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Patrick Collins v. Does 1-33 (Colorado), Case 1:11-cv-02163-CMA-MJW (“Party Girls”)

At the request of a Doe, I took a look at a recent Colorado Case, Patrick Collins v. John Does 1-33, 1:11-cv-02163-CMA-MJW, filed on 18 Aug 11.  The complaint shows the same old template Patrick Collins and K-Beech use in … Continue reading

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Colorado K-Beech Case (Virgins 4), 1:11-cv-01653-CMA -MJW (Jason Kotzker)

Well I looked up a CO case concerning K-Beech and the file “Virgins 4.”  This is the same K-Beech file that has a 78 John Doe case in PA.  There are probably more cases in other States with the same K-Beech file.  K_Beech_CO_Vir4_Show_Cause_Dism  … Continue reading

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