Another Three Troll Post – More Idiots (8 Mar 2017)

Wow! So much going on I don’t have all the time in the world to talk about it. I will try though. 😉  Here are the down-and-dirty highlights.

  • FIRST, John Steele pleads GUILTY. Not too much of a surprise, except for maybe Paul Hansmeier
  • SECOND, we have had ANOTHER voluntary dismissal of a Doe by BT Copyright Troll Lowe based on a letter sent by attorney Lynch. That is 9 for 9 dismissals!
  • THIRD, Malibu Media LLC appears to settle a CA case on the eve of a trial. More questionable actions/statements from their “Never Convicted” expert, Patrick Paige. Yes, settlement (Cut & Run) was the smart thing to do.     

John Steele Pleads GUILTY

On 6 March, John Steele (Steele|Hansmeier, Prenda Law, etc.) accepted a plea-deal/stipulated sentencing for his criminal activities.   John-Steele-Plea_00334(MN)  Here are some of the write-ups following the plea.

Arstechnica     Techdirt     Torrentfreak     Fightcopyrighttrolls

It was really a no-brainer for Johnny Boy. The sheer number of mail/wire fraud and false statement violations could have sent him away for life. I would love to know what agreements Peter Hansmeier and Mark Lutz made. This leaves the other idiot, Paul Hansmeier out to dry. I’m sure Paul will make a deal, but as he is the last one, the offerings from the Attorney General may be slim.

Now I know that the other Trolls out there will claim that they (and their clients) are NOT Prenda. Still, we continue to see Prenda-like behavior when confronted by determined Pro Se Defendants and knowledgeable attorneys.  Yes, they are different from Prenda – but they are cut from the same cloth.  Note: There is a “Restitution” paragraph (page 23) in the plea, but I seriously doubt there will be any money left.

Ninth Voluntary Dismissal – Troll Lowe Two-Step

Troll Lowe just can’t get a break from the fun of trying to shake-down people and then having to dismiss them under threat of having the entire dirty operation (my opinion) exposed in court and imploding. Here is the NINTH letter attorney Christopher Lynch has written to Troll Lowe, dated 27 Feb 17.     9th_Lynch-Ltr-Dismiss

Will you go to trial against Ms. Conley? How? Why? You spend the money to take her deposition where she looks you and the camera in the eye and truthfully explains she has no idea what you are talking about. What does that achieve? You spend the money to inspect her computers and are left with what – a declaration of Mr. Paige having to acknowledge there is no evidence of Bittorrent use or London has Fallen? Then what, go to trial?


We doubt Chief Judge Martinez will tolerate any of these witnesses (or the story about 70+ fictitious “Darren M. Griffin” declarations being filed in WD WA.) Chief Judge Martinez’ identical $750 “joint and several” default judgments, and his direct challenges to your firm’s accuracy in billing, are clues as to how he might react when he finds out the truth about the Guardaley witnesses and practices.

Well, as expected, Troll Lowe dismissed the case against this Defendant.   Conley-Dismissed   NOT because she was wholly innocent. Troll Lowe/Plaintiff would have gladly taken a settlement from a 65-year-old woman with NO evidence – ONLY that she was the name on the ISP account. Even if she couldn’t pay, these shameless turds would have likely sought after and obtained a default judgement against her. Tell me again how these jerks are NOT like John Steele/Paul Hansmeier.

Malibu Media Agrees To Settle CA Case – I Wonder WHY?

Well what about Malibu Media/X-Art??? Yes, Malibu Media/X-Art/Troll Lipscomb (previously) did run a very aggressive operation. With the break-up of the Malibu Media/X-Art AND Troll Lipscomb, the standard aggressive nature has waned a bit. One older Malibu Media case was, 3:15-cv-04441, Northern District of CA. This case against a single public IP address/John Doe was originally filed on 27 Sep 2015. The Defendant has been fighting back and even had a jury trial date of 20 Mar 2017. It appears that on the eve of trial, both sides have agreed upon a settlement (still waiting for docket entry); Judge Alsup mentioned that both sides had agreed to settlement and continued the pretrial hearing.   Settle-Continued_04441(CA)

The exact details of the agreed upon dismiss will very likely be unknown. Malibu Media claimed the Defendant destroyed and hide evidence from them. The Defense recently brought forth some documents to show that one of Plaintiff’s star expert might have a little problem. The expert was none other than Mr. “Never Convicted” Patrick Paige, of Computer Forensic (CF), LLC.

Take a read of the following documents and you will understand why Malibu Media/X-Art and the Anti-Piracy Management Company (APMC) would eagerly agree to a dismissal. I will also note that attorney Christopher Lynch mentioned this issue to Troll Lowe in his letter (see story above).

The documents of interest are of course the details of Mr. Paige’s criminal activity that resulted in his termination from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBCSO) in September 2011. I will make it clear that he was never prosecuted for his actions. Mr. Paige was given a sweet deal and only fired from the PBCSO. This was likely swept under-the-rug as fast as possible to prevent embarrassment, as well as call into question Mr. Paige’s work and the convictions that were a result of it – can you say potential appeal nightmare.  If HE had been a normal citizen, I’m sure there would have been a prosecution, conviction, and jail time.

I was not surprised to see a letter written by Mr. Paige following his arrest in December 2010.  I will only note that for a one-page letter, Mr. Paige only devotes one sentence to saying he is sorry for his actions. The rest is devoted to rationalizing his actions and pleading for his job (so his family does not pay for his mistakes). Some will say I’m not sympathetic, but I truly wonder how much sympathy Malibu Media/Troll Lipscomb/Patrick Paige would have given to a Defendant making a similar plea. In my opinion, Mr. Paige’s willingness to sign-on with Troll Lipscomb and the APMC shows his true character. The fact that he stayed with them after discovering how the APMC settlement generation operation worked is just as telling.

Next is a civil law suit filed against Mr. Paige, Carter Conrad (his partner), and CF LLC. Though not directly related to the BT Copyright Troll cases, this law suit claims Paige and Conrad are trying to remove any reference to David Kleiman (deceased) being a founding partner in CF.  The sole heir to the David Kleiman estate (Ira Kleiman, David’s brother) believes Paige and Conrad are attempting to cut him out of his portion of CF. If the claims are true, this again shows the character of Mr. Paige and calls into question his ethics, as well as the quality and truthfulness of his work.

Last is something that goes to the heart of Mr. Paige’s ability to be trusted in deed and in word. It appears Mr. Paige stated in a report that HE tested the IPP/Excipio infringement detection system and concluded the system worked.

The Defense expert (Bradley Witteman), found some interesting information that calls this into question:

It is my opinion, from the test results files I was provided, that the deceased principal of Computer Forensics LLC, Dave Kleiman, was the person who conducted the NARS system test that produced the provided test results files, and not Patrick Paige. I describe why this is my belief below in Exhibit B.

The testing dates are inconsistent with the file creation dates of the provided test results files. I describe my findings in Exhibit C.

The Dave Kleiman system test in 2013 was not performed on the version of the NARS system that was active during the complaint in 2015. My findings are below in Exhibit D.

False statements by Mr. Paige???  So you can see why Malibu Media would be very happy to close this case out. Too bad this information is going to cause further headaches and questions to be raised in other cases. One last note, in the emails from David Kleiman concerning the testing of IPP/Excipio system, he is messaged by “Ben” at Anti-Piracy Management Company (APMC) LLC. It appears that Ben P at the APMC has direct access to the PCAP data recorded by IPP/Excipio. Just more information to show that “interested parties” to these BT Copyright Troll law suits are not disclosed to the court and the Defendants as required. Funny, Prenda (Steele|Hanmeier) did lots of hiding   APMC presentation   Text Transcript of Presentation

AGAIN, Please tell me how the “Other” Troll attorneys and Plaintiffs are NOT like Prenda Law.

DieTrollDie 🙂 

  • Hello everyone!!
  • Just sitting here with a nice pale ale, enjoying the various blog posts and thinking of how to better fight piracy. Feeling pretty good about this issue and enjoy exploring the finer points of this litigation with the very distinguished jurists in DC, with whom I have the utmost respect.
  • I think you guys should just stick to picking on the Hashmis and Stones of the world.  After all, not many articles out there about how a certain Miami firm is having any problems with the courts. I guess we will see.
  • BTW, what firm are you going to call DTD? After all, we have seen your legal mind in all its glory Next time, don’t embarrass yourself, at least ask a law student for help.
  • [John Steele via IP address, DTD Web Site, 20 Feb 2012]

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6 Responses to Another Three Troll Post – More Idiots (8 Mar 2017)

  1. I read that article, posted a Tweet “John Steele pleads guilty to fraud,” and thought, “meh.” Reading your write-up on it, the seriousness of what John Steele is facing IS actually staggering. Mail fraud, wire fraud… these are HUGE deals that could end a person’s life (his life as a ‘free’ citizen, that is).

    In a way, I am shocked that this has caught up with him, and yet I’ve always known seeing him lie to the courts and commit acts of perjury over and over again is a huge no-no.

    What I don’t understand is… why didn’t he flee the US? Take his millions somewhere else… to Tahiti? He *HAD* to know his scheme was crashing down as soon as he was served in the elevator by Paul Godfread regarding the Alan Cooper identity theft issue.

    It would take a psychologist and a good book interview in jail to figure out why he didn’t think he would ever get caught. At the very minimum, we all suffered from his activities.

    • SJD says:

      Why didn’t he emigrate? Short answer: villains love their children too. (IMO it also explains his recent move to Pennsylvania).

      • DieTrollDie says:

        Funny. I was just thinking that the same thing. I’m sure the agents made it very clear to him. He might want to eventually see them and not just on visiting days.

        DTD 🙂

  2. Christenson says:

    Hey DTD, the typo monster is afoot…and has bit you, lol.
    “Now I know that the other Trolls out there will claim that they (and their clients are NOT Prenda).”
    I know that a closing parenthesis got away from you!

  3. Pingback: Anti-Piracy Management Company (APMC) Still Running Strong – “Pay No Attention To That Man Behind the Curtain!” | DieTrollDie

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