DTD Torpedoes (Declarations)

Jan 2016 – I haven’t filed Torpedo is some time. Situations have changed and the courts (in general) understand what the Trolls are up to.


Here is a list of my Torpedos fired to refute various aspects of copyright infringement cases.  Please feel free to use any/all aspects of these documents in your motions, declarations, or as an exhibit.  Even if one is denied filing by a court, I will add to the list so people can adapt the information as needed.

Torpedo #1 – 3:11-CV-00531, Patrick Collins Inc., v.Does 1-58, Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond Div) – Very similar to Torpedo #2.

Torpedo #2 – 3:11-CV-00469, K-Beech Inc., v. Does 1-85, Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond Div)

Torpedo #3 – 2:11-CV-01602, Patrick Collins Inc., v. Does 1-54, District of Arizona

Torpedo #4 – 4:11-CV-00584, Digital Sin, Inc., v. Does 1-145, Northern District of Florida

Torpedo #5 – 1:11-CV-09064, Pacific Century International Ltd., v. Does 1-31, Northern District if Illinois. This was initially accepted and filed, but later striken by the court.

Torpedo #6 – I have to post a draft copy of it.  Torpedo was not accepted by the court.  Sometimes the troll wins 😦

Torpedo #7 (Actually a Sea Launched Cruise Missile) – I have been busy working other issues and my torpedo work was bit on a little hold.  As of 29 May 12, Torpedo #7 is being loaded into the tube and a firing solution is ready.  The specific target of #7 is a little different from the previous ones.  Hopefully the court will accept it for filing.  Even if not accepted for filing, the court will not be able to ignore the points it makes. ;). OK. #7 is on its way (31 May 12).  SLCM #7 was filed in the Eastern District of PA on 5 Jun 12.  DTD_SLCM_02084(PA)   Post on this declaration.

Torpedo #8 (mini) – This one was fired very quickly as a great target of opportunity presented itself.  Copyright Troll Timothy Anderson, VA, violated a CO court order when he contacted and tried to depose 12 VA Does.  Wrote it up and faxed it to the court – Yes, YOU can also do this!  DTD ArticleCO_Torpedo_00656(CO)1 CO_Torpedo_00656(CO)2  Torpedo8_00656(CO)

Torpedo #9 – This declaration was in response to Troll Brett Gibbs sad motion for sanctions against Doe Defender Morgan Pietz.  My article on this.  Part of my declaration came from my research into the violation of a Colorado court order by Prenda Law Inc., that lead to Torpedo #8.

Torpedo #10 – As of 15 Mar 13, it is on its way.  Never sure how the court will handle this, but one can hope and try.  Torpedo Run

6 Responses to DTD Torpedoes (Declarations)

  1. rj says:

    Over 40000 Does Dismissed In Copyright Troll Cases on eff’s site.


    Please don’t sue me for using that.

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