What is Your Story?

One new Doe made a great suggestion that some of us “seasoned” Does share our Copyright Troll experiences from start to current/finish.  This will help the newbies see how the situation unfolded for the rest of us.  I will make the first post and welcome all others to tell their story.  Be mindful not to give too much away and make it easy for the Troll to identify you.  For a majority of you that will not be an issue.  For others who have pissed off the Trolls by our actions (like myself), be safe.

My Story

In 2010, I received a package in the mail from my Internet Service Provider (ISP).  What is this?  Upon opening it, I found a bunch of papers, some appearing to be court documents, stating my public IP address downloaded/shared a copyright protected porn movie.  The owner of the porn movie was suing a bunch of the people who downloaded/shared the movie in Federal Court (located in another State).  I didn’t do this, but as I have others in the residence who use my Internet connection.  I go around and check the devices to see if the file in question can be found.  I questioned everyone in the residence, but everyone denied doing it.  I don’t find the file and as I know (as the registered public IP owner) I didn’t do anything wrong, I put it to the side.  I thought there is no evidence to support the allegation, so this will go nowhere.  Some serious family issues soon arose and I never went further with it.

Sometime later, I got another letter in the mail from a Copyright Troll.  This is when I started to get worried.  The letter stated in very clear terms that I was a defendant in a Copyright Infringement case (filed in another State) and I had downloaded/shared a porn movie via BitTorrent on a certain date/time.  The letter stated that “I” was responsible for this illegal activity and that the copyright owner was prepared to sue me for as much money as they could get ($150K + attorney fees).  I freaked!  The letter also explained that there was no excuse or defense to these allegations.  Bottom line – I was guilty (In their opinion) and if I chose to, they would be kind enough to accept $3K to make the threat of losing everything go away.

I started to search the Internet for any information on this case, and soon found the term “Copyright Trolls.”  After that the information started to follow.  I found the EFF and contacted one of the attorney on their Copyright Defense page.  This attorney explained to me that this was a legal scam to extract as much money from Doe defendants as possible.  He also explained the statute of limitation was three-years and since the case was filed in another State, the Troll would have to get someone authorized to practice law in my State to file a case against me.  He said I could get a local attorney to represent me and send the Troll a letter stating 1) I didn’t do it, 2) No evidence on my systems, 3) I will fight you in court if need be, 4) If by some odd chance you win, I will file bankruptcy.  If I didn’t want to pay an attorney to do this, I could ignore the Troll and it would likely pass.  As I didn’t have the money to spend on an attorney, I opted to ignore the Troll.

I again went around to all the systems in the house and verified that the movie was not on any of them.  I also checked on my Wireless Fire Wall/Router and determined that unknown systems/users had been connecting to it.  I took screenshots of the connected systems and then blocked them.  I keep these records and all the other paperwork on my case in a safe place, in case it is ever needed (Highly doubtful).

Soon after talking to the attorney, I had a voicemail from the Troll agent.  Same BS line as the initial letter, “My client is prepared to go forward…… If you want to settle and avoid an expensive trial…. Possible finding of $150K+ against you….. Please call me at …..”  I got a couple more voicemails and even another letter.  All during this time I’m learning more and more about this racket and what a bunch of sleazy bottom-feeders me and the multitude of Does were having to deal with.

The calls and letters stopped and I never heard from the Troll again.  Also during this time I found Fightcopyrighttrolls.com (Hi Jane!).  After getting better educated on this situation, I decided to start my own blog and try to help some of the Does.

I kept an eye on my case in PACER and soon found out that the Troll had dismissed it.  It stayed open for more than a year.  The troll claiming that “The ISPs are slow,” “negotiations were taking a long time,” etc.  I would come to find out this was the standard procedure for a Troll.  Milk a case for all that it is worth and then shut it down and move to another.  GREED!  Plain and simple.  Recent court filing also confirmed that one of the Trolls has not named/served a single Doe.  The other trolls are doing the same thing.

So I haven’t paid a Troll or defense attorney a dime and I’m still around!  The worse thing I have lost is some time I spend trying to get the word out.  The return I get in good Karma is worth it.  I’m still under threat, as the statute of limitation has yet to pass – but it will.  As I have pissed off the Trolls and some copyright owners, I don’t think it is a good idea to come out once the three-years has passed.  Not the most difficult thing for a Troll to find out a public IP address and add it to a list of “offenders.”  Proof or “Stopping Piracy,” has nothing to do with these legal actions.  Money drives it all.

15 June 2012 Update – Take a listen to this Doe talk about “his story.”  Thank you SJD for finding this.

8 Jan 2013 Update – Since my last update, some Trolls decided to name or name/serve a limited number of Does with a summons/complaint or a deposition subpoena.  These cases are usually the result of a previous mass-Doe case that the Troll uses to obtain ISP subscriber information on the Does.  The numbers are still very small overall, but you should be aware of this.  STILL, we have had ZERO cases judged on their merits in a trial.  This new tactic is designed to either get the named Doe to settle or test the water for a possible default judgement motion if the Doe does not respond at all.  If this happens, I’m of the opinion to hire an attorney knowledgeable on these cases.  The problem the Troll has with this tactic is what to do if a defendant answers a complaint with a denial or denial/counterclaims, the Troll/Plaintiff can’t easily drop the case.  The Troll doesn’t want to have the case judged on its merits – there is none.  The Troll then has to either wait for the court to dismiss it for some reason or settle with the defendant – paying off the Doe.  Even if a court dismisses such a case, the Troll knows the defendant is most likely going to motion the court for an award of reasonable attorney fees and costs.

18 June 2013 Update – At this point we have seen the start of the destruction of Prenda Law and the PA Bellwether trial took place.  I expect Lipscomb and Malibu Media will claim the trial validated all their claims and that are only attempting to stop pirates from taking their content for free.  The Bellwether trial was disappointing in that it failed to make Lipscomb/Malibu Media answer any hard questions about their operation.  It was a “show trial” agreed upon after all three defendants settled with Plaintiff.   The possible long-term effects of this trial are debatable, but Copyright Trolling in its various forms will continue.  Lipscomb/Malibu Media have tailored their efforts to minimize the risks, but if they play it long enough, they will crap out.

OK, enough of me.  What is your story?

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  1. Joe says:

    I got a dcma letter but no contact from ceg-tek? Should I expect more letters? I am on comcast and didn’t know what to expect when I got the letter and found this site. Thanks for the help in advance.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Thanks for the information.  If possible, forward me a copy of the email you got. Dietrolldie@dietrolldie.com I will not release it and I will be better able to answer your

      So the DMCA notice is from CEG-TEK?  I can only assume that the settlement portion was stripped off by the ISP.  I haven’t heard of Comcast doing this, but I welcome it.  The DMCA has nothing to say on what has to be forwarded
      BESIDES the main details of the notice (see below) –

      (3) Elements of notification.-
      (A) To be effective under this subsection, a notification of claimed infringement must be a written communication provided to the designated agent of a service provider that includes substantially the following:
      (i) A physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on
      behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.
      (ii) Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed, or, if multiple copyrighted works at a single online site are covered by a
      single notification, a representative list of such works at that site.
      (iii) Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing activity and that is to be removed or access to which is to be disabled, and information reasonably sufficient to permit the
      service provider to locate the material.
      (iv) Information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to contact the complaining party, such as an address, telephone number, and, if
      available, an electronic mail address at which the complaining party may be contacted.
      (v) A statement that the complaining party has a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
      (vi) A statement that the information in the notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.
      (i) Subject to clause (ii), a notification from a copyright owner or from a person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner that fails to comply substantially with the provisions of subparagraph (A) shall not be considered under paragraph (1)(A) in determining whether a service provider has actual knowledge or is aware of facts or circumstances from which infringing activity is apparent.
      (ii) In a case in which the notification that is provided to the service provider’s designated agent fails to comply substantially with all the provisions of subparagraph (A) but substantially complies with clauses (ii),
      (iii), and (iv) of subparagraph (A), clause (i) of this subparagraph applies only if the service provider promptly attempts to contact the person making the notification or takes other reasonable steps to assist in the receipt of
      notification that substantially complies with all the provisions of
      subparagraph (A).

      So what I would suggest is to first identify the source of the BT activity that lead to the notice.  Stop the BT activity and ensure it doesn’t start back up. I would suggest you resecure your WiFi Router with a new password.
      Also, contact your ISP and tell them you have taken steps to ensure this
      doesn’t happen again – DOT NO give the ISP details on who or what caused it – just that you have fixed it.  Ignore the notice and move on with your life.


  2. B says:

    Just got a second copyright notice forwarded from my ISP that was sent to them on the date that I was supposed to pay the original settlement. The message is identical except this time they’re asking for a larger settlement. Should I call my ISP and tell them that these claims are identical so they don’t shut off my internet? The deadline for this one is also 3 days, so advice would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi all, received a Happy New Year gift on 12/31 in the form of a Malibu Media LLC v. John Doe subpoena letter from Comcast with a deadline of filing motion to quash set for early next week.

    Love your site (& Jane’s), which are both extremely rich in helpful dot-connecting articles and defense resources, but time is running out, and having already spoken with one attorney (who pretty much seemed to enjoy scaring me half to death), I regrouped a bit…

    Last night I contacted a Human Rights group to see whether they could lend assistance (haven’t heard back from them yet), but I’ve also been checking out the viability of utilizing the Sovereign line of pre-emptive “defense.”

    A few years ago I closely followed Max Igan from down under and listened intently to his talks on taking back one’s sovereignty. I dug deeper and came upon a book posted on his site by Mary Elizabeth Croft titled “How I Clobbered every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency known to Man … a Spiritual Economics Book.”

    Going further, I started getting set up on getoutofdebtfree.org, a site founded on the inspiration Mary provides in her work (here is the dedication page: http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org/Mary-Elizabeth-Croft).

    If there is anyone on here who is familiar with this, namely taking back one’s sovereignty in the form of “being the agent for one’s strawman.” (Think of International Law or Maritime Law, based on Commerce, which is the current prevailing system globally, as being the Monopoly board, while the player’s names, especially represented in ALL CAPS, as being the tokens or game pieces, players either wittingly or unwittingly participating in the big corporate game – corporatocracy, anyone ??).

    Please forgive me, for those of you who are already familiar, if I didn’t get the above quite right, and please give feedback with correction and/or additionally helpful descriptions. I’m going primarily by mental notes and very little sleep at this point (and getting later by the minute so I’ll be signing off soon).

    But, in any event, my line of thinking is this: if the court system is one based on Maritime Law, which it is, then it is based on commerce, and commerce flows between corporate entities, but if we take ownership of our corporate name – claiming our sovereignty as a person, not a corporate entity, then we are placed outside the rules of the game, so to speak.

    Thus, I’m wondering at this point whether a workable “defense” would be to transcend rather than defend – in other words, if the first step taken is to perform Common Law Copyright/Trademark Procedure and Estoppel and Declaration, could this stop the Copyright Troll dead in its tracks because you’ve effectively taken your game piece off the board? You are no longer playing the game as a corporate entity, but instead are ejected off the board via your declaration of sovereign person-hood.

    Please follow these links to find out more on this – it would be great to hear others’ thoughts on this:

    Copyright/Trademark Procedure and Estoppel


    Also, here is article type of posting re: MM LLC:

    “IP address does not constitute a person, judge rules in copy”

    Thanks Folks!


  4. Me says:

    I sure wish I found this site sooner. My girlfriend got a notice forwarded to her via her ISP Shaw and she ended up forking over the settlement money of $300. She told me about it and all I could do was shake my head even after telling her many times theyvwere not taking her to court. But her naive response was that she didn’t want to play with fire and she thinks there was no sure way knowing if they wouldn’t or not. She’s damn lucky she has a loving boyfriend willing to help on the payment she did and I got her to immediately call her credit card company and close her credit card.

    • person says:

      Hey did your girlfriend ever receive anymore notices after she paid? I received a notice for $300 and I was gonna pay but I’m afraid that they will keep harassing me after I do pay…… thanks

  5. doe says:

    Just received CEG-TEK notice from my VPN. I was at a friend’s house during the alleged infraction on their wifi. I am speaking with a lawyer soon regarding this. I am curious though, what information gets sent back to the initiator of the notice from Vyprvpn and can Vyprvpn hold connection logs for longer than 30 days if they have a justification to?

  6. doe says:

    I received a message from CEG-TEK threatening me and trying to shake me down for 300 bucks. They list the same movie 3 times so maybe it is 900 bucks IDK. The thing is that I have been 3000 miles away in the XXXXXXXXXXXXX for over a month. I guess it may be possible one of my adult kids did it but they deny it. They don’t actually know who I am. At least I don’t think they do. I think that my ISP would have to give them that information and I am pretty sure that is not legal. What do you think?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Please don’t put real names or details that could help to identify yourself. Not that I think CEG-TEK, would do anything, but it better to be safe.

      Your ISP is extremely unlikely to provide your contact information to CEG-TEK without a subpoena. As CEG-TEK does not file real Federal copyright infringement cases, a subpoena does not exist. 

      My suggestion is to talk to the people in the household and explain to them that any such use of BitTorrent (BT) (by them, friends, guests, etc.) to download/share copyright protected media (movies, music, ebooks, software,
      etc.) could lead to problems.  CEG-TEK and the copyright owners who employ them are not likely to file copyright infringement law suits.

      Saying that, there are real Copyright Trolls out there who will file law suits. It just depends if they have lawyers working in your jurisdiction. If the person who did this continues to use BT and happens to download/share movies from Malibu Media/X-Art or Voltage Pictures, a law suit is possible.   

      Even if you are in a jurisdiction free from Trolls, the ISP could take
      actions like suspending access or cancelling your service if they continue to get copyright infringement notices. 

      I would suggest you have the people in the residence change the WiFi password on the Firewall/Router and not freely give it out.  Then I would contact your ISP and tell them you don’t know how this happened, but you have taken steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.  Do not provide them any
      details, just that you have taken steps to ensure this.


  7. doe says:

    Thank you for the advice, I will do that.

  8. Hello, im a canadian and just received an email forwarded to me from my ISP and its from CEG TEK. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with any canadian laws that may require me to pay. there is also a new system implemeted in canada called the “notice and notice” i tried figuring out exactly what it is but its hard to fully understand and apply to this situation. if anyone has some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! here it is: February XX, 2016
    IP ADDRESS xx.xx.xxx.xx at 2016-02-xxxxxxx North American Eastern Time
    Re: Notice of Unauthorized Use of Copyright Owned by MG Content DP Limited DBA Digital Playground, Case #:
    This notice is intended solely for the primary **** Canada service account holder.
    CEG TEK International (“CEG”) is the agent for MG Content DP Limited DBA Digital Playground (hereinafter “Rights Owner”) whose address is Fitzwilliam Business Centre, 77 Sir John Rogerson Quay, Dublin, , IE. All communications with MG Content DP Limited DBA Digital Playground with respect of this notice should be made to our attention as its agent. CEG’s contact information is shown below.
    Rights Owner owns all right, title and interest, including copyrights, in and to the work listed below (hereinafter the “Work”). (Some individuals may find certain words in titles of works to be offensive. CEG apologizes in advance if this is the case.) For independent confirmation that CEG is authorized to represent MG Content DP Limited DBA Digital Playground, please visit: http://www.digitalplayground.com/cegtek.html
    Your Internet account has been identified as having been used in the unauthorized copying, performance, and/or distribution, via peer-to-peer sharing, of the Work listed below. (Note that the time/date noted is the time/date that the unauthorized copying was identified. The actual downloading, copying, and/or distribution through your Internet account may have begun or occurred significantly earlier.)
    Copyright Owner: MG Content DP Limited DBA Digital Playground
    Unauthorized File Name: Digital Playground
    Unauthorized File Size: bytes
    Unauthorized Protocol: BitTorrent
    Timestamp: 2016-02-XXXXXXXXXXX North American Eastern Time
    Unauthorized IP Address:
    Unauthorized Port:
    The following files were included in the unauthorized copying, performance, and/or distribution:
    MG Content DP Limited DBA Digital Playground is the sole and exclusive owner and distributor of the Work in Canada, and at no time have you, or anyone using your account, received authorization or consent to download or distribute Rights Owner’s exclusive property.
    Your ISP has forwarded this notice to you pursuant to provisions of the Canada Copyright Act.
    In Canada, the unauthorized copying, performance, and/or distribution of Rights Owner’s Work is illegal and is subject to civil sanctions (with statutory damages of up to $5,000 or non-statutory damages that could be higher) and/or criminal sanctions, and is a violation of the Canada Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42). The recent amendments to the Copyright Act, which came into force on November 2012, have confirmed Rights Owner’s right to have its copyright protected in Canada.
    Moreover, such copying, performance and/or distribution of unauthorized works may also violate (i) the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, (ii) the Universal Copyright Convention, (iii) bilateral treaties with other countries (including Canada), and/or (iv) the copyright laws of Canada.
    If you have questions about your legal rights, you should consult with your own legal counsel (i.e., barrister, solicitor, lawyer, and/or attorney).
    You have until XXXXXXXXXXXXX 2016 to access the settlement offer and settle online. To access the settlement offer, please visit https://www.copyrightsettlements.com/ and enter Case #: and Password: . To access the settlement offer directly, please visit
    Settlement Information:
    Direct Settlement Link:
    Settlement Website: https://www.copyrightsettlements.com/
    Case #:
    If this matter is not resolved by the date shown above, the original settlement offer will no longer be an option and any future resolution may require an increased payment from you.
    In the event that Rights Owner proceeds with legal action against you, you will be required to produce all relevant documents, including electronic documents and files that bear on Rights Owner’s claim against you. Until this matter is resolved, whether by settlement or otherwise, we require you to accept this as written notice to preserve any and all hard drives or other means of electronic storage used with your above referenced IP address and to take no steps whatsoever to remove, erase, discard, conceal, destroy or delete from any means of electronic storage any evidence of piracy and/or other illegal or unauthorized downloading and distribution of Rights Owner’s Work.
    This notice is NOT a bill or invoice. It is a notice made on behalf of Rights Owner of (i) a potential claim against you and/or those who you have allowed access to your Internet account for infringement of the Rights Owner’s copyright in the Work, and (ii) an opportunity to completely resolve that claim now.
    Nothing contained or omitted from this correspondence is, or shall be deemed to be either a full statement of the facts or applicable law, an admission of any fact, or waiver or limitation of any of Rights Owner’s rights or remedies, all of which are specifically retained and reserved.
    The information in this notice is accurate. CEG has a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of herein is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or by operation of law. CEG and the undersigned declare under penalty of perjury, that CEG is authorized to act on behalf of MG Content DP Limited DBA Digital Playground.
    Ira M. Siegel, Esq.
    CEG Legal Counsel
    [Mr. Siegel is a lawyer admitted to practice law in California, United States of America.]
    CEG TEK International
    8484 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 515
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211
    United States of America
    Toll Free: 877-526-7974
    Canada: 647-694-5894
    United States: 310-299-2282
    Email: support@cegtek.com
    Website: http://www.copyrightsettlements.com
    This Notice Per Canada’s Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42), sections 41.25 and 41.26, is set forth above in English, and below in French.

    • Worrywort says:

      I received an exact email (except is was not digital playground).
      Issuing me to pay 300 by April XX or it will go up. The max fine in Canada with these regards is 5000. Honestly I don’t think it’s worthwhile for CEG to file a lawsuit, just my opinion. But I would like advice as well on what to do. None of my personal info is known to my knowledge as the email came from my ISP on CEGs behalf.
      Any info would be greatly appreciated.

      • ceg tek sucks says:

        did you guys end up paying ceg tek, and if you didn’t what happened after the date you were suppose to pay?

  9. doe says:

    help i got a ketter frim comcast any information about this PTG nevada llc they want to suit me for download some movies last year u icando help pmease

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Ok. First thing, don’t put your real name here. Simply put “doe.” Next, please email what Comcast sent you. Send to dietrolldie@dietrolldie.com.

      Most likely Comcast got a subpoena for the name and address of the person who’s name is on the Comcast bill. They will release yhat information unless you file a motion to quash with the court. Note: such a motion is unlikely to work anyway. After the Troll gets your name, they will send you letters trying to get you to pay approximately $4000 to make the threat of a law,suit disappear. They will claim that they will actually sue you. For majority of the people in these cases, they are not taken to trial.


  10. word11691 says:

    thank you for all u help i sure hire a lawyer after u see the papers i send u once again thank u

    • Doe says:

      Any update on your situation? PTG claims I dload ed a movie and now they are trying to extort money from me.

  11. John says:

    Hello my household recently just got subpoena from Comcast regarding Malibu Media LLC v. John Doe with a motion to quash no later than tomorrow. They state that it was done at a certain date and time in GMT which is weird why time zones we have here. Just want to know what best move is right now since the deadline is literally tomorrow as the last day to motion. Thanks in advance

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Send me your details (dietrolldie@dietrolldie.com ) and I will to best advise you. The Motion to quash is almost pointless, as most courts do not grant it. Malibu is,serious, so talking to a knowledgeable attorney (experienced with the Trolls) is a must IMO.


    • DieTrollDie says:

      As far as the GMT, it is just a universal time zone used a s a general marker.


  12. panickinglikehell says:

    2 days ago I got 3 of letters from CEK TEK via my ISP all in a matter of minutes. I live in canada. I apparently download 3 mp4. I dont recall ever doing this. I havent responded to the claims and did not click on the links.

    But I’m panicking like hell and shitting my pants. What shout i do? Should i be worried? I apparently have until the end of april to respond.

    Please help.

  13. monkeyman says:

    People need to hear the good stories too. Two years ago, I was targeted by CEG TEK for copyright infringement. I called lawyers, and mulled over a bunch of expensive options to try to make it go away. After finding DTD and accessing the risk involved with my particular situation, I decided to ignore. I NEVER heard anything more after that. Since I understand the statue of limitations is 3 years, I am one year away from never thinking about this again.
    Good luck everybody!

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Thanks for letting everyone know where you stand. I will note that things can change, but to date, I haven’t seen or heard anything to make me change my assessment of these clowns and what you should do.


      • Trololo says:

        If the lawyer is from different state or country, you can easily ignore it. One troll asked me for 2000€ due copyright infringement because I posted someone else’s picture on my blog. I shit my pants so after a long negotiation we came to agreement to pay 200 bucks. It was a legal scam at the end. They are just trying to get money from you. I guess it is the same for torrents. When you should really shit your pants is when you get a letter on your personal address from court.

  14. Dick says:

    I just received a notice from my ISP titled “Copyright Infringement Notice”. Standard boilerplate: “…posted, transmitted, or shared with others certain copyrighted material without the permission of the owner, thereby engaging in copyright infringement.” It gives the name of the movie, the date and time, of course.
    The only real problem here is that the movie in question is —in the public domain—!! I found this by going to Wikipedia, “List of films in the public domain”. I also read all the footnotes associated with this movie, and it has already been adjudicated by United States District Court, E.D. Michigan, S.D. in 1987 to be in the public domain.
    Consequently, they are going after copyright infringement for a movie that is not, and never has been copyrighted.
    Of course, I have made electronic copies of all relevant material, and will forward this on to the copyright enforcement team of my isp.
    This IS a scam perpetrated by CEG TEK. I plan to do nothing more about this.

  15. DieTrollDie says:

    No. Dispute the charge and see if you can get a credit. Also make sure future transactions are not authorized. Ignore any call or messages from them.


  16. Doe says:

    Got an email from Charter regarding BT activity. The letter is from CA and I’m in MA. I never downloaded the file. Should I worry?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      I assume it is from CEG-TEK? If so, don’t worry. Simply ignore the more (dont contact them or go to their site ) and make sure nobody use using your network us respondible. If so make sure the BT activity stops and doesn’t start back up.


      • Doe says:

        Yes it’s from CEG-TEK. I went to site but never filled anything out. My attorney also warned me not to pay. Does it help that CEG-TEK is based out of CA and I’m in MA?
        Also, thanks for the quick reply.

      • DieTrollDie says:

        IMO it does make it that little bit more unlikely, as the Troll would have to hire an attorney authorized to work in MA. Also there is no current history of a CEG-TEK client filing a law,suit. If they were truly interested in filing one, they probably would work with CEG-TEK.


  17. Anon says:

    A few days ago I got an unsolicited warning that my computer had been attacked by a virus. Two days after comes an Email with a DMCA notice from my ISP by attorney/Troll Ira M. Siegel and his infringement company CEG TEK.
    After checking around and finding no current complaints, I’m worried this guy has found a new loophole.
    The only consistent advice I can find is to just ignore him.
    Any other new hits from this fuktard?

  18. Doe says:

    A week ago someone served the papers with multiple movies downloads (Malibu Media). After researching and finding out that anyone can download this movie. We have multiple people living in the house I asked everyone. I also found out that WIIF pass was also shared with people outside. We also had friend and family come over and stayed with us in last 8 months. Can you please tell me what to do? Will a lawyer try to negotiate a settlement? How much? I don’t know what to do. Please help.

    • Anon Amos says:

      Get a Copyright lawyer now. Start early. Don’t waste time. Some reputable experienced lawyers defending/settling these cases are Nick Ranallo, Morgan Pietz, Jeffrey Antonelli. There is a longer list of Copyright Defense lawyers at the link at the top of this page.

  19. doe says:

    Hi- I just got a package in the mail containing a letter ****For settlement purposes only. This is from PTG Nevada LLC. As far as I can tell, they haven’t named me in a law suit yet. This letter is asking me to pay 7k as a settlement or they might name me. The letter claims that i downloaded a movie that ive never even seen before. Has anyone had interactions with PTG?

  20. Joe says:

    Hey DTD,
    Sent you an email, any thoughts?

  21. doe says:

    Hi I just received an email from Charter my ISP notifying me that CEG TEK in regards to copyright violation. They say the same file was downloaded twice. Searching computers and asking kids that have access they say they did not download the file and I could not find it. Going to CEG TEK website they say they want $600 to settle. I am in CA and so is CEG TEK it seems. Any thoughts on what I should do at this time. We have changed all wireless passwords and notified our ISP that we have taken steps to secure our network from this happening again as best we can.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Even if you live in CA, there is no current history of CEG-TEK or their clients suing people in CA. There are a very small number of CEG-TEK clients who have recently sued. Sounds like you have taken some good steps. Just keep an eye on your network activity to ensure it doesn’t start back up later.


  22. Jdoe says:

    So I’ve got 4 notices in last 24 hours from my ISP. 2 notices from CEG-TEK & 2 from IP-Echelon (HBO). The date of the offenses in question are from a month ago. I have stopped all BT activity and will not resume it again. I have received notices from AMC too but nothing has come from them. Should I expect the same with these? I have since purchased a subscription to HBO NOW and use PornHub for any porn urges. Thoughts?
    BTW- Your site is great and provides some relief due to my piracy problem!!

  23. D says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I have been downloading for about two years now (wide open without proxy or VPN). I have never had an issue or received a letter from any trolls or my ISP until June. Then I rapidly got multiples emails for multiple files in the TV season I downloaded. The letters seemed like a cease and desist there was no action requested other than removing the content, no demand to pay or link to do so. I am mildly worried as I have read a lot. I also purchased a PIA and set it up to max security after receiving the notices. Any advice?


    • DieTrollDie says:

      Many copyright owners send out simple DMCA notices that do not seek a settlement. They simply want you to stop sharing their content and a law suit is really an unlikely option IMO. Now saying that, If a copyright owner get tired of the sharing, they may pick a number of public IP addresses to file law suits against. The actual number of law suits (and affected Does) are very small in relation to the sheer number of files being shared via BT. Suing a Doe in Federal court takes time and money. It also requires the copyright owner to sue the Doe in the jurisdiction they (the Doe) resides in. A majority of US jurisdiction do not have attorneys willing to debase themselves and work these cases. These cases (how they are currently run) are considered bottom feeder cases – AKA: Ambulance Chaser cases. If you read the recent 9th Circuit US Court of Appeals opinion on Prenda Law (See fightcopyrighttrolls.com – https://fightcopyrighttrolls.com/2016/06/10/breaking-9th-circuit-affirms-sanctions-against-prenda-parties-imposed-by-judge-wright-in-2013/), you get a feel for these cases. Not all the Copyright owners/ Troll attorneys out there are like the Prenda Law dirt bags (my opinion), BUT they are all cut from the same cloth.

      If you are now connecting via a VPN, then the VPN has simply taken the place of your ISP. So it really comes down to what logs/records the VPN/ISP maintains and for how long. If your VPN is located in the US, then I can almost guarantee they keep some sort of logs/records. They do this to keep their “Safe Harbor” protections – prevent them from being sued by a copyright owner. The safe harbor protections only apply is the VPN/ISP takes certain steps – see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_Copyright_Infringement_Liability_Limitation_Act Also see what happens when it isn’t handled correctly – see http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/12/rightscorp-wins-landmark-ruling-cox-hit-with-25m-verdict-in-copyright-case/

      Even if the VPN/ISP does not maintain records of what sites you (your publicIP address) visit, they will maintain a record of who you are (or claim to be), payment information (credit card information), email address, IP address you connect to the VPN from, etc.

      Now most VPN/ISPs (in and outside of the US) are NOT going to give out your personal account information unless they get a valid legal subpoena/search warrant. Doing otherwise is bad for business.
      So here is the bottom line for you new VPN/ISP set-up.

      1. The copyright owners and other BT monitoring firms will still see your public IP address sharing files.
      2. For copyright owners who monitor such activity, standard DMCA notices could be sent to the VPN/ISP
      3. Bottom feeding Trolls (CEG-TEK, Rightscorp, etc.) will likely send their DMCA/Settlement demand notices to the VPN/ISP. The VPN/ISP may then send you notices (same as what normal ISPs do – part of their safe harbor protection requirements).
      4. Real Copyright Trolls (Voltage Pictures, Malibu Media (pending now) will NOT send out DMCA/settlement demand notices to the VPN/ISP.
      5. Real Copyright Trolls MAY file a real Federal Copyright Infringement law suit in the jurisdiction of the VPN/ISP against the public IP address they recorded sharing their client’s material on. Once filed, they can obtain a subpoena from the court and send it to the VPN/ISP. The VPN/ISP will then attempt to contact you and say they have a subpoena for your information. They will have to release your information on a certain date unless you file a motion to quash the subpoena with the Federal court. Once the date passes, the VPN/ISP will provide the Troll your personal
      information, along with a record of what public IP address your account was using on the specific dates the Troll cites in the complaint. The IP address the Troll recorded (BT activity/sharing) will likely match up to the IP address the VPN/ISP provides.
      6. The real copyright Troll will them likely try to contact you and work out a settlement. You may get a settlement demand letter with a specific amount or simply a request to contact the Troll attorney.
      7. If no settlement is paid, the copyright owner/Troll will has to decide if they want to amend the complaint from John Doe to your name – so will do this while other will not. Note: They may also need to transfer the case to your jurisdiction and find an attorney willing to work the case – not an easy thing to do sometimes. I.e. The VPN is in TX and TX Federal court issues a subpoena – From the VPN/ISP, your physical address is determined to be in NV. The Troll should transfer the case to the NV Federal court jurisdiction and find an attorney authorized to practice law in NV. As I
      said, this is not always easy and non-bottom feeding attorney will charge a copyright owner more money to do so. BUT, it could happen.
      8. Even if no law suits are filed, your VPN/ISP may cancel your account with them if the notices are excessive or do not stop. Failure to do so could get them in trouble if a copyright owner files a law suit against the VPN/ISP – see the Cox Communication ruling – $25 Million.

      So a VPN is nice, but it is not perfect. Overseas VPN may be better, but many countries have sharing agreement – still it would likely require foreign attorneys and the cost of such actions would add up – there comes a point when the cost of legal action exceeds anything the John Doe will be able to pay. Sometimes that is the cost of doing business, but thankfully it is not the norm.


  24. doe says:

    Hey DTD, just sent you a mail.

  25. JonDoe says:

    So my wife and I received a letter from Charter. We live in XX and CEG TEK International claims that we downloaded two porn files that are copyrighted by Reality Kings. They are demanding $300 per file for a total of $600. We have until Sunday June 26th to comply.

    So far this is what has happened:

    1. I called Charter on June Xth and talked to them about what happened and insured them that I was NOT responsible.
    2. I made the mistake of calling CEG TEK and the person I spoke with claimed that the person handling my account was not available. I left my name and cell # for them to call me back.
    3. I contacted an attorney based in Seattle Washington who CLAIMS that he will take care of it for ‘free’.
    4. Yesterday I received a voice mail from CEG TEK claiming that I am responsible for these files being downloaded whether I did them personally or not. He went on with the same mumbo jumbo of claiming that I could be held responsible and face severe fines and possible prison time if I did not contact them to settle by the 26th.
    5. I sent a copy of the voice mail to my attorney and he said that this sounds legit but still doubts that anything will be done. He is now asking for $100 for taking care of this for us. His name is Thomas LaGrandeur. Has anyone ever heard about him?

    My wife and I are pretty scared about all of this mainly because I think I may have already screwed up by contacting CEG TEK. We don’t know whether to trust this attorney and pay him $100, go ahead and give in and fork up the $600 to CEG TEK, or just ignore everything and hope that it goes away. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • DieTrollDie says:

      OK. 1st thing…. Calm down. The sky is NOT falling. In my opinion, there is no need to hire an attorney for a CEG-TEK claim dealing with Reality Kings. PERIOD. There is NO need to spend even $100 to have an attorney handle this. In fact it sounds like a bit of a scam. Please email me the detail on this – emails, how you found him, etc. dietrolldie@dietrolldie.com.

      My standard suggestion applies – 1) Do not contact CEG-TEK; Do not take there calls; Do not respond to their messages. All BS IMO. 2) Make sure the BT activity on your network stops and doesn’t start back up again. 3) Resecure your WiFi password and don’t freely give it out. 4) Move on with your life.

      Last thing, PLEASE send me a copy of the voice mail the CEG-TEK rep left you. What he told you was total BS in my opinion.


  26. doe says:

    Hello .I got an email from my ISP- century link stating that they received multiple is warning is to inform you that XXXXXXXXXX (ISP) has received multiple notices of copyright infringement sent pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) in connection with your account. It has link to settle a claim which states multiple download of london has fallen and fee of 600 to settle ( 300 * 2) for same movie. I am in XX and was worried seeing it. My wifi was shared with few of my roommates intially…I made sure i have secured the wifi and no BT activity from anyone using this account.. I have ultimatum till next week to pay up the fine… As the film listed is London as fallen is there a chance that i get sued and its better to make payment?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Ok. LHF does have a history of filing law suits in your State. But the specific troll attorney files multi-Doe cases and is not known to be aggressive. I would not contact CEG-TEK and simply take a wait and see approach. Just ensure the BT activity does not return. If for some reason a case is filed, you (or your attorney) can tell the troll about the shared WiFi. Please keep me informed – dietrolldie@dietrolldie.com


  27. doe says:

    I got a DMCA notice from them through my ISP notice website, I never actually got a email from my ISP regarding this dmca notice, I called them, like a freaking idiot, it was after hours and i only left my name and number. I’m so worried, they claimed we dled some movie i’ve never even heard of. I shouldn’t have called them I’m so stupid. What should I do? Obviously, per your previous advice I will not respond to their calls but I’m so worried. They say we owe them 300…!

  28. legnds says:

    So Ceg tek sent me about 10 emails pertaining to the same download in one day. Each one asked me to pay a settlement of 300$. I didnt click the link and researched the company, after reading up about them I deleted the emails. Do you think they they will continue to bother me over the same download? I have ceased all torrenting activity on my network and changed my password.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Ok. What was the file? If it was it London Has Fallen, there is a chance of a law suit in the US, but I still think it is low. If it is,another file, I know of NO law suits from CEG-TEK clients.


      • legnds says:

        Not London has Fallen, some porno that someone downloaded, plus I live in Canada I guess I’m safe.

      • DieTrollDie says:

        Right, you should be ok. Just make sure the BT activity doesn’t return.


      • doe says:

        I just recieved a letter from my ISP ( in AZ) regarding releasing my information for BT activity regarding london has fallen. It also included subpoena dates etc. Please advise how should i go about it.


      • DieTrollDie says:

        See if you can get a free consult from Defense attorney who has worked these cases before. Is is only against your IP address or a group of Does (v. Does 1-23)? If it is a multi Doe case, I suggest no response unless you are named/served with a complaint/summons.


  29. doe says:


    It is Does 1-23.. Should i still get a lawyer? Can i email you my document for your input?


  30. Fresh says:

    Hey I read through everything you posted. Took me 4 hours lol

    I have had 3 days of dmca notifications from Comcast sent to me through ceg tek. For the past three days it’s been the same movies being written up to my up address. I know you stated to not contact them and move on. I have not yet received a letter for settlement. My question is what are the Chances that I will be recieving a letter for settlement and when I don’t comply what are the Chances that they will escalate it to subpoena ?

    • John_Doe says:

      I have the exact same case, very interested in the response. I already called my ISP and told them that I re secured my Wifi and made my network not visible for security purposes; the ISP representative told me it was ok, and that If the network was strong that should be enough. Still have the same questions as Fresh above.

      • DieTrollDie says:

        IMO, the chance anything will come from this is low. UNLESS the “Copyright Owner” (Not CEG-TEK) files a real law suit and get a subpoena, the only way they are likely to get the ISP subscriber information is when the ISP subscriber calls or emails them and provides it (DON’T DO THIS).


  31. doe says:

    Hi Admin,
    Got an email asking for settlement from CEG TEK. It says the due date is July 26 and post that the link will expire. The amount is 300$. After reading through the comments and reddit pages, there is a general consensus as to not to contact or pay them. I had visited their website but haven’t submitted any information unless they will try to track based on cookies/other information. How damaging can this be If I don’t pay. Please advise.

    informs you that you may be held liable for monetary damages, including court costs and/or attorney fees if a lawsuit is commenced against you for unauthorized copying and/or distribution of the Work listed above. You have until Tuesday, July 26, 2016 to access the settlement offer and settle online.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Yes, same old CEG-TEK notice/claim. London Has Fallen is the only CEG-TEK client, that could possibly sue. I know of no other CEG-TEK clients that are doing thiz. Even with LHF, they don’t sue everyone or in all the jurisdictions. Best thing to do is to ignore the notice, stop the BT activity, and tell your ISP you have taken steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Don’t give the ISP any details on what caused this.


  32. Unknown says:


    I received an email from the attorney of Photoclaim that I violated a copyright of his client by using a photo on my website. I removed the image immediately but he still wants me to sign a declaration of cease and desist, where it is mentioned that I should pay a penalty and the lawyer fee (he does not mention any amount). If I do not sign this document in 7 days, he will sue me. I’m not sure if this is a scam or not, or if he has the rights to sue me in Germany, even if I’m from another country. I’m pretty scared and I don’t know what to do.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  33. Another Doe says:

    Hi DTD,

    I sent you email a few days ago.. hope that’s alright. Any advice?

  34. Doe says:


    Damn it, I should have read this great page before doing anything. I’ve been away from US for several months. And during my travel, I received an email from ATT&MPAA saying that there was an infringement. I was panic and did not know what to do so I replied to that damn ATT_NOTICES@mpaa.org with the reference number to ask what’s going on and my email automatically signed my first name on it. Will they sue me since some of my personal information is released by my stupid email? What should I do?😦

    Thanks in advance!

  35. Jon d says:

    What if they have your name?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Just means they may be able to do some research on you. BUT that is unlikely IMO because this i cut-rate trolling operation compared to the one thst actually sue. It costs the too much money to activily go after the non-responsive peoplr. Much cheaper and easier to focus on new people that don’t have a clue.


  36. LosingSleep says:

    Just received a large envelope from Comcast that has court papers regarding lhf productions, Inc. I called a defense attorney and he suggested to settle rather than fight the case. The attorney for lhf productions filed , in federal court, an order granting plaintiffs motion to expedite discovery. Comcast has until 08/15/16 to do so. The letter also says “lhf productions, Inc. V. Josh Does 1-19” because I can tell you right now I went to the movies to see LHF and my roommate is denying dling the movie. 19 times in one month! really!? Shoud I settle or ignore? Losing sleep over this!

    • DieTrollDie says:

      OK. Please send me what you have (copies of documents) to dietrolldie@dietrolldie.com. I will respond in detail – my thoughts and suggestion (non-attorney like). Here is the bottom line:

      Someone was running a BT client on your network during the time they recorded (19 times) and was sharing LHF. That doesn’t mean the person downloaded it 19 times. It means a BT client on your network was sharing it AND the BT monitoring firm downloaded a very tiny bit of it on 19 different occasions. Most likely someone downloaded LHF and left it available for sharing when the BT client was running.

      Resecure you WiFi Internet connection (change the password) and don’t freely give it out. You need to tell your roommates that running a BT client and downloading/sharing a copyright protected movie will come back on YOU, not them. I would monitor your Internet connection to make sure no BT activity is occurring – it may return after some time. If it does after you change the password, then it is likely your roommate(s).

      You have a couple options.
      1) You can not respond to the Troll and wait for the settlement demand letter to be sent to you (after the ISP releases your name, address, etc.) – then not respond to the letter. Take a wait and see approach. Only hire an attorney IF YOU are named (amended the complaint) and serve with a summons/complaint.
      2) You can write the Troll and tell them you didn’t do it, you have multiple people who access the Internet connection.
      3) Wait til the settlement letter comes and then tell the troll you didn’t do it, other people in the house had Internet access.

      My view is to take a wait and see approach and not respond to the Troll. Until they get your information from the ISP, they don’t know who you are. As this is a case with 19 other Does, I would wait and let the Troll keep working on other people. Their goal is to get as many people to settle as possible – not to bring people to trial – costs them way to much money to do so. There is no way the Trolls can take all non-responsive Does to trial – name and serve with a summons/complaint. So they have to pick the limited number of people they do this to. The easiest way for them to do this is by talking to the Does/Defendants and finding out about them – so don’t talk to them is my view.

      Even if you are innocent, you could say something incriminating by mistake OR simply sound so nervous that the Trolls figures out that adding more pressure (legal threats) will get you to pay a settlement. Also, if the Troll could say you knew of the BT activity on the network and did nothing to stop it. Talking to them gives them information they WILL use against you – be warned.


    • Rdoe says:

      Hello loosing sleep, I just got in the same unbelievable situation as you, please do you have any update? As that would inform my actions. Thanks.

    • Rdoe says:

      Hi loosing sleep, I have found myself in the same unbelievable situation as you, please any updates as that would inform my next actions. Thanks.

      • LosingSleep says:

        Update: Did not contact troll before or even after the deadline. Looks like my ISP did release my information on 08/15/16 and I recieved a letter from the law firm representing LHF on 08/26/16.

        The letter reads:

        “We recently filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx on behalf of our client, LHF Productions, Inc. (“LHF”), for copyright infringement, including download and distribution of the motion picture London Had Fallen. You have been identified by the Internet Service Provider as the party responsible for the above-identified Internet Protocol (“IP”) address at the noted physical address at a time this IP adress was being used to distribute LHF’s motion picture. We have evidence that someone using your Internet service placed a media file that contains protected film content for LHF’s motion picture in a shared folder location enabling others to download copies of this content. Through a direct connection to the infringing computer we have also obtained specifics related to the software used, the file and additional metadata, all corresponding to the IP address assigned to you at the time the infringing activity occurred. In addition, we have found this same IP address associated with the BitTorrent download of other titles. With observed activity, this type of material is likely tied to an adult(s) at the address who was a permissive user rather than young children. We invite you your voluntary cooperation in this matter to identify the infringer and responsible party. Please let us know if you are receptive to such informal cooperation, or otherwise if there is any reason to discuss the case we before we proceed to the next stage.”

        So just you know, there were 19 files in this case and I thought that someone in my houesehold had downloaded the movie 19 times, but according to DTD that each file represented one individual. DTD was right. Just by looking at the letter and studying the “To portion” on the notice it stated that i was a single specific number out of the 19. Hopefully the other 18 is doing the same thing as me, nothing lol. Sure i still worry about it, but I am definitely going to do the same thing, ignore ’em.

        DTD what do you make of this letter?

        Oh and thank you DTD for your quick response and advice. Appreciate all the help I can get. G’DAY!

    • Rdoe says:

      Hello @loosingsleep
      After your last reply about the second letter you received, I just want to know if/what step they have taken because I just got the ‘we got your details from Comcast letter’ thanks. Hope you reply soon.

      • LosingSleep says:

        @Rdoe So about a week later, they sent a second letter saying that this will be the final notice before they move forward blah blah blah. They’re basically using a lot of big legal words to scare me into settling. There’s also a footnote stating that letter sent is not a court summons or any type of court issued doc. So here I am again, waiting…watching…ignoring. Like DTD said… it’s going to cost more for lhf to try and pursue these cases. So don’t worry too much about…cuz I ain’t 🙃

      • DieTrollDie says:

        I suggest you get a PACER account (ALSO use the RECAP plug-in (Chrome & Firefox)) and keep an eye on the case. You can get an idea on how well the settlement generation is going for the Troll based on the number of dismissal with prejudice. NOTE: Many times the Troll does NOT file the dismissals, so it is NOT a perfect indicator. If the Troll is getting serious, you will either see them motion the court for an authorization for a short-duration deposition of the ISP subscriber (Seen in WA, OR, & CA – likely a few others) OR they will amend the complaint to actually name the ISP subscriber. After naming the Defendant, they can ask then ask the court to issue a summons. IF that happens, there is a good chance they will try to serve you. Naming and serving can be a risky move for the Troll, as IF a defendant decides to answer the complaint (and possibly makes counterclaims against Plaintiff), the Troll may not be able to drop the case. Doing so would require them to motion to the court asking for permission. It allows the Defendant to present a reason as to why the case should not be dismissed (Troll cut & run). Doing this costs Troll/Plaintiff more in time and money – less profits.


  37. doe says:

    Hello there tdt.. i would like first thank you for your advocacies on helping does’ like me..
    Ok i am now tired and sleepless and stressed out..
    i received a letter from a lawyer stating that they filed a law suits against me Based on the infos provided by my isp to them..
    Saids their investigation shows that i have been identified as one of individual who downloaded a certain movie using a bt software..
    Also stated in letter that “IN GOODFAITH” their client is willing to accept $3000 in full settlement without further Court involvement..
    I honestly not sure whether i or someone from my kids did it..as i dont know about that said movie..
    i am so scared bcoz i am only working on less minimun pay only enough to support my kids that im raising by My self alone…
    I dont even have half the amount of the money they’re asking.. Despite of that i am just willing to settle this thing with their lawyer by my own i dont have money to hire a lawyer and having hard to find a probono in my location to help me..
    My worries are ..
    1) are they really in GOODFAITH about setteling?
    2)Is there any possibility that they would just trap me for more suits?
    3)I only have a week left according to their deadline..
    3)If i go on Would they let me just straight to paying settlement without any interview that could imflicate my self?
    3)Can i beg them to lower the amount of settlement so i could pay them..
    4) Would they really Release me from all of their claim like what they stated after paying the settlement?
    I don’t know whether if should i just send a settlement amount by check named to their lawyer (instated in their letter).or do i really have to meet them in their office?

    Thank you TDT for any advice and
    I hope this nightmare would pass ..

    • DieTrollDie says:

      OK. Please email me copies of all the documents you have – dietrolldie@dietrolldie.com. I will look them over and get back to you. As to your questions.
      1) They want you to settle. PERIOD – AKA: Pay Them as much as they can get. “Goodfaith” my @ss! BUT They WILL settle for the specific movie in question.
      2) I don’t know who the Plaintiff/Copyright owner in your case, so I can’t answer that one. IF another movie owned by that Plaintiff was downloaded/shared by your IP address, they could seek a settlement for that movie(s). That would likely mean a completely separate payment/amount. They CANNOT sue you for movie/copyright protected content that they do not own.
      3) For 99% of the Trolls, the “deadline” is just to put the fear or god into you. They will still accept a settlement, even if they say the amount has gone up. THEY can and do accept settlement from people way after the deadline and for way less than what they initially ask for. Greed drives their efforts and they know it is far better to get a smaller settlement than nothing at all.
      4) Settling with a Plaintiff/Troll does NOT require you to be interviewed OR admit guilt. PERIOD. NEVER discuss culpability/guilt or the details around the situation/incident. That information is NOT required to settle. The only thing you would say is you wish to settle to put this behind you – NOTHING MORE!
      5) Do NOT beg – that would simply show how


      you are. That gives the Troll an advantage in the negotiations. The Troll will lower their amount if you do not have the means to pay the original amount – they are greedy turds who know it is better to get something than nothing.
      6) Yes, all of the Trolls I know of will release your from the “Specific” movie in question.
      7) I can’t see you having to meet with them – if you do it is a voluntary thing and not something they can force. I will not meet with them.

      Have you read these articles yet? https://dietrolldie.com/2016/06/15/the-dangers-of-talking-to-the-bt-copyright-troll-they-are-not-your-friends/ https://dietrolldie.com/2016/05/06/copyright-troll-poker-or-how-to-survive-this-troll-no-limit-game/

      I can provide more details suggestions (non-attorney – my personal views) when you email me more details and documents. If this is a multiple Doe case (i.e. Troll v. John Does 1-18, etc.), my view is to take a wait and see approach and not hire an attorney or settle UNTIL/IF you are named/serve with a complaint/summons. In the overall BT Copyright Troll scheme, this has a low chance of happening.


      • doe (dont put name here) says:

        Hi dtd.. thank you so much for your immediate reply.. i will email you the exact details of the letter i received from the trolls lawyer..
        Thanx for giving me a glimpse of hope..

      • Dragonballz says:

        Hello there tdt..i just sent you an email on the address u gave me… Have u seen it?? Thanks have a good weekend..

      • Hopefully says:

        Hi dtd.. thanks for your reply on my email..and considering to follow your advice …
        I only have some worries left..
        And for the sake of our fellow does’ as well.
        This goes..
        1) if the deadline has past,and when a troll finally file and named revealed a doe..is that mean his identity could be exposed now to some other trolls??that could result for more threats of being sued?
        2)in regards of if a doe being included in a ‘multiple doe’ case filed by a troll lawyer .. does it mean all the other does included were from the same state/location too?(just wanna know if im the only one being sued here in my state)😦
        Thank you dtd.. and God bless. .

      • DieTrollDie says:

        1) IF a Troll goes ahead and amends the complaint (changes it from Doe to REAL NAME), then the Defendant (by name) is now associated with the case. Other Trolls could see the name and IP address, but it would take a little work to then search for that IP address (for that specific date/time) to sharing their content. It could happen; I just haven’t heard of the trolls doing that. It is just as easy to use their system to find new Doe to file against.

        2) For ALL of the multi-Doe cases I know of (for probably more that a year back), all the Does in these cases reside in the same jurisdiction. They do this to avoid Does motioning the court to be dismissed due to improper jurisdiction. Federal rules require that case are filed in the jurisdiction of the Defendant – where they live or spend a majority of there time working in.


  38. DTD_Viewer says:

    I received a notice from CEG-TEK (Ira Seigel?) claiming I downloaded a porno movie. The letter was sent on behalf of the media rights holder MG Premium DBA “Mofos”. From what I gather on this and other sites, they are trying to make easy money and I should ignore and they will go away. But some of that information seems a year or two old. Is this still the case? Any news of MG Premium (or any others) actually filing lawsuits, subpoenas, etc…?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Nothing has really changed. The ONLY CEG-TEK client who is filing law suits in some jurisdictions is London Has Fallen. I know of NO porn CEG-TEK clients who are suing. Best to ignore and make sure the BT activity stops and doesn’t start back up again.


  39. doe says:

    Hello I receive a settlement email can you help have not respond

  40. doe says:

    Hello Dtd, I have gotten a letter from Comcast and it’s regarding a subpoena from LHF, and in a district you have described as troll friendly. What should I do?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      I assume it is in the Northern District of IL. There continues to be many multi-Doe cases for LHF filed in this jurisdiction. I would suggest you talk with an attorney for a consult. That doesn’t mean I think you should settle – just get some info on how the Trolls are handling all these Does. There is no way they can take all of the non-responsive Does to trial. I’m still of the opinion to wait and see what the Troll does. You can still settle at a later date if you need to. If the Troll never amends the complaint to name you, you may not have to do anything but wait this out. If you haven’t already done do, please make sure the BT activity on your network stops and doesn’t start back up later. Also I would lock down all of your social media accounts so nobody but close friends can see you profile and posts.


  41. Helpless says:

    Hi dtd.. i just sent you an email.. any advice Before i go on? god bless

  42. Tyrone says:

    Hi dtd.. have sent you a message have you seen it? Thanks .. take care.

  43. Rdoe says:

    @loosing sleep. Thanks a lot for bringing out your time and giving me an exhaustive reply. I think I’ll probably tow your path for the mean time. I’ll appreciate if you keep us posted on their subsequent moves. Thanks. And thanks DTD for this forum.

  44. Thatguy says:

    Dear DTD,

    I sent an email not too long ago and was hoping you could please look it over for me.

    Thank you,

  45. doe says:

    I too got the letters, the “Comcast is going to give over my identity” big white envelope, followed up by the “we got your info from Comcast” letter, followed up by the “option to self serve myself in lieu of being served letter”. I ignored them all. I simply thought no way are they going to sue me. Well, I was out of town and my wife called…..Yep, the local process server just stopped by and served us the papers.

    Needless to say, I was like WTF. Bummer. Ok. Followed by thoughts of “I wonder if I can get that $300 offer back”…lol. Well, being a 1st generation business owner, I have made multiple mistakes, and also had to pursue people that have not paid for my services. So, 1. I knew that someone was serious enough to spend $75 to $150 to serve me the papers. 2. It also starts a clock for default judgement. Time to go.

    I called my attorney that helps out with a range of things and the following is our conversation.

    Me: Hi Mike (not real name, nor am I on an extremely personal level with this attorney. I have had Mike do some small stuff for me that over the course of 7 years. So I am not his retirement account.) Thanks for calling me back so soon.

    Mike: No Problem. So I understand you got served yesterday.
    Me: Well, I am out of town, but yes they served my wife.

    Mike: Thanks for emailing the documents for me to review. I will take a look and touch bases with you on Monday. (This was 4:42pm 9/09/16)

    Me: Great. Thanks for taking a look. Can I ask you a question…
    Mike: Sure, So this is like an internet thing, right? Like downloading music or some movie?

    Me: Yeah, I don’t know how it happened Mike, I got a letter in the mail about this about 4 months ago. I then went out bought a new computer, new router…(mike interrupts)

    Mike: I don’t think you did it. Listen. This is sorta a scammy suit. I mean it is probably some movie no one ever saw. Here is the deal, it’s like someone stole your car and went out and killed someone. You’re not liable, right? Same thing here. As far as I know no one has ever gotten judgment on this kind of case.

    Me: Thanks Mike. That is very reassuring, and I understand what you are saying to me, but I have been sued and have sued others. It’s fun and games when people say they are going to sue you, but when you are served, it’s serious now. Somebody paid someone $75 to $150 to serve me. So…. (mike interrupts)

    Mike: Correct. Nobody used to serve on these things. The is some shady low life in XXXX that they found to take on the case in XXXX. And Yes, once you are served the clock is set in motion for default judgment. Like I said. Let me take a look at the documents you emailed in. There is some form on the ???(I can’t recall the website he mentioned) that I will get to you so you can ? (can’t recall action). (It was like fill it out, submit or file it with court or low life attorney and you are good to go) ok. I will talk to you Monday.

    Me.: Thanks Mike. Have a nice weekend. Talk to you on Monday.

    Well, it’s Saturday, my name is not Marty, and I have only watched Back to the Future. I will up date on Monday or Tuesday as I would like someone to do the same if…..wait, oh yeah, I AM IN THE SAME BOAT….lol.

    Seriously though, I WILL update on what the attorney found, I WILL Post a pic of Form if allowed by blog owner.

    Marty (I kind of like it….)

    • Rdoe says:

      Hello, I just received the ‘we got your details from Comcast letter’. What progress have you been able to make as that would help influence my decision. Thanks. Hope to get a reply soon.

  46. Doe says:

    Help…I just received a letter from Comcast via UPS
    RE: LHF Productions, Inc for the movie – London has Fallen. Is this something I have to worry about?? There 33 Does on this notice. I contacted a lawyer and they want $750 flat fee and then I probably have to settle??? So it’s gonna cost me time and money??? Supposedly I have until XX Oct 2016 or they said they will release my name and address. Will comcast cut me off? I don’t want to pay…my wife is freaking out! What do I do. Any suggestions?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Here are two articles with some good information. https://dietrolldie.com/2016/06/15/the-dangers-of-talking-to-the-bt-copyright-troll-they-are-not-your-friends/ & https://dietrolldie.com/2016/05/06/copyright-troll-poker-or-how-to-survive-this-troll-no-limit-game/ Your ISP is unlikely to cut you off. I would suggest you make sure the BT activity on your network stops and doesn’t start back up later. The ISP will release your name and other contact information to the Troll. After that you will receive a settlement demand letter from the Trolls. I would expect a starting amount of approx. $3900 to settle. If you decide to ignore the letter, the Troll will have to decide it they want to eventually name and serve you with a compliant/summons. As there are so many Does in this case (and likely other similar multiple-Doe case in your jurisdiction) they will be unable to that to all the Does who decide to ignore them. You can use an attorney to settle, but of course that will cost you in addition to the settlement amount. My general view is if you are going to use an attorney to settle, make sure the total amount you are going to pay (attorney fee and settlement amount) is at the MOST what the Troll was asking to settle. The good thing with an attorney is they might be able to get the amount reduced. Note: If you talk with a Troll NEVER discuss guilt (who did, why, etc.). That is NOT required to settle. It gives the Troll additional information and possible leverage against you.


  47. Stupidtrolls says:

    I got the letter stating that the firm received my info from Comcast and I want to get an attorney or contact them to settle something before they move forward. This is so annoying.

    • DieTrollDie says:

      I need a little more information if you want me to offer any advice or suggestions (non-attorney).


      • John says:

        Basically, my ISP gave my info to the attorney and they a letter stating that they now have my information, and that they would like my cooperation in this matter before they move forward. No settlement amount yet. This was a fw weeks ago. Fast forward to a now- they sent the same letter again. I’m guessing the next letter will be asking for a settlement. At this point I think it has already been approx.6 months since the alleged activity. Wouldn’t my ISP already have purged this history by now. Not sure what to do at this point. This is for LHF, and the attorney is local here in the state in the northwest. This is not CEG-TEK.

  48. Doe says:

    I received a copyright infringement notice from my ISP via e-mail for downloading the movie London has Fallen. The original settlement fee was $1200 (4 cases open from the same movie downloaded). By the time I received my infringement notice, it had already passed the settlement date. I guess the infringement notice was sitting in my ISP’s inbox for two weeks until they finally forwarded to me. Also, what I don’t understand is why there are four cases open from that same movie. I read articles about how they’re suing people in where I’m residing. What do you think are my best options now?

    • DieTrollDie says:

      Well, if they are seeking $300 for each instance, the notices were from CEG-TEK and NOT a law suit. My suggestion (non-attorney) is to make sure the BT activity that has occured on your network stops and doesn’t start back up again later. Next this is to ignore the notices and do NOT contact CEG-TEK. Period. There is nothing you can say that will get them to ignore you. Saying sorry doesn’t work – only paying them a settlement will do that. The four cases are in all likelihood the same movie file that they recorded at 4 different date/times. My view is ignore the Troll and wait this out. I don’t believe the people at CEG-TEK and the Troll attorneys that file cases are working close together. Note: I could be wrong, but based on my knowledge of the Trolls, I think it is unlikely. It think it is more likely that the Plaintiff splits the list of IP address between CEG-TEK and the Troll attorneys. The Troll attorneys out there in no way can file cases against ALL of the offender. This way there is a chance of of making money on both ends. I would not even bother with an attorney unless it working into a real case – doubtful IMO.


  49. Jane says:

    I will wait it out and see. If they do decide to sue, then I’ll talk to an attorney. Thanks for your advice.

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