesting to see where these cases go and especially what aspects RightsCorp., plays in it.  I assume Troll Rushie and Young will be filing more cases.  The big question is will the filing stay in MA & NJ, or spread to other Troll friendly locations.

Also please read the recent Cashman Law article concerning RightsCorp., and CEG-TEK (Comparison: Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG-TEK) versus RightsCorp. Same genus, different species.).

DieTrollDie 🙂   “Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here. This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me. ”  {Blain, Predator (1987)}


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6 Responses to BT Copyright Troll Rotten Records Inc., & RightsCorp. – A Match Made In…

  1. canada5150 says:

    So Rightscorp is the ones responsible for monitoring and CEG-TEK are the ass-clowns that are basically the collection agency — for the porn chapter of BitTorrent/peer2peer downloading ? As I mentioned before, I was nailed by CEG-TEK and I was stupid and admitted to downloading 2 files. They tried nailing me for a third on that I didn’t do but they let me off which was much appreciated. I have to warn people that are settling on the CEG-TEK website, on the final “confirmation of settlement” screen,”make sure that you download and save” the pdf copies of the settlement that they offer you on that screen because they never sent me the copies to my email and you need these or they could try to charge you again and — well, quite frankly — does anybody trust an “extortionist troll” that preys on the poor like myself to give more money to already filthy rich scumbags ?? THAT’S ORGANIZED CRIME TO ME !!!! I wonder if Robert F. Kennedy, if he were alive today, would have accepted this kind of behavior as legitimate, or would he have classified it as “Organized Crime” like I do. These organizations like CEG-TEK are totally corrupt, just like the government leaders and the lottery corporations. This is why I don’t play the lottery and I don’t vote — I hope they all die of a slow cancerous death — to hell with them all, and to all a good night !!

  2. SJD says:

    Thanks, DTD.

    A couple of additional points.

    1. The band itself most likely has nothing to do with suing its fans. A cursory search reveals that

    In the year 2000, D.R.I. Founder/Guitarist, Spike Cassidy, loses Rotten Records to D.R.I. Manager, Ron Peterson in a partnership break-up, and a long court battle is sure to commence. D.R.I. fired manager Ron Peterson, took its catalog of CD’s, and left Rotten Records in search of a new record lable. The band is said to be entertaining a few good offers.

    2. Copyright registration in the MA case shows that the album had not been not registered for 18 years, till 2010. Apparently sky didn’t fall. I suspect that the sales of a 18-old album of an obscure thrash metal band were good only in the first year, and now are next to nothing.

    I couldn’t help drawing a parallel with Hansmeier’s “explanation” of the Prenda business model: buy a worthless copyright, scare public by suing random folks, wait till copyrights’ value increases, profit.

    3. It now appears that a recent Rushie’s blog post (you covered in the other day) is nothing more than one of a myriad Righscorp’s press releases. The fact that Jordan didn’t disclose his affiliation with Rightscorp is stinky at best, legally unethical at worst.

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