DieTrollDie Update 17 Aug 15 (TaylorMadeClips – Dallas Buyers Club – Rightscorp)

Samurais_drawWSorry but I still haven’t been able to return to writing and posting as usual. Life is still chaotic for me and dealing with loss is a trying matter at best. I know that things will get better – that fact I’m sure of. Please don’t let life get you down and show love whenever you can.

In the meantime, here are some BitTorrent (BT) Copyright Troll stories of interest:

  • TaylorMadeClips/Mark Borghese
  • Recent Dallas Buyers Club Set-Back in AU
  • RightsCorp/Hire a Copyright Troll Law Firm while The Company Continues to
    Lose Money

TaylorMadeClips/Mark Boghese (TMC/MB)

TaylorMadeClips (TMC) and Copyright Troll attorney Mark Borghese (MB) are back at work again.  Please see the TorrentFreak article on their recent activity.  TMC/MB sent settlement demand letters to multiple Pornhub members, seeking $5k+ for uploading various TMC videos.  It is unknown how TMC/MB obtained the details on the Pornhub members (some of which is incorrect – except for the email address), but TMC has in the past purchased information on who is uploading their content – Bodyinflation forum post. This purchased information was used to send out settlement demand letters (February 2015) to people with accounts.

As TMC/MB has only ever filed three cases (31 Jul 15) in Nevada, the chance
they will again file is low in my opinion. Details concerning these cases can be found by doing a copyright infringement search on RFC Express for “Kimberly Knight.” Previous DTD Post on TMC/MB.

Dallas Buyers Club (DBC) Gets Bitch-Slapped in Australia

Thank you TechDirt for posting this information – TechDirt Article. On 14 Aug 15, Copyright Troll Dallas Buyers Club (DBC), was dealt a set-back in its efforts to obtain the ISP subscriber information of 4,726 Australians accused of downloading the movie via BitTorrent.  The court basically said that after reviewing the draft letter DBC planned to send to the ISP subscribers, it decided not to release the information to the trolls.

The main problems the court had with DBC’s draft letter and amount they were seeking (the
court deemed the amount to be confidential and would not disclose it – likely in the range of $5K), was:

  1. DBC was clearly practicing “Speculative Invoicing” (AKA: Copyright Trolling)
  2. DBC was a foreign Corporation with no AU presence it could punish if they ignored the
    courts instruction as far as settlement amounts

The court did not like the fact that DBC was trying to increase its settlement amount based on the alleged “Widespread” uploading/distribution of DBC by each alleged infringer, as well as additional punitive damages it was alleging based on how many “Other” (Non-DBC) works were being shared over BT. The AU court said it would only allow the release of the ISP subscriber information if it did the following.

  1. DBC posts a $600K bond with the court
  2. DBC can only seek settlement amounts based on the cost of a single online purchase/download (iTunes, etc.) AND the amount of money DBC paid out
    to obtain ISP subscriber information (Attorney Costs/Fees, etc.)

The $600K bond will be used to ensure that if DBC violates the court’s order
on settlement limits, the bond forfeiture will be used as a punishment.

So now we wait and see if the limits imposed by the AU court still makes it
cost-effective for DBC to send out settlement demands.  The single on-line purchase
amount is a joke for DBC. They may be able to bump up the settlement demand
amount based on their legal fees (divided among ALL the AU ISP subscribers), but it still hurts their bottom line.  Still, with over 4,000 ISP subscribers, they are bound to generate some cash.

RightsCorp – Hiring a Copyright Troll Firm/Attorney & Operating Losses In Excess of $1.72 Million

Rightscorp is one of those companies that you wonder how much longer they will be around.  Their history of losing money is almost as funny as the news that they are now working with the law firm of Flynn Wirkus Young. Please see the following TorrentFreak article.

The names of persistent infringers of Rightscorp clients’ works will be turned over to the law firm. This is the law firm where Copyright Troll attorney Jordan Rushie resides.  This comes on the heels of six copyright infringement cases they files on behalf of “Rotten Records” – DTD Post on Rotten Records.

The amount of people the firm can actually sue (not just threaten to sue) is going to be dependent on what jurisdictions the law firm/attorneys are licensed to practice in.  It is going to be hard to sue a persistent infringer in Arizona, when you don’t have Copyright Troll attorneys licensed to practice there. I would expect the most likely course of action is going to be a letter from FWY/Troll Rushie, asking for a settlement to avoid a lawsuit – similar to what TaylorMadeClips/Mark Borghese is doing (see above).

TorrentFreak also reported that Rightscorp is doing as well as expected (sarcasm) and the company is operating “In The Red.” TorrentFreak article

The bottom line is that Rightscorp had an operating loss of  $1,722,507, close to a million more than the $743,599 it lost in the same period last year. That brings Rightscorp’s 2015 losses thus far to a little over $2.65m.

Rightscorp has increased its settlement amount to $30 (previously $20), but I think their problems goes much deeper.  I wonder how long Rightscorp can maintain this pattern of failure?

Prenda Law Side Note

We cannot forget the sad state of affairs the Prenda Law crew is currently in. John Steele and Mark Lutz may have cut and run from BT Copyright Trolling, but they are certainly not afraid to threaten new people/business to make fast cash. CBS Chicago News Report on filing ADA-related lawsuits.

Also on 10 Aug 15, Prenda attorney Paul Duffy passed away. Madison Record News Report

DieTrollDie 🙂

“To Suspect your Own Mortality is to Know the Beginning of Terror; To Learn Irrefutably that you are mortal is to Know the End of Terror.” {Children of Dune, Frank Herbert} 

About DieTrollDie

I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link -
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10 Responses to DieTrollDie Update 17 Aug 15 (TaylorMadeClips – Dallas Buyers Club – Rightscorp)

  1. Doe says:

    Sorry for your loss. We put our dog down on Thursday and I feel like I’ll never recover. Just want to say thank you for all the helpful information you’ve posted. We’re still dealing with this DBC bullshit and all your updates are very much appreciated!

  2. WDS says:

    I trying to feel some empathy regarding Paul Duffy’s passing. The only thing I seem to be able to feel is sorry that he got away without having to come up with the judgements against him.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      I have empathy for his children. Hopefully there was some life insurance or estate left to benefit them and the judgement. One thing John Steele and Paul Hansmeier may find out is the dead have no privacy and all the accounts associated with him will be easier to access.

      DTD 🙂

      • Guest says:

        Certainly no empathy for his wife. Half her posts indicate an extremely hedonistic lifestyle, and how she’s been planning to divorce him and continue living off the fat gleaned from Duffy’s extortion racket.

        Also, since it has to be said – DiedTrollDied.

  3. Garfield the Cat says:

    So with RightsCorp hiring a law firm, what does this mean for everyone who is still recieving notices? Because, after two months of not getting a notice, I received one yesterday via email. I immediately trashed it since it said the same thing as every other email they sent me. I’m guessing nothing will happen, since their profits and company are financially trashed right now.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      First there is going to have to be a Rightscorp client who agrees to file a law,suit. I guarantee not all the clients are going to want to do this. Still, there will be some. Next they will only be able to file in jurisdictions they have Troll attorneys in. Then they are only likely to go after long term heavy BT users. This is what happened with the 6 Rotten Records case they filed awhile back. There had been no more for this client.

      DTD 🙂

      • Garfield the Cat says:

        Awesome. I had stopped all BT activity and haven’t did it again since. So this is just their “friendly reminder”. Ah well. Life goes on for me

      • SJD says:

        I double DTD. Just think about it: Rightscorp claims that it represents thousands of rights holders, and yet the first lawsuit was filed over a 2 decade old obscure album, the rights to which is held by band’s former manager who was kicked out by the musicians.

        Doesn’t it tell volumes about Rightscorp the Scarecrow?

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