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Jan 2016 – The Answers here are a bit dated, but a good reference.

Back in February 2012, Prenda Law Inc., was forced to admit that for over 15,000 defendants, they had never named and served a single person with a summons/complaint.  FCT Article   Following this revelation, Prenda and other copyright trolls started to actually name and serve some defendants – the number of people served was still very small.  I still remember John Steele thanking us for forcing them to name and serve people – he claimed it was working out in their favor.  It may have initially generated more settlements, but it eventually lead to people fighting back.  How are you doing now Prenda/Steele/Hansmeier???

It is important to note that during this time, Troll Lipscomb/Malibu Media/X-Art did name/serve some of the defendants in their single-Doe cases.  Also in 2013, we started to see more mass-Doe copyright infringement cases for non-porn movies.  Some of these newer mass-Doe cases have started down the path of naming/serving people.  The settlements may increase a bit by doing this, but I feel Troll/Plaintiffs are tempting fate.  We may not end up with a Copyright Troll implosion like Prenda, but they will end up exposing more internal secrets to help destroy their operations.

I’m providing these examples of ‘Answers’ filed by Defendants to give people an option.  Fighting the Trolls on your own (Pro Se) is not an easy option, but I understand everyone’s situation is different.  I will suggest that if you are served, to at least consult with an attorney who has worked these cases.  Also please forward me copies of any answers you come across.



17 Jul 14 – Malibu Media LLC (Via attorney Richard Hanes).   Doc_35_ButlerAnswer_02707(CO)

20 Jun 14 – Countryman Nevada LLC, Pro Se Answer.   CMN_ProSe_Answer_00073(MI)

5 May 14 – Malibu Media LLC (Via attorney Christina E. Saunders).  Def_Answer_03184(CO)

4 Apr 14, DTD Article – How To Answer A Copyright Troll Summons – Basic Denial

11 Apr 14, Looks like a Pro Se Defendant used the template.  Good job.   Beltramea_Answer_Doc36_01019(IA)

Here is a very basic Pro Se Answer template.  Basic_ProSe_Answer   It is a simple denial answer.  NOTE: Needs to be tailored to respond to the allegations in the complaint.  Don’t just add your name and submit to the court.

This shared folder contains an ‘Answer Template’ I created for Dallas Buyers Club, LLC v. Does 1-31, in the Southern District of Texas, 4:14-cv-00248.  If you are going to use it, please edit it to reflect the specific Plaintiff, allegations, and YOUR answers – Don’t just slap you name on it.   answer_template_00248(TX)

DTD Article – How To Answer A Summons From A Copyright Troll

Apr 2014, Countryman Nevada, LLC, Pro Se Answer   Basic_ProSe_Answer_01383(IL)

Mar 2014, TCYK LLC, Pro Se Answer   Doc35_Answer_01020(IA)

Feb 2014, TCYK LLC, Pro Se Answers   Doc29_Answer_01020(IA)   Doc30_Answer_01020(IA)

Mar 2014, Amended Answer (Attorney) Elf-Man LLC   2ndAAnswerCC_00395(WA)   2ndAAnswerCC_Exhibits_00395(WA)

Jan 2014, Elf-Man LLC, Attorney Answer   Def_AnswerCC_00395(WA)   Def_AnswerCC_EXs_00395(WA)

Dec 2013, Elf-Man LLC, Pro Se Answer   Ogden_Answer_00115(WA)

Oct 2013, Malibu Media LLC, Attorney Answer   Answer_00204(IN)

May 2013, Zambezia Film LTD, Attorney Answer   Answer_CClaim_00318(WA)

Aug 2013, Malibu Media LLC, Attorney Answer   Answer_3rdAmdComp_01117(IN)

Jun 2013, Malibu Media LLC, Attorney Answer   20-Answer_00427(CO)

Jul 2012, Liberty Media Holdings LLC, Pro Se Answer   Answer_Complaint_03425(CA)

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