Three Troll Post – Not Prenda, But Still All Idiots (19 Jan 2017)

Well I have three topics to talk about – so I will try to keep each one reasonably short.

  • FIRST, we have had ANOTHER voluntary dismissal of a Doe by BT Copyright Troll Lowe based on the “Source of the Nile,” letter sent by attorney Lynch. That is 5 for 5 dismissals!
  • SECOND, NV BT Copyright Troll, Charles “Chaz” Rainey was told by the court to show that service was accomplished OR Defendants would be dismissed – he then dismissed 3 Defendants. *** UPDATE – ONLY one Defendant left – Filed an answer 25 Aug 16 – no case activity since 11 Jan 17. ***
  • THIRD, has come under attack of a vicious smear campaign trying to shut down the site.  *** Update – Looks like the Jessica Langston Facebook persona was deleted ***

5 for 5 Voluntary Dismissals

In the continuing story of a BT Copyright Troll running scared we have Troll attorney David Lowe. The BT Copyright Trolls/Plaintiffs and the German BT monitoring apparatus are the subject of Doe Defender Christopher Lynch’s efforts to expose the slimy and illegal efforts to generate settlement based on threats, lies, and fraudulent statements (My Opinion).

His most recent letter to Troll Lowe advised him to dismiss his client or face the possibility that their operation will be exposed. The letter makes it very clear that Troll/Plaintiff will lose this fight and the exposure of so many dirty little secrets will cost them in the form of Defense attorney’s fees and costs, as well as the possibility of future cases.   12jan17_letter-to-troll-lowe_01273wa

The letter was sent out on 12 Jan 17, and on 17 Jan 17, the Troll voluntarily dismissed 3 Defendants.   dismissal_01273wa

We respectfully request that LHF voluntarily dismiss Ms. Teodoro from the case. If she is dismissed by Noon on Tuesday January 17, 2017, we will not Answer the Amended Complaint, and we will not seek defense attorneys’ fees or costs. If the case is not dismissed by Noon Tuesday January 17, 2017, we will Answer during the afternoon of January 17, 2017 and we will seek defense attorneys’ fees when Ms. Teodoro wins, which is a certainty given her innocence.

Each innocent person we speak with leaves us dismayed that your client’s foreign representatives continue to pursue these cases in the manner they have selected. As a respected intellectual property firm like yours, my firm understands the need to protect and enforce legitimate rights. But the methods employed in these cases sacrifices investigatory precision and entangles too many innocent people.


The bottom line is that your client’s foreign representatives have made some mistakes. Their system is not foolproof and it needlessly ensnares innocent people, disrupting their lives for no good reason. Their bigger mistake is the use of a string of sworn declarations filed in our revered federal courts that lack the legitimacy the law requires.

I’m very happy the Troll dismissed the Defendant. I just wish the courts would start to look into this obvious fraud and do something besides allow the operation to continue. It is really a sad state of affairs when our courts can clearly see they are being used to generate settlements. I can only assume there is some rationalization going on – “Most of the Defendants are guilty, so nothing is wrong,” or “An innocent person would fight back,” etc.  The FBI needs to start a “Prenda-Like” investigation on Troll Lowe and the German BT monitoring apparatus. Until then, we will see how many dismissals Troll Lowe/Plaintiff is willing make. So if you are a Doe/Defendant affected by Troll Lowe, please consider consulting with Attorney Lynch. Also, other Defense attorneys will benefit from the information Attorney Lynch has on the Trolls. I’m sure there will be more letters and dismissals in the future.  🙂

NV Court Threatens to Dismiss Defendants – Troll Rainey Voluntarily Dismisses 3 Defendants

On 24 Jun 16, I published an article concerning Troll case 2:16-cv-00928 (NV), “Queen of the Desert,” filed by Troll attorney Charles “Chaz” Rainey.    The case was initially filed on 24 Apr 2016, and had 30 Does/ISP subscribers tied to it. On 23 Jul 2016, Troll Rainey amended the complaint to name the non-settling ISP subscribers as Defendants.

I did note that one ISP subscriber sent Troll Rainey an email denying any wrongdoing and even told them he would fight them if it came down to it.  The Doe told Troll Rainey that until recently they had an Open WiFi. Troll Rainey of course told the Doe was he was still responsible and unless he paid the $6K, Troll/Plaintiff would seek the maximum damages. Troll Rainey claimed the ISP agreement was a “contract” and “contributory and vicarious” copyright law would make the Doe responsible. What a load of crap.   emails_Redacted

Troll Rainey eventually had summons issued (BUT not for the Defendant who emailed him) and some of the Defendants were served. The service had the effect of getting some Defendants to settle. Nine other Defendants decided to ignore the summons and a default entry was made against them. One Defendant actually sent the court an “answer,” denying any responsibility to the alleged infringement.   def_ltr_answer_doc11_00928nv

On 10 Jan 17, the court finally tired of Troll Rainey dragging this case out and told him to show proof that the three remaining Defendants had been served prior to 90 days (21 Oct 16) time limit (FRCP 4(m)) after the first amended complaint was filed (23 Jul 16).   intenet-to-dismiss_00928nv

One day after the court made their displeasure clear; Troll Rainey voluntarily dismissed the three unserved Defendants.   vol_dismiss_00928nv   One of the dismissed was the person who emailed Troll Rainey. The other two Defendants were apparently not served for unknown reasons.

That leaves just the one Defendant who answered the summons/complaint. As Troll/Plaintiff does not want to actually move forward, I expect they are trying to get the Defendant to stipulate to a dismissal where both sides “walk-away” and no settlement or attorney fees/costs are paid by either side. I will suggest to this Defendant that he ONLY accept a WITH PREJUDICE dismissal from Troll Rainey.

This case is the poster board for how the BT Copyright Troll operation works. Seeing this gives future Defendants the insight on how to respond. For many of these cases, the Troll attorney is now willing to name and serve the ISP subscribers that don’t settle. In this case the ONLY person who was NOT served was the one who emailed the Troll denying the infringement and said he would fight back. All the other non-settling Does were named and summons issued. Only one person filed an answer denying the infringement; it is likely that Troll/Plaintiff will soon move to dismiss this Defendant.

Bottom Line (non-legal advice/suggestion) – If you didn’t do it, DENY IT; say you will fight them. If The Troll still moves forward to name and served you with a summons, file an answer to DENY IT. If you have the means, hiring an attorney (or at least get a consult) is also a great idea. Under Attack – Smear Campaign

Robert Krausankas of has come under attack of a vicious smear campaign trying to shut down his site.  It all started when he reported on a new Copyright Troll: Joel Albrizio of Adlife Marketing.

joel-albrizio1Allegedly Mr. Albrizio has removed his images from The removal of the images THEN caused iStock to remove the purchase receipts from the customer’s account page. It appears that Mr. Albrizio may have known this AND then decided to send out $8K settlement demand letters to people/sites who allegedly used the images. Note: some of these people had purchased valid image licenses. Mr. Albrizio has also allegedly even filed suits against some of these people to try to force them to pay a settlement. For the people who purchased image licenses, they have call iStock support and ask for a copy of the license/purchase receipt.

jlstock-photo-the-charming-mother-with-present-sit-on-the-chair-517009117Troll Albrizio called Mr. Krausankas and tried to get him to remove the posts about him and Adlife. Mr. Krausankas refused and Mr. Albrizio allegedly threatened him – stating he would destroy him, ruin his life, and that he has no idea what is coming.  Approximately one month later (all on the same day) a new anonymous blog was started called “” (VOJF). VOJF is dedicated solely as a smear campaign/site with the goal of having shut down. Note: In addition, a fraudulent Facebook account (FB ID # 100014690467770) was created (“Jessica LangstonLooks like it was deleted – I get this page) AND Mr. Krausankas name was registered as a domain. The Jessica Langston persona has also emailed Mr. Krausankas’s clients, his wife’s board of directors & business associates, and his daughter’s volleyball leagues coaches. The emails are a sad attempt to get Mr. Krausankas clients leave him, his wife to lose her job, and to get him barred from participating in his daughter’s sports league.

Take a look at the VOJF web site and decide for yourself. Somebody doesn’t like Mr. Krausankas. Also the Facebook account for Jessica Langston does looks like a fraud. Note: The profile picture for Mrs. Langston is a cut/edit from Shutterstock image file #517009117, taken from the photographer portfolio of Pyrozhenka.

Here are some links for additional information on the antics of this Troll.  I would also put it out to Mr. Albrizio, that if you feel any of this in error, please feel free to contact me.

Shame Attempt  –  War of Words  –  Extortion Letters Info blog entry – Get Nutty

DieTrollDie 🙂   “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.”  [Jules Winnfield (Ezekiel 25:17), Pulp Fiction (1994)]

– Suggested reading – Troll Poker & Talking To The Trolls   Basic PACER Case Look-Up

About DieTrollDie

I'm one of the many 'John Does' (200,000+ & growing in the US) who Copyright Trolls have threatened with a civil law suit unless they are paid off. What is a Copyright Troll? Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation link -
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13 Responses to Three Troll Post – Not Prenda, But Still All Idiots (19 Jan 2017)

  1. that anonymous coward says:

    “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

    One would think that trolls would have learned by now that launching attacks is futile, and merely serves to reveal how scared they are, confirming the opinions people hold of them.
    Following the Troll playbook, next I expect a baseless lawsuit to be filed in the vain attempt to suddenly scare the critic… and then there are the indictments waiting in the wings.

    Someone should suggest to iStock that they should pull up all of the licenses of people who had the misfortune of licensing the trolls photos and proactively send them the proof, along with a note about what is happening. One might also want to mention if you had a license that you were unable to provide as fast as demanded, one might want to file a civil suit to get that money back as well as an apology. I am sure the court would be VERY interested to hear how removing the content from iStock made the proof of license’s disappear and suddenly he was threatening to sue all of these people who followed the law but his acts made it much harder to get the proof they had done the right thing. I mean if you license photos to a stock image company, shouldn’t you take the time to make sure you aren’t threatening a client who paid you? That sounds like a way to get a bad name in the business & find stock photo sites unwilling to handle your images to protect their clients.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Thanks TAC. I agree, iStock should doing something proactive and not be a pawn of a Troll. This after all is affecting “Their” customers. Other idiot Trolls are bound to catch on and start doing this. Greed and an out-of-control ego have motivated more than one turd to go full-stupid. Hopefully this one will get a clue.

      DTD 🙂

  2. buddhapi says:

    I’ve heard from a reliable source who has dealt directly with IStock, they are very aware of Joel Albrizio and his tactics, every person that comes forward gets added to “the file” with their “Legal Dept”. It amazes me how low and how dumb these trolls are.

  3. Matthew Chan says:

    Thank you to DTD for the Jessica Langston photo discovery on Shutterstock. Also thanks to DTD for catching that the Jessica Langston FB account appears to be down. It is always nice to have some extra eyes keeping an eye on things.

    And for anyone who wants to follow the VOJF saga on ExtortionLetterInfo, we have a special thread dedicated to it:'voices-of-jupiter-florida'-discussion-thread/

  4. auctionapril says:

    It’s just weird that a rich sorta celebrity type would try to do harm to a man’s wife and children. Albrizio acts as if whatever he visits upon another person is fair game. He lacks empathy and kindness and his temper tantrum is getting old. He needs to grow up and imagine that someone like him was visiting the same kind of really bad behavior on his children, grandchildren, current and ex-wives. Has this man no decency? My biggest beef with trolls is that they create all this havoc and drama. They cultivate fear and shame and then they whine like little babies when we talk about the stupid and childish and in my opinion illegal stuff they do. It’s not okay to fight the truth with lies. It’s not okay to go after a man’s family. It’s not okay to be a dick head.

    • Joel-sica thinks he is being smart when actually he has actually opened up a nasty way of “fighting” that few would consider. In his case, he has committed multiple attacks on “innocents” that have nothing to do with CRT. And he thinks he is being creative and smart by “weaponizing” the innocents. Except Joel-sica probably forgot that is probably surrounded by far more “innocents” than Robert has.

      The difference is that Robert has exercised lots of restraint and Joel-sica has NOT. 32 consecutive days of posts don’t lie. He has lost all perspective and probably can’t see how badly it makes him look and how badly it reflects on him and the people around him. He talks about how “bad” Robert was. I would say that Robert was quite tame in comparison to the shit going on VOJF.

      Everyone can see it but apparently he can’t by his daily posts.

      • DieTrollDie says:

        So in his recent (25 Jan 2017) post, the VOJF person wants Robert to remove all “negative” posts.

        We would ask at no future time will our names be attached to anything negative by you or your hero members under any circumstances.

        So tell me, what “names” is the VOJF persona asking to be removed from posts??? Jessica Langston??? The VOJF has NOT said who they are. Is that you, Joel Albrizio of Adlife Marketing???

        Stupid Trolls.

        DTD 🙂

  5. buddhapi says:

    One can only now appears by this latest post, that VOJF wishes to try to blackmail me into removing anything negative about “them”, in order to make VOJF go away.. Yes I may have made negative comments and reporting, but it was not “made up” lies and borderline defamatory statements, nor did I drag any “innocents” into the mix…VOJF chose to go down that road, and he/she/they are solely responsible for those actions and any blowback and or reporting that follows.

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  7. Pingback: Doe Defender “Letter” Is “8 for 8” Troll Dismissals & Update to CO Copyright Troll Case – Mechanic: Resurrection (1:16-cv-02580) | DieTrollDie

  8. John Doe says:

    Rainey was CLE suspended 4/6/17 and has not yet been reinstated.

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